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10 Reasons Why Men Love Breasts

by | Love

Oct 9, 2022

We all know men love breasts and are more drawn to women who have good-looking bosoms. Sometimes, this love shows itself in something of an obsession. Ever wondered why it is so? In this article, I will be showing you ten surprising reasons men love boobs and women who have bigger ones.

Here are 10 Reasons why men love breasts.

1. Breasts Look Perfect in Clothes

This is the first on the list because it is the first thing men see—boobs in clothes. And I tell you what, nothing is sexier than good-looking boobs well rocked with just the right clothes: too tight clothes, and you risk the boobs looking weird, too loose, and you risk looking less confident.

The perfect bra is sure going to bring out the cleavage of any pair of boobs, making them look just perfect. Usually, it is this sight of perfect cleavage that drives men into attraction mode. 

2. Indicates Higher Status

Biologically, we have evolved to choose the best mates in a pool of potential mates for many reasons. The ability to choose the most attractive mate indicates status and value. This is why men make sure they end up with a woman they can show off to both their male and female friends and family. 

If a woman finds that a man has been able to land a woman more beautiful than her, there is a big chance that this woman will begin to tilt toward this man romantically.

Subconsciously, her mind will go: “If he could bed her, he can bed me.” 

And if a man sees his friend with a woman far more beautiful than any of the ones he has been able to bed, he will start to consider his friend to be more attractive than he is. 

“He could have this hot girl? Damn, then he is such an amazing guy.” 

Men like this kind of attention. And since boobs are considered ‘hot,’ they often choose mates who have good-looking boobs and in no time fall in love with the cleavage. 

It is an ecological thing in many ways. 

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3. Boobs Signal Motherhood and Feminity in a Man’s Head

While men are protectors and providers, protecting their mates and offspring, women are nurturers who look after the children. 

Many men are obsessed with boobs because, as a consequence of a deep-rooted primal instinct, boobs signal them that a woman will make a good mother, the same way a bigger butt signals a wider pelvis and, thus, easier labor. 

Of course, boobs are warm—and children need all the warmth they can get in their mother’s arms. 

In this case, a man’s obsession with boobs may not entirely be in his consciousness. Many of the things men love sexually come from an instinct that evolved on and on. 

For example, few men may be able to really tell why they love a particular kind of woman. They may hit you with: “I don’t know. I just love her. I don’t know.”

This is to say that their attractiveness comes from a rather subconscious place. 

4. Breasts are Often Considered an Accessory Sexual Organ

We all grew up thinking this: “Any part of the body hidden with clothes is inertly sexual and should be given attention.” In a way, this is true and one of the reasons why men love breasts so much.

Breasts are mysterious, you see, and add some spice to sex. You see, just like areas of the vulva and vagina, the nipples and the areolas contain a lot of nerve endings. Foreplay does not feel great without some stimulation of the breasts and nipples. 

When stimulated, these nerve endings signal the brain of sexual activity and make a woman wet down there to facilitate penetration. 

In other words, the presence of boobs makes it easier for men to arouse their women, and this is why they are obsessed with them. Imagine how hard a man would have to work in a bid to turn a woman on if her breasts felt nothing.

As I will discuss in detail later, breasts can also provide an array of other sexual experiences that make sex feel better.

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5. Women Who Have Good-Looking Boobs May be More Confident

Since our looks play a part in how we view ourselves, women who have bigger boobs, knowing how attractive these are, may be more inclined to feel confident. 

This confidence does everything to signal: “Hey, I am a worthy mate.” 

This signal pulls on a man and makes him drawn to the woman. 

Needful to add that bigger and more good-looking boobs make hugs feel great. Every man wants to have his arms full, his chest pressed against soft tissue, whenever he hugs a woman. Boobs make this happen. 

Notice how tightly men hug women whose boobs are big, and how relatively these hugs last? That is a man saying: “I love how this feels and hope to feel more of it.”

Please note that big breasts are not the standard. Men love even smaller breasts and maybe even more drawn to these sometimes.

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6. Boobs Make Cuddles Feel Better

As a result of their position and the fat pads covering them, boobs are a bit warmer than the rest of the upper body, especially the cleavage area. 

This warmth makes cuddles feel great. 

Also, men do not like to just lie there idly during cuddles. 

Baldwin from Minnesota told us: “I like to play around with something during a cuddle, and boobs come in handy.” 

The feeling of boobs in the cup of a person’s hand is an amazing one. Boobs are great to feel and examine, and fondling nipples may feel even better. 

So, when next a man fondles your breasts when you both cuddle, realize that it is just him being a man: the explorer, the child, the lover. 

Many times, he may even want to stick his face between your boobs. Let him: he is just playing, and it is great to play.

7. Men Love To Suck Breasts

Another reason why men are obsessed with boobs is that they love to suck them. There are many reasons why men love to suck boobs, and this varies from man to man. 

Gray says: “I love to suck boobs because it makes me feel safe in my woman’s arms. It makes me feel like a child again.” 

Many men agree with Gray. In fact, only a few men we interviewed didn’t share this school of thought.

James says: “Sex is a vital part of foreplay for me. I like to suck breasts because that is exactly what foreplay is. Also, it makes my partner feel great, which means sucking it gives me some satisfaction as well.” 

James is also correct. Sucking breasts gives some arousal to a woman, as mentioned earlier. 

The nerve endings on the breasts make this possible. 

8. Breasts Spice Up Sex

Sex has long stopped being a vagina-penis activity. Every sexual part of a person these days can push arousal a step further, even breasts. 

There are an array of sexual things breasts are capable of. 

  • Breasts make blow jobs better: for women who have bigger breasts, placing the man’s penis in the cleavage of your breasts while giving him a blow job can be a perfect thing to arouse him even further,
  • Boob jobs: this is a perfect sexual activity many men appreciate. A boob job is basically just having the man push his penis back and forth within the cleavage of your boobs. Since boobs are warm and soft, doing this feels a lot like having actual penetrative sex, and an orgasm is possible within minutes. 
  • Many men imagine cumming on boobs, and women love this too. Cumming on a woman’s boobs, especially when she gives you a boob job, is a fetish for many men.

9. Boobs are Great to Look at

This time, not in clothes. Boobs, bare and free, also look pretty good. 

If you are observant, you may have noticed your man just staring down at your breasts. It happens a lot. Men often want to just stare at them for as long as it takes. 

This is because it looks good to him, and he appreciates it. Bear in mind that men are sexual beings and majorly aroused by what they see—at least to a greater extent than women are. 

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10. Boobs Make Massage Way Better

Many men are suckers for massages. Boy! There are too few men who would turn down the offer to massage them. 

And guess what? When it comes to tantric massages, breasts make the difference. 

Oiled up so that they glide freely across his back or chest when you lie on him and begin to arouse, they make the massage way better. 

More arousal!


Men love breasts. That’s it. They do love breasts, and it is because they are men and appealed by the juice boxes on your chest.

Apart from the physical beauty of a woman, men are increasingly physically attracted to a woman because of her breasts. There is a high probability that a man would choose to stare longer at women with big breasts than those with smaller ones.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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