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10 Reasons Why Girls Who Swallow Cum are the Best Girlfriends Ever

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 27, 2023

On average, guys consider women who swallow their cum to be more girlfriend material than ones who don’t. This is the result of a survey we conducted from a pool of 26 men. This is why they believed girls who swallow cum are the best girlfriends ever: 

1. These girls are high up on the nastiness scale

Guys are firm believers that the higher up a woman is on the nastiness scale, the more girlfriend material she is. 

This may make it seem like what all guys want is sex. This, however, is not true. Sex is not all a man wants. Sex is just that one aspect of a relationship, at least to guys, which cannot be overlooked. 

If the sexual aspect of the relationship is great, the relationship itself is going to be great. Hence, women who swallow cum will make better girlfriends. 

Hamilton told us: “She swallowed my cum once, and I can promise you that it was the nastiest thing I had ever seen. It aroused me so much I came again in less than ten minutes.”

Trust me, there are many guys out there who feel just like Hamilton. 

2. These girls may have brighter personalities

Guys agree that the nastier a girl is willing to get, the brighter her personality is going to be.

It takes a lot of smartness to be nasty. Why? Of course, because nastiness is not the status quo. When one is able to move away from what is considered ideal, one can be said to be different. 

Different girls are way smarter than ones who stick to being normal. They make for much better partners, too. I know this because I have dated a woman who seems to be different from everyone. 

She was one of the best women I have ever dated.

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3. These girls are discrete

Women who swallow cum have been established already as being very nasty. If you know anything about nasty women, then you will know that these women are very discrete. And I mean discrete in every sense of the word. 

Please be aware that the use of the word ‘nasty’ is not to be interpreted as ‘wild’. While wild women are vocal about their badness, nasty women are not. These sets of women are aware of the fact that society may be looking at them with judgemental eyes. 

And as such, they stay away from these eyes by keeping a low profile. 

You know what it feels like to date a woman who keeps a low profile? Try dating one. I will tell you what it feels like: it feels a lot like heaven.

4. These girls have a lot of sex

Girls who swallow cum seem to be very interested in having sex. Not because they are sex addicts or anything. But rather because sex is fascinating to them. 

Have you ever felt so fascinated by sex that this fascination drives you to seek out more sex, to seek out new things in bed? Girls who give blow jobs tend to be like this.

And surprisingly, guys consider these sorts of girls to be some of the best girlfriends ever. 

Having that much sex while paying attention to a guy’s body is that guy’s paradise. 

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5. They tend to be loyal

This may seem like a hasty assumption. But it can be explained by just observing the social structure when it comes to sex. 

Girls think swallowing cum is something reserved to be done to just one person, and here is why:

– By swallowing only one guy’s cum, they do not risk being seen as nasty and dirty by other guys. They do not have to fear being judged by how they choose to explore their own sex lives. 

– They are not at a very high risk of coming down with infections: the thing is, swallowing cum can increase the risk of coming down with infections like gonorrhea of the throat or even herpes.

Staying loyal is, therefore, staying safe. Women will often stay safe!

If she swallows your cum, it is best to believe she is swallowing only yours. 

6. They care much

I like to say: “You can tell how much a woman cares about you by how she treats your sexual needs.”

This is nothing but the truth. A woman who cares about you will treat your sexual needs as hers. She is going to eagerly swallow your cum if it makes you happy. 

She is also going to take this care out of the bedroom and shower you with a lot of love. 

Liam said: “The woman who loved me the most loved my dick too, and was very good with me in bed. She also swallowed my cum.” 

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7. You can trust them

As said earlier, women who swallow cum are very loyal. This means that when you date one, you are safe from the constant impulse to plunge into trust issues—this impulse is very common among guys who date disloyal women. 

You can set your mind at ease, knowing that your woman loves you for who you are and will not cheat on you. Ever. 

8. They will be themselves to you

If she can be herself in bed, exploring aspects of sex that are considered unconventional, then she has become comfortable enough to be herself with you.

With her, there is going to be nothing to hide. She is going to be that someone who lets you see the real her when you want to see it. That is a perfect girlfriend if you ask me. 

9. She will be open about her feelings

If she is open about her sexual needs and desires, she is going to be open about her feelings. I know this for a fact because I have been here before, and I have seen it happen.

She will talk about her feelings more than the everyday girlfriend.

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10. These girls are just great

I cannot possibly explain it, Leonard said: “These girls are just great.”


Girls who swallow cum make for very good girlfriends. They are the best!

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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