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Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me?

by | Love and Romance

Jan 21, 2022

Are you wondering whether your girlfriend is cheating on you? This is not an uncommon problem. Reports from different countries show that many people are unfaithful to their partners and cause severe crises in their relationships. How should you react in a situation like this? This article covers areas you can look into.

Why Does It Matter? 

You are worrying too much, and anxiety isn’t good for you. 

What Would You Do?

Imagine this scenario: Gray started dating Pearl months ago. They met at a friend’s small party. When he asked her out, she smiled and said a gentle ‘Yes.’

The first few weeks of their relationship went very smoothly. Gray called Pearl on some nights, and on others, she called him. They never went to bed without speaking to each other, and whenever they had a misunderstanding, they fixed it. 

The couple never left out the little details. Pearl observed Gray very much and could sense when something was wrong by just his facial expression. 

These days, things seem different, and it scares Gray. For two nights, Pearl has not called him. When she visits, she wears a bland expression and does not ask many questions. 

When Gray asks what’s wrong, she feigns a smile and says nothing is. But Gray can sense something. He can tell things are changing. Maybe it’s just in his head, but he believes Pearl is cheating on him. 

If you were Gray, what would you do?

Do You Have Trust Issues?

Healthy romantic relationships are built on trustPerhaps, you feel your girlfriend is cheating because you don’t trust her enough. Distrust can come from a number of things, but it can also be your fault. 

Maybe you’ve been cheated on before, or you have gone through some traumatic experience in the past that makes it hard for you to trust people. 

Whatever the case is, work on your trust issues. Seek therapy and counseling if you think it’ll help you. Stop monitoring her or looking for more reasons to distrust her.

Be There For Her

If your girlfriend grows distant, do not hastily conclude that she is cheating on you. Some women have healthy integrity and would not cheat on their boyfriends. She is probably going through some painful experience and expects you to be there for her more. 

Perhaps she is having family issues or has recently lost a lost one or even a pet. Love her more. Call her more. 

Ask questions that make her feel loved. Ask how her day went and why she looks sad. Be patient with her if she doesn’t respond to you nicely. Give her some space to heal, to open up. 

When people are relaxed and comfortable, it is easy for them to open up to love and affection. 

Observe Her

If you seem sure that she is cheating on you, then you might just be right. Observe her. By observing, I don’t mean that you should creep her out by keeping tabs on her life and making her feel violated. No. 

  • How often does she go out now?
  • Does she hang around people you have never heard about? 
  • Is there suddenly a male best friend or acquaintance in the picture? 
  • Does she talk about her unwillingness to remain in the relationship? 

Observe the signs. 

Questions to Ponder Over

Have you found any evidence of her cheating? How can I cut people some slack? How can I listen more? 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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