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10 Types of Jokes to Tell a Girl Over Text

by | Love

Nov 8, 2023

This information on the types of jokes to tell a girl over text would do you a lot of good. Girls like funny boys. The goal is not to be a knee-slapping stand-up comic but to be able to say something that would make her laugh after a long day and stressful day at work. 

If she’s not texting you to cheer her up when she feels down, then she’s texting someone else because you’re pretty boring. Wonder why the last two girls left you for someone else; you probably have no jokes up your sleeves. But don’t worry. We can fix that. Here are the types of jokes to tell a girl over text.

1. Send Her Pickup Lines

Pickup lines are two things: silly and funny. She doesn’t see it coming. That’s what makes it more funny. Pickup lines are well known and can be recognized a mile away. Girls know when you use pickup lines, and this amuses them. You can say something like

  • “Are you a lizard? Cause Agama eyes on you.”
  • “Storks bring babies, but an angel brought you as a baby.”
  • Are you a cheesecake? Cause that’s my favorite snack.

These would make her cringe at first but laugh at the end. Anyways, if you do not make your own jokes and have a sense of humor, she would think that’s all you have. 

2. Dad Jokes

Remember how you used to cringe, roll your eyes, and then laugh when your dad told “dad jokes” as a child? Dad jokes are usually very unpredictable and silly, and this makes them really funny. Most of the time, we laugh because they are not funny at all, and this makes it extra hilarious! These puns are just the thing to tell her. Some dad jokes you can tell her are: 

  • What did the nose tell the finger? Don’t pick me. 
  • What made the tomato blush? It saw the salad dressing
  • What did one wall say to the other? Let’s meet at the corner.

Dad jokes would make her roll. 

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3. Inside Jokes

If you both have been talking for a while and something hilarious has happened, you can turn that into an inside joke. This works wonders because she would start thinking about that experience you both share, and who knows, she might get nostalgic. If she had once missed her flight because she overslept and she had something the next day, you could say, “Remember to stay awake until tomorrow.” That would make her laugh. 

4. Send Her The Line of A Song So She Completes It

There is this trend going on where you’d send someone the first line of a song; they reply with the next lyrics, so it becomes like a call-and-response thing until the song ends. I think this is really cute. If someone were to send me the lyrics of a song I like for me to respond to, that would make me all giggly and happy. You could also send her the line of a song like it was a real message. It might take a while for her to figure out what you’re doing, but when she does, it would be so funny. Someone once sent me the first line of Giveon’s Heartbreak anniversary: “Just like the day that I met you, the day I felt forever…”. At first, I wondered what he meant, but by the end of the day, it was so cute. 

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5. Tell Her Something Funny and Embarrassing

Tell her a funny thing that happened during your day. She would laugh at you for sure. That’s the aim. But it would also make her feel good that you could be comfortable enough to share such a personal part of your day with her. 

Tell her how you wore your shirt inside out to work and got stares on the way, but you couldn’t seem to figure out why people were staring until a colleague told you about your shirt. 

6. Send Her TikToks and Screenshots

If you are scrolling through TikTok and you stumble on a video that made you really laugh, that’s the kind of thing you should send to her. And if she finds it funny, she would both laugh and be impressed that you share her sense of humor. Not only that, sending TikToks is really thoughtful. A friend of mine sends me the link to all the funny TikToks he can find so much that I actually do look forward to receiving TikToks from him. 

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7. Being Goofy is Chill

Sometimes, girls want to be with a laidback and goofy person. They feel he’s more available, easy to talk to, and safer to be around. Why do you think that back in college, the guys who got all the girls were the goofy and funny ones? Sometimes, be goofy and playful with her. While texting, insert those funny emojis, gifs, and stickers from time to time, and they would certainly make her laugh. 

8. Flirt Sometimes

In one of our articles, I talked about how flirting with a girl makes her know your intentions. If you’re into a girl, subtly flirt occasionally. this would definitely make her laugh better at your jokes, and in no time, she’s going to be blushing, too. 

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9. Be Witty

As much as girls love funny guys, they like them smaller, too. Using wit to pass across humor tells her you’re not just a regular dumb but funny guy. This is a major turn-on. You can show her your wits with the use of dark humor. I had this guy who was very conversant with dark humor, and he had a way of making you laugh about the most wicked things, and that was so sexy for me. 

10. Learn her Kind of Humor and Apply It

Girls can be weird. You see that joke that had you slapping your knees and doubling over in laughter? It may have the opposite effect when you tell it to a girl. Understand a girl’s personality before trying to make her laugh. If you don’t, you could say the wrong thing with the purest of intentions, and all it would make her do is avoid you. 

Text her nice. Make her laugh!

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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