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10 Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men

by | Love

Jun 15, 2023

On average, around 6 in 10 women agree that height matters to them. If you have ever wondered why this is so, you are not alone. Our editors brainstormed for hours, conducted small-scale surveys, and read as many materials as we could to put out this article which seeks to answer your questions about why women like tall men. Here are ten of the most rational and practical reasons.

1. The Assortment of Genes

Genes are small protein fragments that are passed down from father and mother to child. Those small proteins code for virtually everything in our bodies, even our height. 

So, for one to give birth to offspring with desired qualities, one only needs to choose a mate that has those very qualities. This is called gene assortment and is one of the most important reasons why some women like tall guys. 

A simple way to put this is some women like tall guys because being with a tall guy somewhat assures them that they will give birth to tall children. And women sure want to give birth to very tall children. 

2. The Most-Selected Effect

If you have ever paid attention to lower primates and other mammals, you will be able to come up with one conclusion: choosing mates is hard. 

Even as humans, it is hard to choose mates. 

Our ancestors developed a way to bypass this difficulty. It is a phenomenon known by many names. But I choose to call it the most selected effect because it is the most self-explanatory name I can think of.

This phenomenon asserts that women will always choose the most desired male in a community of males because they believe that if other women want that man, then the man sure has a lot to give. 

For sure, many women desire tall men. This desire stirs a primal instinct in other women to desire tall men as well. 

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3. Tall Men Seem More Confident

We asked twenty men below 5’8 what they would change about themselves if they had the chance. Up to 55 percent of these men agreed that they would change their heights. 

Reasons Why Some Women Like Tall Men

In contrast, of the 30 men above 6’1 we interviewed, none agreed that they would change their heights. 

Whatsdalatest survey on physical features

This points to the possible truth that, on average, tall men are more confident than shorter men. Women seem drawn to confident men. So, women will be drawn to taller men. But not because these men are just tall. But because the men appear more confident. 

4. Tall Men are Easily Noticed

Women like to be given attention in the right amounts. Attention to many women is some form of praise. If a woman walks into a hall, for example, and everyone turns back to look at her, she is going to assume those stares mean she looks really good. 

Similarly, a woman is going to go for a tall man because she seeks the attention that comes with being with a tall man, as it is some form of praise to her. 

If you have ever watched a short lady with a tall man, you will often notice her clinging to him. This is a way of saying: “Yeah, I got me a tall man.” 

5. They Make Us Feel Like Babies

Women agree they want to be babied. And tall men make them feel like babies who have to be pampered. 

It is feminine nature to desire care and ‘pampering.’ So, of course, it makes sense that women love tall men for this reason.

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6. Women Want Men Other Women Want

As I had explained in some paragraphs before, women want men that other women want. 

This happens not only because women want men with the best qualities. But also because women desire higher status. 

One will question what relationship status has to do with height. 

Well, height is one of the most important things on the sexual market value scale, just after money. 

So, we can assume a woman considers dating a tall guy equal to dating a rich one. 

And she is willing to show him off and brag about him—this has an effect on her own sexual market value as well. 

Please note that not only women go after the most desired in a population. Men, too, do the same. So if a woman is desired by tall men, much taller men are going to desire her as well. 

7. Tall Men Give The Best Hugs

Nana, a twenty-year-old studying medicine and surgery, told us tall men give the best of hugs. 

Her words were: “Have you ever hugged a tall man? It feels like you are being wrapped by a huge teddy bear. It is the most romantic thing ever.” 

I have not been hugged by a tall man before. So I do not know if what she says is true. But since other women agree with Nana, it is likely true. 

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8. Tip-Toe Kisses is Not Just a Fairy-tale

This might surprise you as it did me. But do you know that women love it when they have to stretch to their toes and kiss their men?

I know I see this a lot in movies. I never really knew it had become a real-life wish. Apparently, it is. And it is one of the strangest but sweetest wishes ever. 

I have been scanning through pictures of women being kissed by much taller guys. And to be fair, all these pictures do look very sweet. 

I get now why women will desire this so much. 

9. Tall Men Give the Best Cuddles

Some women who took part in our little research (if you would like to take part in this research, please email us at hello@whatsdalatest.com) agreed that cuddling felt better when the man was way taller.

They agreed that the ‘big’ spoon felt most sweet when it was a taller man cuddling them.

If you are wondering what the big spoon is, it is a cuddle position where both partners lie on their sides, with one partner’s bum tucked into the other partner’s groin. 

Check out these articles for other cuddle positions we recommend.

10. Women don’t even know why!

Some women may not be consciously aware of why they prefer tall men due to a combination of ingrained societal norms, subconscious influences, personal experiences, and individual preferences. 

Other factors, such as perceived protection, cultural ideals, and aesthetic appeal, may contribute to this preference without explicit understanding.

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Women like men for different reasons. Height is one, but there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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