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The Top 15 Relationship Blogs to Read

by | Love

Dec 6, 2021

Relationships can be hard sometimes, bringing us more stress than they should, and this is especially when we are doing something wrong. But when we begin to pay a little more attention to tiny detail, to our partners and the relationship itself, things are sure to get better. Save yourself the stress and search the best relationship blogs for answers.

A description follows each of the relationship blog listings, and each blog included on this list is based on its content, resources, and presence, which we point out in the descriptions.

Check out these 15 blogs, which exist to help you spice up and enjoy your relationship.

1. QuietYearning

This website guides and offers top relationship advice to couples, giving them tips on dealing with every relationship situation they find themselves in. QuietYearning is dedicated to answering every relationship question, starting from opening a conversation and first date, romance, to break-ups.

It also has a session that covers questions people ask in relationships. You can easily find any answer relating to dating or relationship, whichever you’re looking for, by using the website’s search box located at the top right corner of this page.

QuietYearning blog offers great insights and strategies to help you avoid dating pitfalls, improve the quality of your relationship and be truly happy.

2. Luvze

Luvze, in their words, has a goal to ‘communicate scientific information in a way that helps readers make informed choices.’ They believe, and rightly so, that human relationships can be the source of the most joy we experience while also holding the ability to be the source of our most pain.

Their editorial team consists of scientists and researchers who gather information from real-life experiences of themselves and other people. On Luvze, you’ll find quotes, articles, quizzes, polls, etc., all of which are Relationships related.

Because Luvze crafts its articles from other people’s experiences, you really should check Luvze out. There’s definitely something put up on this blog that will help you.

3. The Gottman Institute

Gottman Institute is a website co-founded by Dr. John Gottman, listed as one of the top influential therapists of the past quarter-century, and Dr. Julie Gottman, a clinical Psychologist.

The institute states that its mission is to help families love themselves more in their relationships. They also want their services to be accessible to everyone, wherever in the world the person might be. The site posts articles about relationships, dating, parenting, etc.

4. The Feminine Woman

Renee founded the feminine woman in 2009 to help women have a deeper understanding of men, their relationship with men, and marriage. On The Feminine Woman, you can read articles that are quite engaging and relatable.

They discuss issues surrounding attraction, love, and communication. This blog grants you access to coaching offers and programs. And you can even contact Renee!

5. Love in 90 days

Dr. Diana Kirschner, a best-selling author and psychologist, started the site Love in 90 days. It is quite a colorful blog, this one. The pink interface and amazing fonts make surfing through it so much fun.

Love in 90 Days posts articles about virtually everything concerning relationships, from sex to attraction to love and even communication.

They offer a dating and relationship advice masterclass. The blog wrote about challenges women face in relationships and also offered suggestions on how they can overcome them.

6. The Urban Dater

The Urban Dater is another top relationship blog to follow. It began to publish articles in 2008. It has since then become a go-to relationship blog, gathering readers from across the world. Articles on Urban Dater explore sex, relationships, and love.

One thing stands out about this blog, and it isn’t really how ‘real life’ their articles are, but how funny their posts can be. They also take pride in posting inappropriate humor, which you might just love.

Readers of Urban Dater can ask questions and get real-time responses. The blog can publish content from guest writers. So, you can visit this site to either read or write relationship articles.

7. The Relationship School

This blog has an amazing interface: yellow and white and striking fonts. The Relationship School has this as its mission statement: “Our mission is to help humanity build safe, sexy, and successful relationships by giving you the most important education you ever needed in school.”

This pretty much summarizes everything about this website. The relationship school exists to help your relationship better.

On this website, you can hire a coach and attend relationship classes. They make sure their content is relatable and readable, as engaging as possible.

8. Sex and Psychology

This blog was created by Dr. Justin Lehimitter, Doctor of Social Psychology and author of Tell Me What You Want: The Science Of Sexual Desire.

It stands out as one of the blogs that approach sex and relationships from a science-based perspective. You can read virtually everything about sex in relationships and listen to podcasts that discuss related issues on this blog.

You can also purchase Dr. Justin’s books and engage the community by asking questions.

9. DatingAdvice.com

This relationship blog posts articles daily! It doesn’t consider itself just a blog. For a good reason! It also considers itself a ‘lively forum’, fetching up to 3-4 million page views a month. This makes it one of the best dating sites there is.

It has been featured on CNN, Fox News, and others. It’s a profound website and has a section for men’s advice and a section for women’s advice.

The DatingAdvice editorial team consists of psychologists and dating experts who make sure only fact-based relationship articles make it to the blog. It has got a friendly and responsive interface, even with mobile devices.

10. The Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal doesn’t only consider itself a big website ‘. For a good reason! They are a big community. You can even become a part of it by signing up on their page.

Founded by Waylon Lewis, the host of Walk the Talk Show, they consider themselves “a guide to what we like to call the mindful life.”

Their team, a number of editors, writers, and psychologists, makes sure only real-life, engaging content makes it to their blog. In Elephant Journal, you can also ask questions and get real-time answers.

11. Relationship Science Online

The editor says: ‘Relationship Science Online came about because every day, people and professionals are often asking about the whys of relationships.’

Gay Karantas founded this website. It provides resources to help answer questions about the whys of a relationship.

What’s special about them is that they approach relationships from a scientific perspective while still maintaining their posts’ readability. They deliver articles straight to your inbox after you sign up.

12. Marriage.com

A user once wrote about Marriage.com “what I need to know, I can find it on marriage.com” This website provides its yearly 5 million visitors with quality content about marriage—everything about marriage.

Malini and Sameer Bhatia founded it. This site has a user-friendly interface, which is quite responsive even on mobile phones. The font and color scheme are worth commending. They post articles regarding sex, relationship, romance, infidelity, separation, etc.

They also post quotes, quizzes, etc. On marriage.com, you can also find a therapist and speak to a coach.

13. Love and life toolbox

This website describes itself as ‘your emotional health and relationship fix.’ They have been around since the 2000s and have won several prizes and recognitions.

On this website, you can read about relationship dynamics, intimacy, sex, how to communicate better, etc. Even though they discuss topics that are not regularly discussed, they stand out as engaging and humorous when they want to be.

14. Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a renowned digital magazine that posts articles that explore various topics, including relationships. The magazine was created in 1967 and has since then been able to reach millions of people all around the world.

Their team consists of psychologists, editors, writers, etc., who make certain only the best of the best articles make it to the magazine.

Their articles explore topics discussed from a psychological perspective, attempting to answer ‘why’ in such an engaging way.

15. Ask E.Jean

Elle magazine’s columnist E. Jean Carrol shared insight on relationship advice. Her column appeared in Elle’s magazine from 1993 through 2019. She backed up her information with evidence from experts in the relationship field. 

She also wrote for Saturday Night Live and was also a contributor to Esquire and Outside.

Bottom Line

Feel free to visit and follow these relationship blogs to learn more about them. You might find them useful. The ones above are among the top ones we feel are exceptional. There are many out there.

What’s your favorite relationship blog? Send us a message about what you think and which blog you’d like us to include in the list at the following email address: hello@quietyearning.com.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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