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10 Places to Meet Men Who are Husband Material

by | Love

Aug 12, 2022

While you can meet your potential husband anywhere, there are strategic locations where you are most likely to find men who are family oriented and ready to settle down. Men we describe as being ‘husband material. In this article, we will be exploring the locations to meet these such men. 

Here are 10 places to meet men who are husband material.

1. At Weddings

This is especially true if most of the men in attendance are unmarried friends of the groom. 

The thing about men is that they all like to function in cliques or groups. One man gets married, for example, and in the coming months, half the group is planning to get married as well. 

If he is at a wedding, then it is likely he is planning his own wedding too. Flash him a smile—not a too obvious smile, though. A smile just bright enough to have him see that you are indicating interest. 

When you have done this, let him be. If he is interested in meeting someone new, he will come around. And if he is not, he is going to ignore your hints. 

2. At the Gyms

A large number of men spend quite a lot of time at gyms, working their bodies. If you pay attention, you will be able to spot the husband’s material at your local gym. Look out for that guy who is always on his own, who barely flirts with women despite having so many around him. That, my friend, might just be the guy you want to go after. 

Make him see that you are interested in him. You can do this in a number of ways—you can use just winks and smiles, or you can walk over to him and ask if he needs help with some equipment. The deal is to give a good, long-lasting first impression

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3. At Book Clubs

If you are a lover of literary art like writing prose and poetry, then it is very likely your definition of ‘husband material is a man who is inclined to literary art in some way. 

You will find these such men in book clubs. Choose a book club comprising mostly young people who share your taste in books. 

If you spot a man you like here, don’t hesitate to make him know just what you think about him. 

You don’t have to be so obvious. In the game of seduction, the ability to be subtle is basically everything. The more subtle you are, the more chances that things will get pretty intense soon. 

4. At Poetry Readings

There are a lot of poetry readings every year in America, the UK, Nigeria, and every other country where literature is given quite an attention. 

You are very likely to meet men who are husband material at poetry readings since most poetry readings are organized like meet and greet. I was in a poetry reading in Nigeria a few years ago, and here, I met my fiancé. 

5. Grocery Stores

Mostly, you will find single men who are the husband material kind in grocery stores. And with them, you can shoot your shots. 

When next you drive into a grocery store, you should know that you just might meet your husband here. He may be that guy who parks next to you in the car park or the one who seems confused about which groceries to pick up or leave behind. 

How about you walk over and ask what grocery he really wants? 

These things shouldn’t be so difficult. A good sense of humor proves to be quite important. Say something in the lines of: “Hey, do you need help purchasing the entire grocery store?” and watch him laugh. 

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6. Places of Worship

Remember, husband material is subjective. You define what husband material is for you—if you are religious, you may likely describe husband material as one who is also religious. 

You will find such men in your own places of worship. If you are a catholic, for example, you will find husband materials in a parish. If you worship in a mosque, you will find husband material in a mosque.

Whatever your place of worship is, you will likely find men who share your beliefs there. 

7. Bars

After a long week spent at the office, most single men like to cool off in bars. If you are strategic about it, you will meet your husband here. 

Don’t pick a too-loud bar or a club. Look out for those quiet, exquisite bars that don’t have too many people in them. Visit such bars on Friday nights. Be sure that you are dressed your best and that you have a smile on. 

You might meet men who only want to hook up here, though. That is fine. Just let them know you are not fine with just hooking up. 

8. Volunteer Organizations

Quite a number of men are quite interested in being part of volunteer organizations. And as you know, it takes quite an amount of selflessness to be a part of volunteer organizations. What points towards being husband material more than selflessness? 

Join volunteer organizations around you. It can be anything from the red cross to even the brigade. 

The thing about volunteer organizations is that their members do spend a lot of time together. So, yes, more time around that man you admire—might lead to something, you know? 

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9. Sport Arenas

No doubt, men absolutely love sports. Find your way into sports arenas, and you might just meet the man who sweeps you off your feet and starts to consider putting a ring on your finger

10. Hangouts

When next your friends invite you to a hangout, you should not give them the ‘I am busy’ excuse even though you are only lying in bed, covered in sheets. 

Get off the bed, and go hang out. And don’t be all secluded and alone. Do fun stuff. 

If there is a guy there interested in speaking with you, then, by all means, give him your attention. 


You define what husband material is for you. Where you meet these men depends on you, too!

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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