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50 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

by | Love

Jun 6, 2023

Thinking up cute names can be hard. We have all been there. Have you been thinking up ten to fifty names, but none seems just right? We are here to help. Here are twenty cute names to call your girlfriend. 

1. Rosella

No doubt, Rosella has a nice ring to it. Rosella pertains to roses, and if anything, roses are beautiful. Calling her this shows her you think her to be tender and as beautiful as petals from a rose.

2. Queen

Of course, you are supposed to make your woman feel like royalty. This is the perfect name to call her when trying to accomplish this. Every time she hears it, she is reminded that she is royalty.

3. Princess

Works the same way as the name Queen.

4. Beautiful

She is truly beautiful, isn’t she? Of course, she is supposed to be told that all the time. So turn the word beautiful into a name.

5. Dawn

Dawn is the morning, and dawn brings good things. She brings good things into your life too. So, she is like the dawn, like a beautiful, seemingly fragile sun beginning its ascent into the skies.

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6. Love

This is the inflected version of ‘My Love.’ She should be able to bring out her femininity. 

7. Darling

It might be classic. But it is one of those names that is never going to go stale. Calling her darling shows that you hold her close to your heart. She is supposed to be close to your heart, after all.

8. Bunny

Bunnies are cute and very perfect to cuddle. You can add some more flesh to this name by calling her: “cuddle bunny.” 

9. Momma Bear

She is more than a cuddle bunny to you. She is also your mommy. This is the kind of name that brings out the loving, protective side of her. 

10. Blossom

Like the flowers, she blossoms. She brings you into a new kind of love and genuineness.  

11. Cupcakes

It might be a cliche name. But it is still one of the cutest names to call your partner. The cupcakes look very cute. And even better, they taste truly cute too. 

12. Pudding

She is your pudding. Your perfect fall-back-to snack on your bad days. 

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13. Sun

Yes, sun. The sun is fierce and holds all life together. Without it, there will be no life. And that is what she is to you. The Sun. The one who holds the family together in her genuine, very rare love.

14. Sunflower

The Sunflower is not sacred to spread its petals and shine. Calling your woman this name is telling her that you love it when she shines.

15. Peach

Peaches look very beautiful. The ambiance of that peachy color is one to draw one in.

16. Diamond

Of course, your girlfriend is your diamond. You must know what diamonds are: the strongest material on earth. She is not only rare and pricey to you. She is also incredibly strong and loving. 

17. Emerald 

Like an emerald, she is rare. She blooms. She brings a special kind of ambiance to you.

18. Esmeralda

Same as Emerald. Only the one syllable added gives it a better ring. Sounds a lot better now, a lot more romantic.

19. Baby girl

She is many things, probably a mother. But she is not going to stop being your baby girl. Each time you call her this, the feminine instinct kicks in, and she begins to lean on you better and more.

20. Aphrodite 

The goddess of beauty may be a myth. But there is a goddess of beauty standing before you. She is your woman.

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21. Muffin

Like she is your cupcake, she is your muffin. Meaning she is the perfect snack. She is the one who brings things into that ‘sweet’ state even when they were probably meant to have been bitter.  

22. Wifey 

She is also your wife.

Note that even guys who are not married can call their girlfriend’s this. I advise that they even do so, as this is going to go a pretty long way to improve the woman’s mood. 

Her reaction is going to be: did he just call me his wife? Gosh, I had always known he loved me so much.

23. Daddy’s Girl 

She may be a mom now, but she remains Daddy’s girl, your girl. This is one of the names that make her feel very young again and loved.

24. Boo

The name Boo has a nice ring to it. One of my best so far because it sounds incredible in bed. 

25. Bae

A variant of the name ‘boo.’ In fact, they usually go together. Boo happens to be the masculine form of the cute name Bae.

26. Autumn

Autumn is a perfect season. Naming your woman after a season is one very cute thing to do, especially if she loves that season. It works even better if that season holds a memory for you. 

Names should not just be names. 

The great rapper and Urban poet Kendrick Lamar, in his song, “Aunty, Diaries,” said: “Words are just words if they are spoken without any intention.”

Don’t let your names be just names. Give them a strong personal meaning.

The more you connect to a name, the bigger the chances that she is going to love it.

27. Summer

Some love autumn. Some love the summer. Whatever it is for you, be sure that you call her these names with intention. Summertime is usually filled with several fun activities. It’s a season lovers look forward to having some real fun.

28. Kitty

She is also your little kitty. This is the best name to give your spouse if she has the personality of a kitty. Have you ever spent some time with kitties? They seem very shy, secluded, and selective of who comes close to them. 

Call your girlfriend Kitty if she gives you that kitty vibe.

29. Pearl

She is also your pearl, is she not? That rare thing you cannot find anywhere else.

These are the kind of names to make her blush and look at you in a very sensual way.

I think it is only right that I add here the role names have to play in your woman’s relationship with you. 

If you call her nice names, she is going to be nice to you. If you don’t call her anything, she may not get to show you that nice part of her.

30. My World 

You have to show her that she is your world, someone too close to being the definition of perfection.

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31. The Mrs. 

The perfect name to call her when you both are planning to get married soon. She is surely going to blush.

32. ‘Your name’ Girl

Love is the only thing that offers you the right to name someone without consulting someone else. 

Give her a very personalized name. Call her your own.

33. Mi Amor

Spanish names almost always hit hard. She wants to be yours. And she wants to be called ‘Your love.’

34. Senorita

Another Spanish name that translates to beautiful. If you think the word Beautiful, is too generic, then you should take a switch and call her senorita. 

35. Bright Star

She is not the sun this time. She is like a bright star. Imagine that one star on a cold and gloomy night that still stand even when other stars have dispersed. That is your woman.

36. Mon Amour

This is French for: “My love.” And, of course, she is your love. She is your lady.

37. Treasure

Your treasure is the best name to call your spouse. Treasures are kept close. So, don’t just call her this. Keep her close. Really close.

38. Rainbow

Rainbow-lined skies are the most beautiful thing ever! 

39. Foxy

A flirty name that should be used mostly in bed. This name is sure to bring out her bad side and make her feel like a young teenager caught in the web of flirting again,

40. Naughty Girl

Another perfect name for the bedroom. I have chosen to add names for the bedroom here because most of the cuteness happens there.

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41. Gorgeous 

Say it from your heart. Isn’t she just gorgeous? Isn’t she the kind of woman to make you imagine things?

42. Barbie

Barbie is a cartoon series for women that tells a story of beauty and resilience. One cannot have true femininity without both. 

43. Blissful

She brings you bliss and joy and many other good things. She is the lover.

44. Candy

She is the sweetest thing to you ever. Be sure that you call your girlfriend this name from your heart. 

45. Camellia

One of those sweet-sounding names to call your girlfriend that makes her blush, even though she may not even know what it means. 

46. Diva

She wants to be your diva. Diva is a term that is used to refer to women who have embraced their femininity and are basking in its beauty. 

47. Fressia

Cute. All shades of cute.

48. Juju

This is an inflected form of the name Juliet. You can call her this, or you can just call her the full version of the name: “.Juliet.”

49. Mine

Just one word. No prefixes this time. Just one word to remind her that she is dear to your heart now and will always be. 

50. The One 

Is she, not the one?

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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