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10 Places She Wants You To Kiss Her Beside Her Lips

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jun 16, 2023

Kisses are great carriers of emotion and intent. Women know this and subconsciously desire that their men kiss them more often, in places aside from their lips. Here are the 10 places she sure wants you to kiss her beside her lips. 

1. Her Forehead

Forehead kisses have always been special from the get-go. Even classic books and movies tell the story of this amazing form of affection.

I doubt there is any romantic movie out there that does not have a scene where the man kisses the woman on her forehead. It is this way for a reason. 

Forehead kisses are not only romantic. They go a really long way to show that you deeply respect your woman. 

The forehead is the position of the frontal lobe. This is a part of the cerebral cortex that builds our personality. So, it is possible that we have evolved to love forehead kisses so much because it is the best possible way to say: “Hey, I truly love your personality and truly respect it.” 

When you kiss her forehead, be sure that you have her drawn really close to you. You may hold her waist, or you may have your hands cupped over her temples. Kiss her with your eyes closed, move your head back, look at her face, and plant another kiss. 

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2. Her Ring Finger

Whether or not you both are married yet, she does want to be kissed on the ring finger, and here is why: 

The ring finger is the single most loved finger in that relationship because it will someday carry the fruit of a promise to stay together and love each other no matter what. 

Each time you lower to kiss that finger, you reaffirm the promise you made her on the wedding day. She immediately feels loved and understands that you mean to truly loved her. 

If you both are not married yet, she takes a kiss on the ring finger to mean that you have intentions of committing to her someday. Many times, you should do this as some kind of hint. 

Let’s say you have in mind to propose to her in a few days or weeks; you should drop these subtle hints by kissing her middle finger. She will be smart enough to get it, most likely, and she sure will become happier. 

3. Her Neck

15 out of 20 women who took part in our survey agreed that they loved kisses on the sides of their necks more than kisses anywhere else. 

Most described it as truly arousing and intense. I like the use of the word “intense” in this context because kisses on the neck can be that and more. 

They can be romantic as well.

Usually, a kiss on the neck is going to work best when you both are trying to build up tension and get down with each other. 

The neck is also a favored spot to make a hickey. Hickeys are lovebites, and every man should learn how to give them. We put up an article a couple of weeks ago, which I would love you to check—it discusses hickeys in much detail from the medico-romantic point of view. 

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4. Her Tummy

Women love their tummies kissed. I know this because I have seen what it does for them, how their lips spread into bright smiles the moment one lowers to plant that kiss there. 

The tummy kiss is going to work best on two categories of women: 

– Women who are pregnant

– Women who are planning to get pregnant soon.

Women who are pregnant interpret a tummy kiss to mean deep respect for their kids.

You plant the kiss on there, and the first thing that goes through her mind is, “The child is not even born yet, and he loves it this much. I wonder what is going to happen when it is born.” 

As you should know, women interpret a love for their children to mean love towards them as mothers. If you need your woman to see how much you love her, then show her how much you love her child. It is not rocket science. 

If you are with a woman who is not yet pregnant, a kiss on her belly may mean you are seeking a deeper kind of commitment. 

A trick I think you must know is this: if you do want to kiss her on the belly, you should rub the belly first. If she is a bit chubby, you may grab her belly rolls and tease her. 

5. Her Ears

A woman’s ears are often neglected when it is time to show affection and love. But it should not be so, as her ears are another spot on her body that she really needs you to kiss. 

Pay more attention to her earlobes, as her earlobes contain a number of nerve endings that may arouse her. 

I tell men that just as the point of the kiss matters, the timing of the kiss matters too. 

So, when should you kiss a woman on her ears? Any time you want, basically, but I will tell you this for free: kissing her on her ears when you both have just finished arguing is the best you can do.

You can pull her close, whisper your apologies to her and then plant that kiss. 

She is not only going to become calmer: she is also going to want to return the favor. Things can get a lot more intense from then on. 

Yes, you can bite gently at her earlobes after planting that kiss. These little ways to be romantic can change the dynamic of your relationship and make things a lot easier and enjoyable.

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6. On Her Chest

A kiss on the chest is very similar to a kiss on the tummy. Only this time, you are not showing affection to a child she may be having. You are showing affection to her. The real her. 

The pit of the chest has been considered to be the center of the mind for quite a while because of how much one could feel there whenever they were going through a period where they had to deal with thoughts. 

If you have ever had a bad day and felt anxious, you will agree that you felt that pain along the pit of your chest. The people of old believed this to be your mind, your personality. 

So, when you kiss her on her chest or on anywhere else along her rib cage, you are showing her how much you love her as an individual. 

7. Her Butt

Butt kisses can be very amazing teases. They can also be used to build arousal. 

A woman’s butt can be considered the center of her attractiveness after her face. This is what men say, and women agree too. 

Lamuel told us: “The sexiest thing on a woman after her face, and maybe, her breast, is her butt. So, when I kiss at it, I am saying she is a really sexy woman.” 

Butt kisses work best when you both are in a cuddle position. Especially a cuddle position that involves you lying on her butt. 

You may want to check out this article that explores the most romantic and most comfortable cuddle positions ever. 

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8. Her Cheeks

Kisses on the cheeks are amazing. I remember getting a lot of these from my mother when I was growing up. And I remember the look in her eyes whenever she planted those soft kisses on my cheeks. 

They held an emotion I would describe as: “You little thing I love so much, I am going to take care of you.”

The cheek kiss is not much of a sexual kiss. But it is a heartfelt one. It is a kiss that carries many promises. 

Your woman, of course, desires that you kiss her on her cheeks from time to time.

Let’s say you walk into the kitchen to see your wife, the best you can do is put a kiss on her cheeks. Do this long enough, and it is going to become one of those things she anticipates whenever you come around. Should you not give her a kiss sometime, she may ask why.

9. Her Inner Thighs

I am completely sure your woman wants you to kiss her on her inner thighs because those kisses are both arousing and very sweet. 

By inner thighs, I mean up to 10 inches above her knee. 

Do this when you both are about to get down with each other. It can be the first thing you do before lowering to give her some amazing oral sex. 

Depending on what you want, you may have to roll your tongue along here so she feels the depth of every sensation. 

10. Wherever You Want

Many times your woman wants what you want. Wherever you kiss her is completely fine with her. 

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Kisses carry powerful emotions! Women, like men, desire physical and emotional connection and closeness. A kiss symbolizes intimacy, desire, and affection. You communicate love and passion and ignite feelings of pleasure when you kiss your woman in the places she wants you to kiss her beside her lips.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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