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10 Pleasure Spots Every Guy Wants You to Touch

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jun 14, 2023

Guys sure have pleasure spots, some of which you may already know about. It may not make them orgasm because, unlike women who can only reach orgasm when their genitals are stimulated, many guys agree that touching these spots helps them near orgasm faster. Let us explore together the 10 pleasure spots asides from the penis guys want you to touch.

1. The Earlobes

Gentle touch to the earlobes has been described by one of our readers as one of the most arousing things ever. 

“It feels surreal. I feel something dribble down my body when my earlobes are touched. You know it feels good when one cannot explain it.” 

The ear lobes contain a number of nerve endings, just like many other structures around the face.

These nerves carry the sensation of pleasure via big bundles covered in a sheath called myelin.

Make him feel even more by not just touching but licking his ear lobes. If you do this when you both are in bed, be sure that he will near orgasm much faster.

I really cannot explain how arousing it is. It is something you have to feel, and I believe a lot of women feel it too. 

2. The Side of the Neck

The side of a man’s neck is another region of his body that is very sensitive to touch. And by touch, I mean all sensations of touch, including crude touch, pain, and pleasure.

A man sure feels a lot of pleasure when his neck is touched. And subconsciously, your man wishes you would just pay more attention to the side of his neck. 

You may make things even more intense for him by lowering to lick the side of his neck. 

Lick his ears, and then go on to lick his neck. 

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3. The Chest

Men love their chests. You will be surprised to find out that, just the way women are fascinated by their breasts, men are fascinated by their chests, especially if the chest is a dense layer of muscle. 

Ola agreed that when he returns from the gym and has been all jagged up, the one pleasure spot he wants to be touched on is his chest. 

“I like it when my woman comes around to rub my chest after working out.” He said. “It not only makes me feel very sensual things, but it also makes me feel like her man. I like to feel like the man.” 

4. The Nipples

Men may have rudimentary breasts and nipples—that is to say, breasts that are not as well formed as a woman’s—but one thing is for sure, they feel a lot of things when their nipples are stroked. 

The nipple contains a lot of nerve endings and has been seen to begin arousal in both men and women. 

Deep down, your man wants you to touch his nipple. And he wants more than just a touch. He wants you to lick it too. 

Just dribble your tongue along the nipple, or move it around it in concentric circles. Now watch him become wild with arousal

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5. The Sides of His Arm

Another area on a man that gets an encouraging nerve supply is the area along his inner arm, just beside his arm put. 

That area is swarming with nerves.

For you to arouse him by touching here, you have to be attentive enough to produce only light touches.

It should feel like running your hands along a very smooth surface as though you are trying not to make any sounds. He may not feel so pleasured if the touch is a bit crude. 

Our bodies are really smart, you see. We are able to separate crude touches from light touches. 

6. His Fingers

The fingers are another area to touch very lightly. If you are not light enough, he will not feel any pleasure. Run your own fingers along his finger very gently. It should feel as though you are barely touching him.

This is surely going to make him feel a lot of pleasure

Make things even more intense by taking one of his fingers in your mouth and licking at it. 

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7. His Balls

The man’s balls are one of the things to happen to him. I am not saying this because his balls contain his kids. I am saying so because the balls are swarming with nerve endings, almost as many nerve endings as the penis. 

Your guy sure wants you to touch his balls.

But here is the thing, the balls are very sensitive to the sensation of pain. Almost as sensitive to pain as it is sensitive to pleasure.

So, when touching his balls, be sure that you are very gentle. He is going to hate it if you are not.

8. Perineal Raphe

You may not have noticed this part of yourself or your man’s body if you have not been paying attention. But it is there, and it is a pleasure point your man wants you to explore. 

The perineal raphe is something of a ridge that extends from just above the anus to around the scrotal sac of men. In women, it ends around the vulva. 

This area is one of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. Touching it can make him go wild. 

And if you are freaky enough to lick it, you know he is going to be screaming your name. 

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9. His Upper Thighs

His upper thighs are also an area he loves to be touched on. The word that does it best here, though, is ‘rubbed.’ He wants you to rub his thighs as often as possible. 

Works best if his thighs are dry and your hands are dry too. 

10. His Feet

Touching or rubbing his feet gives him the same feeling he gets from you touching his hands. 

If you are freaky enough and are sure his toes are clean, then sure, you should lick his toes.


He may not say this, but he seeks to be touched on by most or all of the pleasure points listed in this article.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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