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20 Naughty Messages to Make Him Hard

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 19, 2024

When next you think to get a man hard by just sending him texts, check out these 20 messages that are able to do the job and why they actually work.

1. I am so horny I feel like I can mistakenly fall on your cock right now. 

Why is this going to make him hard: Well, first. It makes him think about sex. Men get hard when they think about sex. 

It also works because it is going to make him imagine desire. Typically, your desire to have sex with him is what turns him on. Men are very responsive to sexual desire from women. If you make him see that you desire him sexually, he will respond by being hard. 

What will he do: Well, he may try to have sex with you soon. Many men will ask to meet you. 

2. It’s a cold morning and the perfect day to have you inside me. What do you say? Oops. I forgot you’re somewhat busy. 

Why is this going to Make Him Hard: It is going to make him hard because this message creates some form of tension. Remember that sexual tension is created when a promise is made, but the means to fulfill that promise are lacking. 

I want you inside me, is a promise. I forgot you are somewhat busy, which is lacking, which is the means to fulfill this promise. 

The sexual tension is going to make him very hard. 

What is he going to do: He is very likely to ask you for your nudes. If he really is busy, he will settle with the nudes. If he has some time, he may ask to have sex with you. 

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3. I am putting on panties. Want to see a picture?

Why will this work: This will work to make him hard because it also creates some tension. The promise here is that he is going to see a picture of you naked. 

Don’t send the picture in immediately if you want the tension to keep on for a while. 

He is going to be harder than ever. Do you know what will make him harder? Asking him to send a picture of his cock. 

How will he respond: This depends on your man. But most men are going to respond by asking you to send a picture. Some men will beat you to the game first. They will send you a picture before you send them yours. 

4. For some reason, between my legs feel very moist, almost as though they want your touch.

Why will this work: Simple. There is a lot of imagery. If you’re going to make a man very hard, then you have got to make him imagine a lot of things. The man who imagines is the man who will be turned on. 

This is why your messages may be short but effective. They don’t have to be too long to get the job done.  

What will he do: He most likely will respond by making sexual advances at this point. He will ask whether you want him around soon enough. 

If you’re in for making him stay hard for long, ask to see him at a later time. 

5. Can I tell you something you probably didn’t know about the vagina? First, it is self-cleansing. Second, the vagina has muscles that spasm, especially during an orgasm. Third, there is a ridge in my vagina you should rub with your fingers. 

Why will this work: It is funny and very playful. Some degree of playfulness is very beautiful for sexual pulls. You don’t have to be too serious about sex to make a man hard. You can make him hard by just playing. This one may even work more because it first places him in a position of ease. 

How will he Respond:  He most likely is going to laugh about it at first. This is good, as the laughter is going to make you both feel more at ease. Then he is going to ask if these facts about the vagina are actually true. After that, he will ask to touch you. But something is certain: he is going to be turned on. He is going to be hard. 

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6. Come spank my ass. Hold my neck. Make me call you daddy. You may even cum on my face. Wait, you’re busy, aren’t you?

Why will this work:  It works because it paints a picture of sex. And this time, not just any picture. It paints a great picture of sex, one that is personal. Sex is more likely to appeal to a man when he is able to imagine himself as that person. This is why a lot of men love to watch POV pornography. 

Reading this text, he imagines the last time he held your neck. He puts himself in that place, and this turns him on even more. 

What will he do: He most likely is going to laugh at first. But as he feels the sexual desire well, he is going to get hard as well. He is possibly going to ask for nudes as well. 

When a man asks for nudes, know he is really in that mood. 

7. I think of all the times you have made me spasm and spasm. It makes me smile really hard, and I can’t tell why. That’s my way of saying I miss you so much, daddy. 

Why will this work:  This is going to work by stroking his ego. A man’s ego is very important to his sexual desire. If a man feels bad about himself and his sexual performance, it is impossible for him to be turned on by that woman in question. 

Let’s say a man is with a woman who completely makes him feel like he doesn’t do anything right in bed. He is going to avoid her and withdraw his sexual response to her. 

If, on the other hand, he is with a woman who makes him feel the way you’re currently doing, he is more likely to get turned on and hard. 

How will he respond: He will, of course, respond sexually. He is going to be turned on and may take things a step further and ask you to send him nudes. Some men may even go ahead and set up a sex appointment. 

8. Sometimes I think about the beauty that is a dick. I think about how it has that small thing that looks like a perfect ring. I like to place my tongue there, wrap it, and then suck. 

Why does this work: This works because it also throbs the man’s ego. It also places him in the place of your sexual desire. Men really love to be the object of sexual desire to the women they love. 

Just the thought that a woman thinks a man looks near perfect or even sexually appealing is enough to make that man hard. 

You will agree that there have been times when just admiring your man, even when this admiration had no sexual inclination, made him hard. 

How will he respond: He will respond sexually, too. But aside from that, there’s going to be a very strong emotional response. He may even get you a gift for just being nice to him with your words. This has happened to me on many occasions. 

Men like compliments from women they love. 

9. When I think about all the times you have made me feel deep pleasures, I imagine you should have your own taste of deep pleasures. 

