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30 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

by | Love

Aug 31, 2023

When in a relationship, the questions you ask your girlfriend serve two purposes: to keep conversations going and to deepen intimacy. Knowing the right questions to ask is, therefore, very crucial. In this article, we will be letting you choose your favorite from a pool of 30 questions to ask your girlfriend: 

1. What struck you most about me the first time you saw me? 

Why it works: This is a question to usher in memories and help you both bond. She has to be reminded of the moment you walked into her life. And you, too, have to see that she cherishes this memory, holding it dearly.

2. What does it feel like being with me?

Why it works: Guess this is how you know how she really feels about you. If your woman loves you very much, she is going to express this in words that make you feel happy and cheerful.

3. How was it like when I kissed you the first time?

Why it works: Everyone loves their first kiss when it is with a lover. A first kiss is, therefore, something one does not forget in a hurry. Asking your girlfriend about the first kiss you both shared is, therefore, a deeply beautiful question to ask.

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4. Can you tell me about that one childhood memory you will never let go of?

Why it works: With this question, you get to see your partner’s beautiful side. This is because the inner child in all of us is deeply beautiful. 

5. How do you think I can love you better? 

Why it works: You are doing more than asking her a question here. You are showing her how interested you are in loving her more. Every woman wants to know her man is very interested in loving her.

6. What happens when I am not here? Do you miss me that much?

Why it works: Well, the short answer is she does. But you want to hear her say it because hearing it is going to make you feel safer and more stable in the relationship.

7. If you were to live someplace far away, where would that be? 

Why it works: Well, this is where she opens up to you about her dreams. Trust me, every woman dreams big. And these dreams are usually deeply beautiful.

8. Can you guess how much I love you?

Why it works: This is a basic way of telling her you love her very much. It is one of those questions that raise mystery and make your girlfriend even more attracted to you.

9. If there was something you would have loved to change about yourself, what would it be?

Why it works: This one ushers you both into a moment of honesty and vulnerability. It is one of those questions you ask when you both are cuddled up. Trust me, she is going to cherish that moment for long after it passes.

10. What goes through your mind when we both have sex? 

Why it works: Sexual questions raise sexual tension and help you both understand each other’s bodies more.

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11. Do you think my friends are cool? 

Why it works: The truth is there may be that one friend in your circle who creeps her out and makes her feel strange. She may have even tried to warn you about him but did not have the chance. This question gives her that chance to tell you what she thinks about your friends.

12. Am I annoying?

Why it works: You, of course, know every boyfriend annoys his girlfriend at some point, don’t you?

Well, this question is one to laugh over. Nothing said should be taken too seriously.

13. Can we see the world together and hold each other’s arms every step of the way as we journey through life?

Why it works: This is more than a question; it is a promise that you will both be there for each other every step of the way.

14. When does it become clear that I love you more than anything?

Why it works: Do you hear the silent “Awwn?’ I do. It is all shades of sweet when you ask your girlfriend this.

15. Do you know the things you make me feel? 

Why it works: Sit back now and watch her tell you all the sweet things you make her feel as well.

16. Guess how much I love you on a scale of one to ten?

Why it works: This is one question to laugh about and bond over. Truly sweet if you ask me.

17. When does it become clear that I will never do anything to hurt you?

Why it works: Another very sweet question that answers itself if you ask me.

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18. Name ten places you would like to go soon.

Why it works: Now, you have the perfect chance to surprise her. Take note of the places she mentions and surprise her with a trip there on a special occasion.

19. Do you remember this one time when I (insert a very beautiful memory)

Why it works: Reminding her, through a question, of one memory you both hold dear is going to make her want to create even more memories.

20. Do you think I will do great at writing? (Or anything at all). 

Why it works: The goal of this one question is to see how willing she is to support you and what you do.

21. Do you feel safe?

Why it works: The measure of safety is the measure of love. If she agrees to feel safe, then you can tell that she deeply loves you.

22. Do you think we will last forever?

Why it works: You never know until you ask.

23. How often do I cross your mind when I am not there?

Why it works: This is a great way of asking her how she feels about you. It is perfect because it does not in any way spell desperation.

24. Is there anyone who makes you feel less of yourself?

Why it works: With this question, you show her that it is your desire to see her safe.

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25. Is there anything I can help you with? 

Why it works: Yes. The answer is yes.

26. What do I look like the minute I get up in the morning?

Why it works: This is one question you both can laugh over.

27. I would choose you over and over, every single day. Do you know that?

Why it works: This question means you’ve always loved her, and nothing has changed.

28. How old is your favorite cousin?

Why it works: This shows her that you care about her family as well. Women like to know men care about their families.

29. Can you tell me something you hate about yourself?

Why it works: Vulnerability time!

30. Will you marry me?

Why it works: Say this with a ring in your hands.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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