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10 Reasons Why Women Love Kissing

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 15, 2023

Most men don’t get the hype around kissing. And to be fair, it is understandable why. Some men, like Benji, have even told us that kissing sometimes feels like a chore, especially with how their woman insists on kissing all the time. We are taking you into a woman’s mind with this article and showing you why kissing means more to your woman than you realize. These are 10 reasons women love kissing: 

1. Kisses are a Show of Affection

This is the foremost reason why women love kissing. Kissing is such an affectionate display. And since women are more open to exploring emotion, they are more open to enjoying kisses. 

I like to tell men this: you can know how your woman feels about you by studying how often she kisses you. I have seen that men who do not get a lot of kisses from their spouses are dealing with spouses who are not as attracted to them as before. 

She will kiss you if she loves you. And she will kiss you a lot. In the early days of a relationship, as I will discuss later, kisses can be a means to mark territories. 

2. Kisses Make Her Feel Loved

A woman loves every bit of what she feels when she kisses her man. 

Sometimes, the best way to show your woman that you love her is not by saying so but by showing it with a kiss. 

A kiss on her neck, on her face, etc. Check out this article to learn the best places to kiss a partner, especially one you love.

If you notice your woman clinging to you more than she usually does. If she pulls closer and kisses more than ‘normal,’ it may be that she is beginning to doubt how you feel about her.

In this scenario, you just have to show her some more affection. 

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3. Kisses are Arousing

We asked 15 women whether or not they felt aroused when kissed by their partners, and surprisingly, all 15 of them agreed. 

Samantha S. said: “I feel like a kiss is the most arousing thing ever, especially when you are in love with the man. My man could kiss me ten times a day, and all ten times, I will be more aroused.” 

Maybe your partner does not feel so sexually drawn to you because you do not kiss her enough. You should begin to do so. 

4. Kisses are Essential Foreplay

Foreplay is great, and sex where foreplay is given the attention it requires usually turns out to be great. 

After you have aroused your woman with a kiss, you have to turn it into foreplay. Kisses like this should mostly involve a lot of kissing and a lot of touching. 

You just have to know where your hands should be, the right amount of pleasure to apply, and the places that have to be fondled. 

Our article on extra genital pressure points on a woman’s body should help with this.

5. Kisses Become a Memory

In love, memories become one of the most treasured things ever. And guess what can become a woman’s truest memory? Her kisses.

Ask ten girls about their first kiss, and I can bet you all ten of them will give you much detail about it. Whilst some of these may not be exactly great memories, the point is that kisses become a memory, and women love to keep memories that make them happy. 

It is why I tell guys to learn how to kiss right. If you want to be in that woman’s life for long, you have to be a memory she does not want to throw away. 

Be the best kiss she has had. 

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6. Movies

Movies, to a large degree, can inspire people to seek out love. Women may love kisses too much because of the influence movies and romantic books have on them. 

I am guessing you do not like to read romantic books since you are a man, and some men usually consider those very cheesy. But you might have to pick up a romantic book and read a kiss scene. 

How does that make you feel? I am guessing it does make you feel good. It makes you want to create that scene. That is exactly what makes women love to kiss so much. 

7. Kisses Make Her Feel Feminine

It is true that women like to feel feminine. This is why women will often end up with guys who make them feel that way. 

A guy who makes a woman feel feminine stands a better chance at winning her love and her commitment than one who does not. 

Kisses certainly make a woman feel more feminine. This is why women like guys who are great kissers. 

Holding at her neck when you kiss her, bringing out her wild side, is going to make her more drawn to you. 

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8. Kisses Can Improve Her Mood

It has been seen that women may turn to kisses to improve their mood. You may have noticed by now that your woman kisses you more when she is sad. It is her way of finding peace. 

When a woman kisses, her body releases endorphins which can mediate her mood and make her feel better.

Ronja D. said: “I kiss my boyfriend whenever I am down, and like a fog, that bad mood just clears out. I am telling you, this surprises even me.”

9. A Means to Mark Territories

In the earlier days of a relationship, when there are still some insecurities, a woman may kiss her man as a means to tell other women to back off. 

This is especially true with women who love public displays of affection

If they notice another girl staring, they may walk up to their man and plant a kiss on his cheeks. This is such an amazing tactic if you ask me. Shows how much of an amazing species we humans are.

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10. It is Just Something They are now Used To

Sometimes women love kissing because it has now become one of those things. 

Kissing feels great, and that’s just the way it is.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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