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10 Pleasure Points to Arouse a Woman Instantly

by | Sensual Intimacy

Oct 18, 2022

For some men, arousing a woman can be quite a challenge. But seeing that the depth of sex depends largely on arousal, it is important that men learn about the many pleasure points on a woman’s body and how they can be used to arouse a woman instantly. 

Keep reading to find out 10 pleasure points to arouse a woman instantly.

1. Her Breasts

A woman’s breast consists of three major areas:

  • Her breast mass (the entire bosom)
  • Her areola (the dark area encircling the nipples)
  • The nipples 

When touched right, all three areas of a woman’s breast can arouse her instantly. Cupping her bosoms in gentle grips gives her a feeling of sexual fullness, and in no time, there is going to be some wetness down there.

The nipples offer some of the best sensations a woman can have. Playing around with it with your fingers and maybe even your mouth can arouse her instantly. 

Roll her nipples between your index finger and thumb. Do so, looking her right in the eyes and seeing what it does to her. 

Roll your tongue around her areola and then her nipples, squeezing gently by putting some pressure between your lips. Some men like to use teeth, but if you aren’t quite great at arousing a woman using your teeth, it is best the teeth stay away. 

2. Her Lips

Women love kisses. Have you ever wondered why? Well, kisses are intimate and very arousing. If a woman lets you kiss her, she is saying to you: “Please, arouse me.” And boy, you had better do just that. 

A perfectly arousing kissing method is the french kiss, which makes so much use of the tongue. Outline your woman’s lips with your tongue, get right into the kissing, and explore her as much as you want. 

A kiss will arouse her faster than you can ask her if she is turned on or not. 

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3. Her Ears

The area around the ears is very sensitive. Just a few calculated touches to that area is sure going to turn a woman on in no time. Do it right. 

As you kiss her, reach for her ears and let your tongue do the work for you. 

Lick her earlobes gently, snaking your tongue along her helix. (Do not get your tongue in her ear canal). Now, lick behind her ears as well. 

You can use your fingers if using your tongue doesn’t sound quite nice to you, but be sure to be gentle with her. When turning a woman on, you stand the best chance to do it right when you do it slowly. 

4. Her Neck

You can almost do no wrong when you try to arouse a woman by focusing on her neck as a pleasure point. Some women like to be gripped by the neck when sex is about to begin. If you happen to meet a woman like this, just cupping her neck in your hands will instantly do the trick of arousing her. 

For some women, though, your lips and tongue may be needed. Hickeys are most common along the neck because gently biting the neck can arouse a woman. 

This is also true about licking the sides of her neck gently; you can be creative enough to lick the sides of her neck up to her earlobes and back.

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5. Skin At Her Side

The skin along the sides of a woman’s tummy is tender and a bit different from the skin elsewhere in that the muscles underneath it do not have close attachments to bone. 

While it is easy to tickle a woman by playing around there, it is also quite easy to turn her on by playing there.

Just imagine rubbing powder across her belly side. Now, do it: rub your hands quite gently along there, maybe while kissing her or licking her earlobes, and watch the magic happen. 

The thing about arousal pleasure points is that they can work together. More often than not, your woman would be turned on faster if you could focus on more than one point at a time. 

6. Skin Along Her Legs

One thing we want to establish here is that there is quite a difference between the legs and the thighs, even though the words can be used interchangeably. 

The thighs are the upper limb area from the knees to the pelvis, while the legs are the area between the knee and the ankles. 

The skin on the side of the legs can be especially arousing for women. Just rubbing there can turn her on in no time. Rub gently in plain, smooth movements while playing around with any other pleasure points on her body. 

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7. Skin Along Her Thighs

One of the top pleasure points on a woman’s body is her thighs. It is a great idea to alternate between rubbing skin along her legs and skin around her thighs. Even better, you can rub starting from her legs and then reach upwards towards her thighs. 

Her inner thighs are especially arousing. Of course, they should be—the distance between her inner thighs and vagina is quite short. 

Rub slowly along her inner thighs in plain or circular movements. The closer you get to her vagina, the warmer you should feel. I’ll say you do not get to her vagina just yet. 

8. Mons

The area just above her vulva is called the mons and is sparking with nerve endings, meaning it is quite sensitive. You have to rub her just right, and she will be turned on. 

9. Her Toes

Some women have a toe fetish. Give their toes a gentle rub, and they sure will be aroused. 

As you rub her toes, also rub the sides of her foot and along the sole. Do this while looking into her eyes and or rubbing her inner thighs. 

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10. Clitoris

This can’t be over-emphasized; you can turn just about any woman on by rubbing her clitoris gently. 

Where a lot of men miss is that they quickly dive right into trying to turn her on by rubbing her clit. This sometimes does not work because there has to be a buildup. 

Start somewhere else before going for her clitoris. And when you do get to the clitoris, be as gentle as possible. 

Arousing a woman is not so difficult if you pay attention to her pleasure points.  

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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