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Making Out Hot | 10 Ways to Make Out

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 24, 2023

Make outs are supposed to be hot and thrilling. They should stay on your mind for long after they are done. Have you been having boring make-outs? In this article, I will be showing how to make sure that does not happen again. Here is how to make out hot each time: 

1. Set the Mood

The right mood for making out is easy to get into. Just bloom all the lust within you and your partner. That is to say: make them want you: want them just as much.

It is easy to pull this off. Just feed the lust. You could feed it with books or just have a conversation about sex that has you both feeling aroused. 

The more intense you feel, the better the make-out is going to be.

2. The Kiss

The kiss has to be just right. This means after you have set the mood, be sure to maintain it by having a good kiss.

You should check out this article to learn how to give the best kisses

The trick is: do not kiss with dry and flaky lips. Master your breath and the positioning of your face. 

Do not position your face in a way that makes it hard for you or your partner to breathe. 

This means angle your nose away from theirs. 

Also, don’t be in a position where all of your breath pours on your partner. This can be very uncomfortable and make your partner unconsciously want to back away.

Jasmin told us: “I think loud and turbulent air against my own nose can make a kiss, something I do not want to do often.” 

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3. The French Kiss

Just after the regular kiss, you should try the French Kiss. There is not a hot make-out session that exists without the French Kiss. This is because this kiss is rather: “invasive.”

It is one of the only kissing styles where you will have your partner’s tongue in your mouth and vice versa.

The French Kiss is easier to get right the first time. You only need to focus on your tongue game. 

First, line your partner’s lips with your tongue and part their lips. Now, push your tongue into their mouth and play around inside it. Have them put their own tongue in your mouth as well.

4. Eye Contact

You should look in your eyes every now and then as you kiss them. 

This is because the eyes house a lot of emotion. You can usually tell what a person is feeling or thinking by just looking at their eyes. It is why you will mostly hear people say things like: “Look me in the eyes and lie.” 

Back away and look into your partner’s eyes. Be sure to wear a look that tells them how badly you want them. That is how to make things very hot.

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5. Hands and More Hands

You need your hands if you want to make your make-out sessions a lot hotter. The more hands, the hotter the sex is going to be.

You have to have your hands all over them.

The expression: “I want to have my hands all over you.” suggests the kind of hot make-out sessions I am talking about. 

You should hold them closer in tight hugs. Usually, hot make-out sessions feature tight hugs since tight hugs convey a lot of emotion. 

You should also hold their neck and their face. Hold at their thighs too. 

Touch makes things hot.

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6. Getting Carried Away

It is not hot making out if you do not get carried away. 

Make things pretty intense by letting go and getting into the moment. Be ‘all over’ your partner. 

Kiss at the sides of their necks—Kiss at their arms and their tummy. 

You may want to pin them to the wall and kiss them there. Those kinds of kisses are usually intense because restraint makes pleasure better. 

If your partner loves BDSM, you may want to choke them. Wrap the cup of your hand over their necks. 

Like sex, it is also great to change the position of kisses. Let’s say your kiss begins on the couch; you can take it to the wall or to the bedroom. All that ‘moving about’ is surely going to make things hot.

7. Stimulating Pleasure Zones

Asides the vagina and the penis, there are many zones of the body that can make a person feel intense pleasure.  

One of those zones is the nipple. So, it is always a good idea for you to put your hands on their nipple. 

Fondle your partner’s nipple with your thumb and your index finger. You may even have to start taking their clothes off. What is more arousing than taking off clothes?  

8. Moaning

You have to moan when you want things to get hot. Moaning carries a lot of emotion. And can tell one how hot things are getting. 

Make things hotter as you make out with your partner by holding your partner’s and moaning into his or her ears. You may even have to kiss their ears, too, and maybe bite their earlobes. Biting earlobes is just a beautiful thing to do. It is also very intense.

Your moans don’t have to be too loud. Low moans can convey very beautiful emotions. 

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9. Spanking

Spanking is such an amazing thing to do when you are making out, especially when you are making out with women who are ‘baddies.’ 

Rub at their arse gently and spank it so that it wiggles. 

Do so while kissing her. The fewer times to take your lips from   

10. Explore

You can have amazing make-out sessions when you decide to explore more. 

By explore, I mean: try out some newer stuff.

The thing about this sort of stuff is that deep down, you are instinctively going to know what to do. 

Don’t fight yourself. Get in the mood and have that make-out session like the music it is. 

We should all have make-out sessions that stick in our minds for a long.  

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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