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7 Reasons Why He Moved on So Fast

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jul 10, 2023

Breaking up with someone whom you love is draining. It can feel even more draining when it feels like they moved on, like you were nothing because this impacts your esteem and makes you seek closure. This article aims to be your closure. These are a few reasons why your ex moved on like you were nothing. 

1. There was someone else

The truth is, these things happen. They may have met someone who intrigues them more than you do. So they want more than they want you. 

When your ex-partner cheated on you with this person, emotional bonds formed. And it made bonding with you much more difficult than it had to be.

It is possible that they still loved you. But they stopped ‘connecting’ with you. 

A relationship is bound to end if there is no connection. And for sure, it is easier to move on when they lose bonds. 

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2. They might have been unhappy

Lots of people stay put in relationships that are clearly toxic for them.

Of course, they want out but don’t know how to do this. So they wait until they get the guts to leave. 

When this guts finally comes, it stays with them and makes them unable to turn back. They will almost never look behind them.

They have moved on. 

The sad part is that you may not have known that you made them unhappy. If you kept a love journal, going over it may show you glimpses of how unhappy you made them feel, if you made them feel unhappy.

3. They were not ready for commitment

Some people like the idea of being in a relationship and having a ‘personal person.’ 

This becomes much of a problem when the burden of commitment is placed on them. 

Your ex may have left because he was unable to show you the commitment he knew you deserved. 

That means it is not your fault!

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4. They were trashy People

Not everyone has the purest of intentions: that is, the intention of being in a relationship for love. 

Some enter relationships for the fun of breaking hearts or to have their hands on the other person’s wealth. The attention of such people can only be held for so long, and they would eventually move on to their next catch. 

5. The fight or flight Response

When faced with peculiar situations, humans can only respond in two ways, fight or flight. If your partner chooses to fly, they may very well be running away, and that might just be the most convenient option for them. 

Sometimes, they may be fleeing from your love.

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6. They do not want to own up to their wrongs

He may know that he is the reason the breakup happens. But since he would rather eat stones than accept them, he may run away from you. Move on like it is nothing.

7. It could be their way of dealing with pain

We all do not respond to pain the same way. Some people may seek numbness, while others would brood for the longest time possible. Moving on very fast might just be your ex’s way of dealing with heartbreaks. This is mostly to preserve their mental health. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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