Why will this work: It will work to make him hard because it isn’t just a text message. It is something that has come from your heart. Remember that I mentioned how men love personalized sexual messages. If he can see himself in your text, and imagine things, then he is going to get very hard. 

How will he respond: since his ego is stroked, he is going to respond sexually. He is also going to respond emotionally. But you can be sure of one thing: everything he had been doing sexually, there will be an improvement. At least because he will keep trying to make you feel better about the sex, so compliments like this one can keep coming. 

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10. When next you find my body, please make sure you own it. Suck it like you mean it. Make me scream your name and dig my fingers into your back. 

Why will this work:  Because it is a promise that sex will happen soon. A very detailed and imaginative promise. It also makes him see that you love sex with him. He thinks about this, and his cock just gets hard. 

How will he respond: He is, of course, going to get hard. There may be a sex appointment soon, and be sure that this sex is going to bang. 

11. I want to feel your dick inside me. It is the best feeling ever to have you inside my world.

Why will this work: Because it is able to trigger both memories, images, and feelings. Every man tries to remember what the inside of a woman’s vagina feels like long after the sex has happened. 

This forces him into a place where he thinks about you and your walls and tries to be there again. 

How will he respond: He will likely respond by setting up a date with you or asking that you meet up with him. 

12. ⁠I want your dick to touch every wall of my vagina, like my vagina is getting a spa treatment.

Why will this work: Well, because the message is quite simple. It also holds a lot of emotions. It shows the man how intense sex can get. The use of the word “fill” also strokes his ego because he believes now that his dick does such a great job satisfying you. 

How will he respond: Since he believes that he does such a good job satisfying you, he will be encouraged to do an even better job. He will try to have more sex with you, and he will do a great deal of work to make you feel pleasure. 

13. ⁠I just want to keep screaming loud while you hit me back and forth. 

Why will this work: This message will work to make him hard because it strokes his ego. It also shows him that every moment spent sexually together is one you love and look forward to. 

Men are turned on by the desires of women they love. If a man feels like you truly desire him, he will respond by desiring you, too.

How will he respond: He will respond by desiring you, too. His dick is sure going to get hard, and he may crack a joke about it; a joke which carries a promise that he will fuck you so hard some other time. Something like: “Don’t worry. You’ll get enough screaming next time.”

14. I want to have all your cum on my face like milk. I can’t wait for you to have your cock in all my holes. 

Why will this work: Of course, this will work to make his dick hard because it promises him pleasure. Especially as you have found a way to personalize the experience. He now knows that you are one to actively seek his pleasure. There are few things hotter than a woman who makes her man’s pleasure some kind of priority. 

How will he respond: He will respond by setting up a meet of course. You’ll have to fulfill your promise then. 

15. Fucking you feels like having a party sometimes. I think it’s one of those exhilarating moments. 

Why will this work: Because sheer praise sometimes is one of the most sexy things ever. It is not just praise in his head. It is a deep sense of love and respect for his love-making abilities. A man who feels like he can make love enough is a man who will almost always want to make love. That is just the way it works. 

How will he respond: He will respond by seeking lovemaking. He may get really hard and send you a picture of his erect cock. 

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16. What does my butt look like when you view it from up there? Does my ass wiggle enough? I kind of miss being bent over like that and fucked. I miss my ass shaking against yours. 

Why will this work: Well, because you are giving him something to think vividly about. It’s great that this message comes with a question he has to answer. 

As he tries to answer the question, he thinks about the last time you both had sex and what your butt felt like. This puts more thoughts in his head and makes him very hard. 

How will he respond: My best guess is that he may try to touch himself. “I miss my ass bouncing against yours” is one of those things you say when you want a man to lose his mind and get rock-hard over you. 

17. Hold my neck when next you get down with me. Ask me who my daddy is, and watch me scream. 

Why will this work: It’ll work because the imagery is something else. He really has to close his eyes with this one and imagine the last time he held your neck and how you screamed his name. 

Men love messages that put them in a world of thoughts. 

How will he respond: He is very likely to ask for a meet up, or maybe even ask for a nude picture. Send him one. One taken in the best of angles. In our forthcoming article, “How to Take the Perfect Nude: With or Without a Camera Stand,” we’ll show you the best ways to make your nudes stand out as peculiarly attractive. 

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18. I love what it feels like when you make me cum; when my body jerks like a faulty machine seeking ventilation. 

Why will this work: It’s sexy as fuck. It will sure make anyone hard. Even you, if you had a cock. 

How will he respond: He will respond by asking for sex. That’s how!

19. Fuck me like you mean every bit of what you’re doing. Like we will not live that moment again. 

Why will this work: It’s a challenge. Every man likes a challenge. His dick loves one, so it’s going to get hard. 

How will he respond: Bring it on!

20. Hey, Papi. I’m touching myself right now and thinking about you. Come touch me. Come make me feel the ease of pleasure. 

Why will this work: It’ll work to make him get a boner because it really is a very sexy thing to say to anyone. 

Touching yourself while thinking of a man? He is going to go mad. 

How will he respond: Stop touching yourself. Come touch me.  


Every now and then, be sure to send your man beautiful and sexual messages that make him hard. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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