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10 Sultry Mexican Pick Up Lines to Snag You a Senorita

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jan 20, 2023

Believe it or not, some women love the type of guys who make use of well-crafted sultry pick up lines. Why? Of course, these guys are pretty confident. And the nonchalance these guys show is a challenge that often makes a woman want to prove herself to them.

She often goes, “Why is he acting like he doesn’t want me? Of course, he has to want me somehow. He just has to.” In this article, we share sultry Mexican pick up lines to get you any girl you want. It works better if she is the kind who is attracted to bad guys. 

1. Hey. Can I be Your Tequila? I Don’t Like Tea

This just screams “bad boy.” You know why I guess. Tequila is one of the most common drinks in Mexico, and for a good reason. Tequila means fun. Tea, on the other hand, can be considered very boring. Who drinks tea at a party? I’ll tell you: no one who is fun. 

When you ask to be a woman’s Tequila, you are asking to be the one who brings her fun. If you have the charisma to follow up this pick up line, you can be hundred percent sure you are going to have her. (Read: What Makes a Good Boyfriend)

2. I’ll Cross Borders for You

Crossing borders is an inside joke in Mexico. Mexicans usually have a hard time moving to the US. The borders there are so tautly regulated that immigration is a long process that takes time. 

When you tell a girl you are going to cross borders for her, you are telling her that you are the bad guy who doesn’t back down when things are hard. 

She looks at you and goes, “Hey, this guy really means this.”

And you do mean it, don’t you? 

She believes you do. 

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3. You Look Like You are the Life of the Party

This is such a bad boy thing to say. First, it shows her that you love parties. And only rich guys love parties in Mexico. Of course, the reason is that parties are expensive. 

You can add some layer to this pick up line by saying: “Would you come to be the life of my party?”

I am guessing she is going to laugh and go on to give you her number. 

Make things even spicier. When you invite her for the first date, try to make it happen at a party. 

4. Hi, Are You Sexican? 

Sexican means sexy Mexican. When you hit a girl with this, the first thing that goes through her mind is how confident you are. And then how funny and witty. 

It takes both a funny and witty person to come up with a name like that. 

Chances are, when you first say it, she is going to laugh. Use that as an opportunity to start another conversation. 

Talk about the dress she is wearing, how it makes her curves look very good. Ask what she has been doing all along. And there you have it; your perfect opportunity to have her. (Read: How to Get Her to Send You Nudes)

5. ¿Vienes acquí menudo

Make things way spicier by flirting with her in her language if she’s Mexican. Mexican pick up lines go smooth when said in Spanish. Vienes acqui menudo is just you asking if she comes there often. Works better with girls who are not so drawn to bad guys. 

It is a subtle question and will not necessarily signal her to have her guard up. 

Instead, she will keep her guard down and listen to what you have to say. 

You can even go on to ask, in English, do you live around here? 

6. I swear I need Someone to Show Me Around

This is very unassuming and works for good girls as well as bad girls. In fact, it may even work better for good girls, as good girls like to be able to extend help. 

Say this with a bit of frustration while subtly hinting that you are just trying to flirt. 

If she lets you have her attention, you can go on to talk about yourself and where you are from. 

“You see, I am from the United States, and I just came in here to have some fun. I heard Mexicans are fun. Is this true?”

A girl who is bad will jump right in on the opportunity to prove to you how bad she is. One who is good, on the other, will want to help.

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7. You Look Like You Can Make a Man Fly

This is both a compliment and a pick up line. In fact, most sultry Mexican pick up lines is compliments. They can make her feel like she is on top of the world. And when she feels this, she is sure going to be open to going out with you. 

Women who have a good sense of humor will laugh about this one and then go on to ask what you want. Just tell her you to want her to be around you, seeing that you have had eyes on her for a while. 

8. Will You Like to Dance? 

This pick up line does wonders if you are at a party with her. 

Just walk up to her confidently and ask if she would love to have a dance. Say it with your smile on. To women, smiles are very attractive because they make them feel safe. 

A woman who does not feel safe will be creeped out by you even when you may have the best intentions. (Read: 15 Messages That Will Make Her Feel Special)

9. I think It is so Hot Here Because of You

This is a bomb, literally. It shows her that you think she is sexy. And even better, it is such a witty compliment. 

She will immediately know that you are smart and will be drawn to you. 

10. You Look Like You know Just How to Make a Person Feel Things

By saying “a person,” you are talking about yourself but in a very subtle way that has her wondering what you are talking about. 

It is this uncertainty that will make her feel most open to giving you her number. 

To have a woman give you her number, you have to approach her confidently and bring out her bad side. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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