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20 Best I Miss You Messages For Him

by | Love

Dec 22, 2022

Your partner plays a role in your life. He is much more than a friend. Let him know you appreciate him with these I miss you messages! If you are unsure of what to write him, we can help you out. Here are a couple of creative ways to let your boyfriend see how much you miss him. These romantic I miss you messages will surely make his day and have him smiling for no reason.

1. There is always this feeling that comes when you leave. I can explain it, but it makes my insides feel somewhat hollow. I think I feel it right now. I can’t wait for you to return.

Why it works: This is the perfect display of vulnerability. When men say that they want women who are expressive, this is what they mean. Don’t just tell him how much you miss him—also tell him the effect missing him has on you.

Describing what you feel in detail is going to attract him because he will feel more loved and appreciated. A man who feels appreciated will go to the ends of the earth for the woman he loves. 

2. I think about you so much. One time I caught myself hugging the pillow and wishing it was you. Are you fine? 

Why it works: In this message, what we see is an example of what love truly is. It is vulnerability and gentle care. When you send this, you show him how vulnerable you are. At the same time, you show him that this is not only about you but about him as well. 

“Are you fine” in this scenario can be read as “I love you.”

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3. There is almost no part of my life that you are not a part of. I imagine you in everyday happenings. Often, I find myself imagining what you would do if you saw what I saw or felt what I just felt. I miss you. 

Why it works: This triggers the lover, hero, and maybe even fighter in him. It is the kind of I miss you text that brings a man to tears. Trust me, I have seen this happen before. Once, one of my friends looked down at his beeping phone as we talked over a table of drinks. I was seated next to him and could see that it was a message from his girlfriend. When he looked up again, there were tears lining his eyes. I pried the phone from him and stared down at the message. Boom, it was the exact message listed here.

4. I wonder what you are up to right now. I am craving a hug so badly. Perhaps I will get it when you are back, pull back to look at your face, and then hug you even tighter. 

Why it works: With this romantic message, you give him a sense of eager expectation. He not only sees that you miss him; he also sees that you have plans for when next you see him. This makes him yearn to meet you again. It makes him miss you as well. If he had been growing distant, you would start to notice that he now reaches out more.

5. Guess what I am doing right now? You guessed right. I am swiping through our pictures and thinking of the many ways we will feel when we see each other again. 

Why it works: Humor is always a great way to get into the mind of men. Always. I bet reading this message will make him laugh. At the same time, it will make him think about you.

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6. You remember that one time when [add a memory you love]? I want to recreate that over and over, as it was one of the best moments of my life.

Why it works: Details matter when you are trying to get someone to see how much you miss them. We live in a time when people throw words like “I miss you” and “I love you” flimsily. You don’t want to be one of those. You want to be detailed, so the text can have the desired effect. 

Remind him of the memory you hold most dearly.   

7. You bring me so many happy memories; it is the only thing that makes missing you this easy. The memories of you stick around like happy children and make me happy. 

Why it works: This is also a detailed I miss you message for your man. It not only tells him that you miss him. It also tells him why. Men want to know why you feel the way you feel about them. You cannot really blame them. It is because they like to take a logical approach to anything, even emotions.

8. I think I might just learn how to write poetry, so I can journal how much I miss you every day.

Why it works: This romantic I miss you message explains itself, but in a very appealing way that makes someone seek to know what exactly is going on. It creates tension, which is sure to make your man want to see you soon. 

9. I started a journal. (I suggest you do so for real). When you are back, I will have you read it, so you can see how much I have missed you. 

This is just a paraphrasing of number 8. 

Why it works: Keep following the blog; in our subsequent articles, we will tell you why and how keeping a journal can go a long way to help your relationship—it works for both men and women.

10. What will you like me to get for when you return? I keep looking at the dates, wishing time just ran faster, and you appear here to take a kiss from me and some hugging that might even make me cry. 

Why it works: This makes him yearn to return home to that hug. It makes him seek you out.

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11. If that thing they say is true: that a person’s head hurts when someone keeps staring at his pictures, then I am sorry for all the headaches I have given you. 

Why it works: This romantic I miss you message for him works because it is the perfect show of humor. Remember that men love it when you can reach into their emotive side with humor. 

He will get the point that you miss him and will feel loved by you. And the same time, he will smile or scoff or outrightly laugh. It is going to be a pile of positive emotions. 

12. The more I call and text, the more I miss you. Your company is really everything, and I love you so much. 

Why it works: We all feel this. Even the best of us. Your man is going to relate to every word in this text and will try to make things easy by coming sooner or reaching out to you more.

13. It Hurts that even when I spend the entire day with you, nothing helps with how much I miss you. The moment you leave, I start to miss you all over again.

Aww. If someone sent me this, I would most certainly blush for most of the day. 

14. If someone told me I would someday think about someone this much, I would have laughed and told them they weren’t serious. But hey, I am here, thinking about you.

Why it works: Notice how you have not said the words “I miss you” in most of the texts mentioned here. It is because sometimes, especially over texts, indirect communication can be very helpful. Rather than tell your man how much you miss him, show it to him. 

There is a common saying amongst storytellers and writers: “Show,” they say, “Don’t tell.”

Apply this to your texts and watch them become five times more appealing and lovely. 

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15. Don’t get tired already, darling. I cannot help it: I miss you so much. 

Why it works: I bet he is going to smile hard at this and show you how much he misses you as well.

16. Do you miss me this much when I am away? I promise this feeling makes me want to climb onto the bed and hug a pillow so much. 

Why it works: This is your way of showing him that you miss him, but showing him this in a way that says: “Hey, I want you to know this thing I share with you is not one-sided.”

It achieves a lot—this text.

17. My blouse still smells of you. No, I don’t go to sniff it. Maybe I do, but you cannot possibly blame me. I mean, it is all because I miss you. 

Why it works: Because this I miss you message will put a smile on his face. I know he is going to smile really hard at this.

18. I am quite sure that if you were here, I would have been smiling so hard at one of your jokes and maybe even trying to touch your face. 

Why it works: This is both a profession of love and a compliment. First, you acknowledge that he makes for very good company, and then you tell him that you want to see him soon.

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19. I know that when you are here, I will feel a lot better. 

Why it works: This is how anyone feels when they are in love. So, the moment he reads this, he will know you have sent it his way because you love him.

20. It has been [mention the number of days] already. I love you.

Why it works: You love him. He will get it. He is going to long for you, your touch and kisses.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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