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10 Reasons Why Women Moan

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 11, 2023

The big question that has been on men’s lips regarding female sexuality is: why do women moan? There are many ideas surrounding this. But here’s what we know to be the reason why women moan while having sex.

1. As an Expression of Feeling

Moaning can definitely be a means to express feelings. During sex, a number of feelings can be shared between partners. 

These feelings range from physical sensations to deep emotional ones. 

Feelings can get overwhelming, and so the woman is forced to seek ways to express them. Moaning then becomes a channel of expression. 

So, when next you hear your woman moan, know that she is expressing something buried deep inside her. 

2. As a Means to Communicate

All human expression is a means to communicate. 

Think of all the ways we communicate in real life. We use facial expressions to tell people how we feel. 

We use body language to express feelings. 

We use voice tone and pitch to express certain feelings. 

In the same vein, women moan during dex as a means to communicate. That is to say; they communicate how they feel about the sexual activity with their partner by moaning. 

This is why men who are attentive to moans by their women tend to know what to do in bed when compared to men who do not. 

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3. To Improve Your Feelings

Moaning can be a great way to improve a man’s feelings. 

I know for a fact that men feel more pleasure when they believe their woman is being pleasured. 

It is more like a “Your pleasure gives me pleasure kind of thing.”

Women know this and will often try to make their man feel pleasure by showing him that they love what he is doing. 

It is a means to raise his sexual esteem and get him to be himself, exploring aspects of sexuality he wouldn’t have explored if he was in a bad mood. 

4. To Turn You on More

Moaning can turn a man on. It’s no wonder why. Moaning awakens his urges and brings him to a place where he just wants to have more. 

Imagine having sex with a woman who does not moan. 

Of course, it is going to be stale and boring, like walking in and not knowing where you are headed. 

No man wants this. And weirdly, women know. So, in order to keep their men turned on, they moan. 

The dark side of this is, sometimes, these moans are not exactly honest. Of course, women can fake moans. 

It is up to you to tell a fake moan from a real one. In the coming days, we will be showing you just how you can tell whether or not a woman’s moan is fake. 

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5. To Turn Themselves On The More

Though it may seem untrue, women are turned on by their own moans. 

Of course, moans sound amazing and can turn one on by initiating a reflex. 

I’ll explain how this works. 

Imagine what happens when you see food. The moment that happens, you begin to salivate. Because your body has learned that the scent or sight of food means food is coming. 

That’s just how your body has learned that the sound of a moan means pleasure is coming. 

So, by just hearing themselves moan, women can get wet. 

It happens. Even women agree that sex is really weird to them when they try to keep themselves from moaning. 

Angelika H. said: “I once had sex in some very quiet place and had to hold back my moans. I have got to say that the sex did not feel as good.”

6. Moaning is the New Basic

When one does an action over time, it eventually becomes normal and begins to come naturally. 

Women themselves have a hard time telling us why they moan. 

It, of course, has become the new normal to them. 

This is proof that learned behaviors that progress to become “normal” ones we do without trying to apply any conscious effort. 

I believe that is absolutely amazing. 

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7. To Mirror Porn

One may easily associate porn consumption with men. But the truth is: women are also great consumers of porn. 

And knowing porn to be a tool that draws one to experiment, we know that many women moan as a means to mirror porn. 

There is seldom anyone who sees porn and does not try to experiment, in one way or the other, with the things they see in those videos. 

Women experiment too. 

So, it is possible that the moan you have been hearing from your woman while having sex is her experimenting porn. 

8. It Hurts

Sometimes, your woman is going to moan when the sex is beginning to hurt her. 

Lala tells us: “I am not much of a moaner. But when it hurts me, I find myself moaning.”

Moans that tell of hurt are usually deeper and sometimes come out as grunts. 

If your woman is doing more grunting than she is moaning, then you have to know she is hurting. 

I have always advised men to pay attention to their women during sex. By just paying attention to her body language and to then her moans, you can make sex feel much better for you both.

9. To Direct You

Women know that men have some bit of “shame” when told what to do in bed, and so they use moaning as a means to tell their men what to do. 

I love this much about women. 

If you listened to things your woman does not say, I can assure you that your relationship with her would have been much better than it is. 

A woman will almost never tell you what to do with her in the bedroom, but she will signal it. 

She will grunt when it hurts her. 

She will moan loudly and eagerly when it feels great. 


Pay attention to her moans. She is trying to direct you. 

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10. They Can’t Tell Why

Yeah. Some women don’t know why they moan! And they don’t have to. They do it subconsciously.


Your woman can moan as a means to communicate with you.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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