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Pull Out Game: 10 Signs He Didn’t Pull Out

by | Sensual Intimacy

Apr 11, 2023

There are times when guys brag about their pull out game just to get you to agree to have unprotected sex. Many of these such times, they really don’t pull out. Or if they do, they pull out improperly, leaving you at risk of pregnancy. This article discusses pull out games, showing you signs that he did not pull out.

1. He Bragged About It

In my experience, and in the experience of many other women, guys who brag about their pull out games often have weak pull out games. 

Why is he bragging? Of course, as I mentioned in the introduction: he is bragging about making you comfortable enough to want to have unprotected sex with him. 

You are better off assuming he didn’t pull out from inside you if he first bragged about it. 

2. He Rushes to Leave

Another big sign he didn’t pull out is if he rushes to leave after the sex. 

This happens because he feels sort of embarrassed that you are going to find out, and so he decides to be away.

Sometimes, though, he might be rushing to leave, not because he didn’t pull out. But because he can’t even bring himself to orgasm. 

Men who have anxiety about sex may have problems bringing themselves to reaching orgasm

The sex is great, yes, but he is being too careful, so he will not reach orgasm. 

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3. The Sex is Weirdly Too Long

Some guys are great at cover-ups. You will almost never know when they have ejaculated. 

Usually, men enter a state of remission after ejaculating. In this state, the blood supply to the penis drops slightly so that the erection goes away.

This is the body’s way of protecting the heart and the tissues of the penis, as a sustained erection for too long can cause some pain along the penile shaft. 

When flaccid just after ejaculating, a man cannot continue to stroke. But he will surely continue to stroke if he does not go flaccid at all. 

And yes, some men do not enter into the state of remission when they cum. This is especially true if he was on some medication to enhance his performance. These medications are made to help men sustain an erection for ridiculously long periods.

So, if the sex lasts too long, and I mean way too long, then it is likely he already released inside you long before.

4. You Get “Too Wet.”

If a guy who is on sex-enhancing drugs releases inside you, and for some reason, you do not notice this, you should be able to notice that you have gotten wetter. 

Many women often think this wetness is from their own bodies, but it is far from that. That thing you feel is semen that has already been deposited inside you. It drips down now, and so you are able to feel it like some kind of warm fluid that sometimes even slithers down your thighs.

5. You Feel a Pulse

When men are about to ejaculate, the arterial blood flow to the penis increases a bit so that the semen, fluid stored in the Cowper’s gland and prostate gland, can be shot up into the urethra and, eventually, into the woman. 

There is also a concomitant contraction of the pelvic and perineal muscles in the man. Together, the increased blood flow and muscle spasms produce what is felt as a pulse. 

The penis throbs back and forth as the semen leaves. 

If you feel this throbbing inside you, for any reason, it is safer to assume that he did not pull put from you. 

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6. He Jerked

A lot of neurons fire when one reaches orgasm. This is why orgasms give one a sensation that is quite hard to describe. 

A man will usually feel an overwhelming sensation move through his body when he is about to ejaculate. This sensation is able to make him jerk, just the way you, too, might jerk in the face of sexual pleasure. 

If he jerks this way but does not agree to have ejaculated, then it is very likely he came inside of you.

If, in addition to the jerking, you felt a pulsation, then the chances are high that he really did release inside you. 

7. There is Too Little Cum When He “Pulls Out.”

Ideally, during the first round of sex, there should be up to 10 ml of cum. If it is less than this, then chances are that you are only seeing what is left from the much he has deposited in. 

Guys will usually ejaculate inside you but manage to save some, which they deposit outside. Don’t be fooled by this. You are still at risk of pregnancy and STIs. 

If you really need to know that he pulls out, ask him to deposit his cum where you can see it, like your belly or the bed. 

8. He Acts Weird

If he acts weird even after agreeing to have cum outside you, then there are chances he did not pull out. 

He acts this way because, for some reason, he feels quite embarrassed that his pull-out game was not as good as he had said it would be. 

Some weird acts guys put up in these scenarios are: smiling too much, teasing you about the sex, etc.

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9. The Second Round Starts Too Soon

Even when he cums, and his penis starts to go flaccid, he will usually find ways to rush you so that you cannot tell that he has not pulled out. 

You can catch him in this act by insisting that you wait a while before the sex begins. 

10. He Leaves For The Bathroom

Guys can be smart about these things. A guy who has already cum inside you may pretend to rush into the toilet so you don’t suspect anything. I wouldn’t buy the act if I were you. 


You have to pay attention when you have unprotected sex. There is always the risk that the man may spill inside you. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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