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20 Messages That Will Melt His Heart

by | Love

Dec 8, 2022

Seeking to melt your boyfriend’s heart with some romantic sweetness? These are 20 messages you can send, which will do the job perfectly, and I also explain why they work. 

Best Romantic Messages to Make His Heart Melt

1. You make me so proud. I look at you, and it’s all admiration from my end. How do you do what you do? 

This works because, by default, men love to feel like they matter to their women. Make him feel this way long enough, and he will melt to you—his love for you will deepen considerably. 

2. Hello, chunk of masculine cuteness. Are you having a great day? I thought to say hi, and of course, to say I love you.

This is a perfect blend of humor and love. Maybe even more than us women, men understand the language of humor. It drives the point home. Some humor in your love message, and you have had him!

3. I love you in ways that will surprise even you. And every day, you give me more reasons to love you.

This also works to make him feel proud and important. But it even does more. It strikes in him a sense of eager expectation. It makes him yearn to be loved more, and he will surely give you more reasons to love him more.

4. I think the best thing to have happened to me was you; thank you for being here, for making my life ten times easier than it would have been without you. 

This is a more personalized version of the first message. I advise you to paraphrase this and write it in your own words before sending it to him. It will melt his heart by heating it up with a feeling of prideful importance. 

If your man is the jovial kind, he may call you over the phone and laugh about it for a while.

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5. This might sound weird, but I want this to last forever—I want to grow old with you by my side. 

This message shows intention and purpose. And as you must already know if you read our blog often, men are driven by and very drawn to purposeful intention. By telling him this, you give him a glimpse of what a future with you will look like. You tell him, “Hey, this is going to last a lifetime, and I am going to enjoy it.” 

That should melt any man’s heart. I have seen a man cry because of a message that sounded just like this. 

6. I am confident that we will win at life, and we will win at love. The world is going to be nice to us, and we will have to worry about nothing. 

In addition to intention and purpose, this message puts out a renewed sense of hope. Your man reads it, and immediately, he’ll feel more hope and sees more reasons to keep the relationship going. His heart melts, and he searches himself to find new reasons to love you. 

7. You should smile more, you know? I have noticed a change in your mood lately. When I feel bad, I like to think about you and smile. Maybe you should think about me and all the love I have for you.

This tells him that you pay attention. Even though they seldom say so, men love it when a woman they love pays attention to them, noticing those little changes in character and demeanor. 

It also tells him that you relate to whatever he must be feeling and that you have found a way to help him out of it. 

Purpose and intention mean a lot to men, and so does effort. Men just want you to try. 

8. When it gets hard, I like to look at you and swoon in admiration of your strength. I don’t know if you realize it, but you are the strongest man I know, and I know following you will only lead me to happiness. 

This triggers his hero instinct, bringing him to the point where he is again burning with passion and eager expectation. 

The best time to send a message like this is when he is at a low point in his career or when he makes jokes that subtly indicate he is beginning to doubt himself. 

With this message, you also promise to stick to him no matter what. Any man will have his heart melted by that promise. 

9. I should say this more often: there is no limit to how far I am willing to go for you. If you ever need anything, know that you can count on me. If within my power, I will do anything in the world for you. 

This is a genuine confession of love. 

I doubt there is any man who would not melt from reading this because the message blossoms with a mother-like yet romantic kind of affection. It is more than a message. It is a promise, and just before you hit that send button, be sure you are willing to keep that promise. 

10. You must be feeling so cute. I saw that grin on your face. Pffft. You are cute, though. I can’t wait to kiss you again. 

This is a subtle but funny way of telling him that you miss him. Men love this sort of subtle yet humorous display of affection. It melts their hearts. 

11. Can I send some money to your cash app? Forgive me, but I looked, and I see that you need more money than I do. 

This will melt his heart in a way that maybe even make him cry. With most men, the default action will be to reject the offer because accepting may be seen as weak. But it is nothing to worry about. Your willingness to help will always be on his mind and will keep melting his heart. 

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12. Hey, I got you a gift because even though you are a big head, you are an amazing lover to you. 

Need I say that this is the perfect humorous message for any man? Men love humor. They love it, even more when it is tinged with romance and affection.

13. What would I ever do without you?

This single question houses hundreds of emotions. It will have him thinking, smiling, and questioning your relationship in a good light. It also comes off as an appreciation, and men want to be and feel appreciated. 

I’ll tell you a secret: want him to love you more? Appreciate him.  

14. The other day, someone asked why I cling to you this much. Imagine my laughter as I told the person: you will not understand how love makes us until you love someone as much as I love my man. 

This shows him that you do not care what people think, that you are in this with him no matter what this person or that person says. It is the perfect display of love. Men know that a woman who is in love is willing, at any point in time, to fight for this love. 

15. I want to make you as happy as you make me.

This is both an appreciation and a yearning. By telling him this, you tell him two things: that he makes you happy and that you want to make him just as happy. 

This will have him smiling all day. If he is the gentle lover, he may tell you something along the lines of: “Hey, you make me happy already. I love you.”

If he is the playful kind, he may tease you, but he will be melted in the heart. 

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16. Think of the first day we met. I still feel that way about you. It feels like we only got into a relationship yesterday. 

What do you think this message does? 

You are right. It shows purpose as well as intention. But as a plus, it also shows that you enjoy your life here, with him. 

17. There are amazing men, and then there is you: the most amazing man I have met. 

This shows that you are intentional with him. With you, there are no options other than him; it is him and no one else. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever to say to someone? Oh, I think it is. 

18. Can you help me love you more? 

I almost certainly tell that his first reaction from reading this will be a sigh and a smile. Try not to send this to him when he is in public unless you want him to cry. He may cry.

The reason? You are intentional about loving him. 

19. I am sorry about the other day. I want us to work things out, and I want us to do it soon so I can get back to cuddling you like I am a child. 

Send this to him when next you fight and watch the fighting vaporize.

20. I will choose you ten times over if I had the option to. 

This message will surely melt his heart because it shows him you are intentional about your love for him.

Bottom Line

You admire your man, which is why you do whatever you can to show him how much you love him. For his part, his heart will melt when you express your feelings to him with these sweet messages, and his love for you will grow. This heartfelt love builds your relationship.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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