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15 Qualities Men are Looking For in a Woman

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Oct 18, 2021

Every man has his ‘spec.’ That is, they look out for a number of traits and qualities in potential female partners before choosing. These traits, a lot of times, differ between men. 

Some men prefer good-looking women, some like spiritually-minded or friendly women. While some men would go for a trustworthy or popular woman, other guys prefer a morally upright woman and some like funny or goal-oriented ladies.

Each of the above qualities has its own appeal, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of them. Many men tend to be drawn to women of some specific attributes. Below are fifteen top qualities men are likely to look for in a woman. 

1. A Goal-Oriented Woman

A woman that is focused on her career, passion, or goals is one of the most sought qualities that attract a man. It shows stability and self-reliance. 

That alone speaks volumes about the person they might be in a relationship with, and it shows that they won’t solely depend on their man, as they have something of their own they’re passionate about. 

To a lot of men, this is a massive turn-on, and it assures them that there are things you can do to stand on your own even in their absence.

2. An Empathetic Woman

This involves understanding a person and their emotions. Every relationship is a testing ground. It takes a lot to understand a person. 

Most times, in arguments, men don’t just want to be proven right when they point things out, and they want to know you understand where they’re coming from. 

With the newness of the relationship, it is best to understand that you don’t share similar perspectives and also how to deal with your partner’s emotions. Trying to see things from his point of view will make him willing to do the same with you. 

3. A Supportive Woman

Though it is nice to have a woman who hustles for her dough, having her support you in your hustle is very fulfilling. When things don’t go so well, it’s comforting for them to know that they have someone cheering them on — motivating them. 

4. A Coolheaded Woman

A collected and calm woman is one of the best qualities men are constantly looking for in a woman. Research has proven that hot-headed women do not get the attention of men as much as calm women do. It’s not just about the surface but the temper.

In situations when things get rough, men would rather have someone who can calmly speak to them, point out their wrongs and correct them rather than have someone who would hurl words of insult at them. 

There will surely be arguments in relationships, and sorting them out is the only step forward. When both the man and woman are hot-headed, they would surely blow matters out of proportion. There needs to be a balance. 

It is also best to note that letting go of petty grudges is just as important as settling misunderstandings amicably.

5. A Woman With a Positive outlook

It isn’t bad to acknowledge the pros and cons of every situation. But it’s not bad to be positive about the outcomes of situations as well. 

Having positive people around helps to keep our mental health stable. It helps to keep us stable. Negative people are the direct opposite. No one wants a person who instantly chills the air by negating every positive outcome. Without realizing it, their ways of reasoning rub off on you.

A partner who constantly tries to see the brighter side of things not only helps you but also rub off on you in the best way possible.  

6. An Affectionate Woman

Physical contact – not necessarily grand – breeds connection and warmth. Having a woman that shows her love in the littlest ways, either by holding your hands, giving you random hugs, just being physically close, is warming. 

It is much harder for a rigid woman to show affection without brushing her partner off, which rubs them in the wrong way. 

Affection shows that there is a connection and, for a relationship to grow, the connection has to grow as well.

7. A Woman Willing to put in the effort

The thoughts of something pleasing your significant other should also please you. It is no news that romance withers away as time goes on in relationships. It is up to both partners to put in the effort to keep their flame burning. Putting in effort shows that you still find your partner worthy enough to be with. 

After they have put in the effort, it is advisable to show appreciation to the partner. This reduces the feeling of resentment and that you’re being taken for granted. 

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8. An Intellectual Woman

Relationships aren’t competitions. Being competitive in a relationship isn’t good, and it only breeds enmity. Looks and attitude will draw a man’s attention to you, but your intellect will determine just how long this attention would stay on you. 

Nothing is more satisfying than having a woman you can be confident enough to have an intellectual conversation with. A relationship can’t be based on deep conversations and intrigue all the time. Physical activities slip in now and then, and it is impossible to base an entire relationship on physical activities and attraction alone. 

Having the ability to hold and engage in intellectual discussions and having meaningful takes on serious topics would surely be considered more attractive than just a woman’s physical beauty. 

9. A Kindhearted Woman

This goes without saying. The word kind-hearted speaks for itself. Science has proven that the keys to a long-lasting relationship are kindness and generosity. 

A woman who is loving, compassionate, thoughtful, and caring. A woman whose joy would bring warmth to your eyes and heart. 

10. An Honest Woman

Men always respect and yearn for an honest woman. This type of woman isn’t afraid to say things as it is. People believe that a woman that can be open and honest about what she thinks about will surely be able to say when she doesn’t like one thing or the other. 

11. An Authentic Woman

Minds can’t be read, but the thoughts in them can be shared. As a woman, you should not expect a man to know what is wrong with you or what the problem is. He isn’t a mind reader, and neither are you. 

A man appreciates an authentic woman. That is a woman who can be herself without restraints or worry. It’s one of the most sought qualities men are looking for in a woman. He appreciates originality. Even though he wants you to be understanding, he doesn’t expect you to lock up entirely and start avoiding your truths to please him. 

If there’s something on your mind that you feel isn’t right, share it with him. He will forever respect you for it. 

12. A Woman That Accepts His Past

When a man bares himself to his partner — about his past, fears, and passion — he expects nothing less than acceptance. He isn’t telling you to seek pity or forgiveness as these things have happened already, and nothing can change them; rather he wants to be accepted the way he is. 

One of the most painful things you can use to hurt a man is holding their pasts or fears against them. The only reason they shared those things with you is so that you see that they’re not the person they were before and that they’re willing to do better with and for you. 

If a man can openly discuss with you who he has been, what he has gone through, etc., then you would never have to worry about who he is.

13. An Homemaker

Everyman seeks this very quality in a woman without realizing it. Being a homemaker is having the ability to turn a house into a home. It involves turning a quiet, lonely space into somewhere homely — love-filled. It isn’t just about being an excellent cook or ensuring the cleanliness of the house. No, it goes further than all of that. 

Men are constantly looking for a woman who can offer security and balance in their life. The only person who can offer this sense of security to him is a homemaker. 

14. A Sociable Woman

No man enjoys having to worry about what his partner would think when he introduces a friend or two to them. It’s exhausting — the entire process of worrying about their attitude. If he is a social butterfly, there’s no way he wouldn’t bump into people he’s familiar with. 

When these meetings happen, it is up to the woman to show just how sociable and easy-going she is. How easy it is for her to adapt to sudden meetings without turning up her nose or giving the surrounding people an attitude. 

Having a woman that understands this is one thing that signifies that sudden developments do not shake her. 

15. A Woman With a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is one of the top sought-after qualities in women that men look for. To be candid, nothing hurts more than a joke flying over the head of your partner while you’re still cackling. It is important for everyone’s life to have someone with a working sense of humor. Especially for funny guys that constantly have one joke on the air. 

Jokes and fun help to ease tension and increase bonds. It would be harder for a man to show his humorous side when his partner gets easily annoyed or irritated by the jokes he makes. Sometimes stiff when she doesn’t understand the joke. 

It isn’t bad to be serious, but the air of playfulness in a relationship is important. It creates a lighter atmosphere and increases the need to spend more time together. As much as it isn’t bad to be serious, it feels good to let yourself have fun with your partner. 

Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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