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10 Red Flags in Women You Shouldn’t Dismiss

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jun 19, 2023

We know for a surety that the red flags in women you dismiss at the beginning of a relationship will go on to make things quite difficult as the relationship progresses. It is best to identify them early and leave before things begin to get serious. Here are 10 red flags in women you should look out for.

1. She Has Too Many Male Friends

People have argued that this is not a red flag in women you should look out for. But in many ways, it is. Not because having male friends is wrong. But rather because women who have too many male friends seem to have a problem with self-validation. 

So, to solve these, they keep many male friends around to be told how beautiful they are. These male friends are a validation-generating machine. It is quite unhealthy. 

For your relationship with a woman to work, you have got to be the one who validates her. Your opinion should be what matters most, so ensure you. 

2. She is Too Active on Social Media

Social media can also be a powerful tool for validation, and it can become so unhealthy that a woman puts her followers and their opinions above her man’s.

One red flag in women you should look out for is the degree to which they put themselves out there on social media. 

If you are dealing with a woman who is fine with putting up revealing pictures of herself, then it is best you leave her alone. 

If you ignore this and go into a relationship with her, you will be surprised to find that you will barely matter. It is going to be the opinions of her followers or nothing.

Barack, who once dated an influencer he describes as “intoxicated by social media,” told us: “She did everything for the gram but will do nothing for me.” 

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3. She has Bad Things to Say About Everyone

If you are dealing with a woman who has bad things to say about everyone, you are dealing with someone who is unsafe for your mental health. 

The extent to which you are unsafe may not be clear to you now, but eventually, you are going to see it. 

People who have bad things to say about others are usually very critical people. And critical people are very difficult. They want the world to go a certain way. Basically, they want the world to revolve around them. 

Trust me; you do not need people like that around you. 

4. She is Too Dependent

Dependence can be very cute at the beginning, but you should never mistake dependence for healthy behavior. It is not. 

A dependent person is one who does not derive a sense of identity in themselves but rather in others and what these people have to say about them. 

You should not get into something serious with someone who is too dependent on you. Sooner or later, you are going to be worn out by that relationship. It will be one of the hardest relationships you ever get into, as you will be bereft of trust. 

Imagine being with someone who questions your every move. 

Again, I say this: no matter how cute dependence feels at first, it is one of the red flags in women you should avoid at all costs. 

5. She is Avoidant

Avoidance can be considered the opposite of dependency. And in many ways, it is just as unhealthy. Watch out for this red flag in women. Avoidant people are incapable of giving you that kind of love that you crave. 

They will do everything to keep their emotions from being involved in the relationship. 

They will also not respond to your emotional displays. 

Avoidant people also seem to have an issue with commitment. So. She may not be as committed to you as you want. 

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6. A History of Abuse in Past Relationships

By abuse, I mean physical abuse. Women who have just made it out of abusive relationships are not red flags because they are victims. Of course not. In many ways, they are strong and resilient. 

What makes them red flags is that they have some trauma that is going to greatly impact your relationship. 

You are only going to cope if you are patient enough to love them despite all the trauma they have dealt with. 

7. Women who Show Narcissistic Tendencies

Not everyone is a narcissist. People make the mistake of labeling everyone who shows narcissistic tendencies a narcissist.

She may not be a narcissist. But the mere fact that she shows tendencies that suggest that she is is enough reason to let her be. 

She is most likely going to be very difficult to be with. Everything will have to go their way. If that is not a red flag enough, I truly wonder what is. 

You should be with a woman who is a team worker. One who believes the world is a place of beauty. A woman who shows narcissistic tendencies is a big green flag. 

8. She Lies a Lot

A woman who lies a lot is going to drive you mad. She is. There is no doubt about that. I believe lies are the biggest red flag in the world right now. Being in a relationship with her is going to turn you into a guard dog who always has his face in the air of uncertainty. 

You will sooner or later become the kind of guy who goes through her phone. She is going to keep lying. Don’t even try to change her. You will fail. 

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9. You are not Sexually Compatible

Sexual compatibility is a thing. And a lack of this should be considered a red flag in women you don’t want to miss. 

She is not going to become what you want sexually the moment you get into that relationship. No. She is going to remain the same person you knew. 

And this means you will not enjoy the kind of sex that you crave when you are with her. 

10. An Alarm in your gut

If your gut raises the alarm whenever you are with her, you should consider it a red flag. Your gut knows what you don’t. 


You should always watch out for these red flags in women and not rush into a relationship. You should give it time. Observe, and then commit. It should never be the other way around.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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