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10 Reasons Why Men Like Women With Big Butts

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jun 12, 2023

Like you, so many men and women alike are caught up in a web of questions about why men seem to be obsessed with women who have big butts. Consider this article an answer to most of your questions. In detail, I will be letting you see why men like women with big butts. 

1. Big Butts are Sexy

There is no better way to put it–big butts are just sexy. Men know it. Women know it too.

Men, who seem to be drawn more to stuff they can see, are very drawn to women who have big butts because it lights a desire within them. 

And men love that desire. That sexual energy and initial attraction. It is what gives them the morale to walk up to a woman and speak to her. Without that initial attraction, most men who talk to women wouldn’t even be able to. 

2. The Most Desired Effect

Humans are drawn to desiring what is most desired. I will talk about why this is so soon. But know this, women and men will try to get what is most desired by others. 

This is another reason why men like big butts. Deep down, if you asked them, they would not be able to tell you why big butts tickle them so much. That’s because they don’t even have a reason. They desire big butts because other people desire big butts. 

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3. Status

Another reason why men desire big butts is a little word called status. 

Let me paint a scenario to show you how this works. 

Now, imagine that one morning, a neighbor of yours drives into his house with a Lamborghini. (I am using Lamborghini because Lamborghini is a car that signals high financial status). 

What do you think people will think of that neighbor? 

Of course, they will be rumors. People will say he is very rich. And yes, he is. 

Men like women who have big butts because, to other men, big butts feel like a Lamborghini.

They think: “If this guy can date someone so attractive, then he must be cool.” 

4. Big Butts Make them Feel Good About Themselves

The self-esteem of a man is dependent on the number of tasks he is able to achieve. 

The more difficult the task, the likelihood that his self-esteem is going to shoot upward. 

Men consider approaching women who have big butts a big step. Why? Because sexy women are of high value. And a man who is able to approach, and perhaps, bed them is high value as well. 

5. Big Butts Add Some Cushion During Sex

Men have agreed that big butts add some cushioning during sex. 

This is especially in positions like the doggy and the cowgirl. 

A big butt is somewhat going to ‘clap’ over the shaft of a man’s penis. This is going to make him feel very good because the space between a woman’s ass cheeks is very warm. 

Henry agrees that he seems to cum faster when he has sex with a woman who has a bigger butt. 

“The cushion,” He says, “is just something I cannot really explain. But I know other men know what I am talking about and agree.”

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6. Big Butts Feel Good to Look at

In the end, even in bed, the view a man gets does matter. 

Men love women who have big butts because, when it is time to get down, and clothes come flying off, the sexiness of that big butt begins to show. 

Big butts look good in all positions. I don’t know one position that big butts do not look good in, from doggy style to cowgirl to other positions.

7. Pornography

You would not believe this. But one of the searched keywords on porn sites is: ‘big butt.’ 

I believe this has a strong part to play in why men love big butts. I have already established that men are drawn to loving what they see. 

When they see those butts in porn, their curiosity immediately peaks. And trust men when they want to be curious. The peaked curiosity is going to make them go out there and seek out women with big butts just so they can see what just it feels like. 

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8. Big Butts Feel Great to Cuddle

If you have ever cuddled a woman who had a really big butt, then you must know that big butts feel very good to touch and lay on. 

I cannot count the number of times I have come back home after a busy day at work and headed straight to the bedroom just to lay on my partner’s butt. 

Halima told us: “My husband may not have told me. But I know he likes my butt because of how it makes him feel like he is being babied.” 

I don’t like that men have to be babies when we are deep in love, but I wouldn’t even lie. Men can be big babies.

9. Big Butts Make Women Confident and More Embracing of Their Sexuality

Even though it might not necessarily be true, men believe that women who have big butts are very confident. 

Confidence is one of the many things men look out for when they go after women. A confident woman will often show more sexual expression. She is likely going to be open to doing a lot of freaky things in bed. 

Bankole told us: “I think women with big butts are pretty confident. I have been with women who have smaller butts and also with women who have bigger butts. In all, women with bigger butts seemed more open to doing very freaky stuff like twerking.” 

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10. Men Themselves Don’t Even Know

A bulk of the men we interviewed agreed they did not know why they liked women with big butts. 

It must be something of a primal instinct. That alone explains it in this light.


Men like women with big butts may be a personal thing most of the time. For many men, being in a relationship with a woman with a big butt is like tasting the finest palm—sweet, intoxicating, and utterly delightful.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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