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10 Pleasurable Secrets and Moves to Make Love with Real Passion

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 13, 2023

When the passion is real during lovemaking, everyone wins. The woman has the best time of her life. The man can’t stop smiling as his woman becomes more attractive to him. The couple bonds and the bedroom just keeps getting hotter. Sadly, not everyone knows the pleasurable secrets and moves to make love with real passion. That is why we are here to help. Need more flame in the bedroom? This is how you do it.

1. Bond Outside the Bedroom

Most of what happens in the bedroom is but a mirror of what happens outside the bedroom. 

If things are intense and beautiful outside the bedroom, you can expect things to be very passionate when you both decide to get down. 

If things are not so great out there, it is somewhat unreasonable to expect a burning and real passion in the bedroom. 

Be lovers out there. Hold hands on the street. Give each other random hugs. It may just be hugs to you guys, but these hugs and random touches send a message. They tell your body that you find safety in your partner. 

This shows up in bed as a deep feeling of surrender. I will talk about this later. In the meantime, understand that feelings of surrender can make sex a lot better for women!

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2. Tease Each Other More

Again, this happens outside the bedroom but proves to be very helpful when it comes to building passion and having sex that burns with life.

Teasing is a form of sex—just sex with the mind. When a couple teases each other and learns not to be offended by it, their minds come to grow more fond. 

They are able to embrace their vulnerability just fine. 

3. Play Sex Games

Sex games make sex a lot better. Here is how: they build tension way before the sex happens, and tension turns out to be one of the most important ingredients of passion. 

You cannot be passionate in bed when you both have not built tension prior to humping on each other. The activity is going to be bland, like seeing a movie without the sound on. No one is going to enjoy sex like that. 

You certainly won’t. And even when you convince yourself otherwise, your partner won’t as well. It will be bad sex. 

Contained in this article are a number of sex games you should consider playing with your partner

4. Play Dress Up

Role play is becoming more common and common in real-life relationships. It one time only used to be common in adult movies. But now we see that it is able to help partners build some tension in bed. 

Playing dress up with your partner works to build tension and passion in bed by adding spice. Something new always sparks interest because the mind tries to understand it more. 

It is also to build passion and make the sex feel a whole lot better. I know this because I have tried it before, and all the times I did, it never failed to bring the needed passion into the bedroom.

5. Talk Dirty in Bed

Talking dirty in bed is also able to build a lot of passion. Though it is not much of a secret that talking dirty helps, how to talk dirty is a secret. 

Here are the rules: 

– Be nasty. Say very nasty things. 

– Take advantage of praise; most men, and of course, women, have a praise kink. This means they get even more turned on when they are praised. I have met a couple like this. With people who love being praised in bed, offering a praise kink may be just what drives them into passion’s arms. 

– Make Promises: Yes, whilst you talk dirty, make promises. Tell them what you will do to their bodies and how you are sure they will beg for mercy. 

Works all the time!

6. The Infinity Sign Groin Movement

This is a secret move that is not yet common to guys. However, over the years, it has proven to be very effective. 

Have you seen the infinity sign before? Of course, it looks like two small circles put together. 

Imagine creating that sign with your groin when you are getting down with your partner. 

It is going to drive them nuts with passion. You can count on that. Men can take advantage of this movement when they are in a missionary position. 

And women can take advantage of it when they are in the cowgirl. 

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7. The Speller

The speller is another very secret and delicate move that can help you make love with real passion. 

It is very similar to the infinity sign move, only this time you are writing names rather than only moving your groin in the direction of the infinity sign.

The names you write do not have to be thought out. You can write anything that enters your mind. Even the words: “I love you.” 

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? I mean, imagine writing I love you on your partner’s groin using yours. 

Again, men can take advantage of this when they are in the missionary, and women can take advantage when they are in the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. 

8. Take Breaks

This is another secret to take advantage of when you want to make love that burns with real passion. You don’t have to go too hard. 

And better, you don’t have to keep going even when you are tired.

When you tire out, it is best to take breaks and talk. This gives you both even more room to bond. 

It is a win-win.

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9. Pay Attention

The difference between lovemaking and just having sex is this: with lovemaking, you are obligated to pay attention. 

You don’t just keep going and going. 

You pay attention and make your partner see that you are. 

You may even have to tell your partner how much you love them and all of that. 

10. Be yourselves


For sure, if you do what has been said in this article, you will make love just fine! 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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