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How to Woo a Woman: 3 Ways to Get Her to Say Yes

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Feb 9, 2022

To woo a woman and get a yes is a latent capability that anyone can develop. All you just have to do is follow the suggestions below, and you’ll be able to master the act of starting a great conversation with a woman.

I recall my first attempt when I woo a woman in public. “Shortly into my conversation,” she says, “I’m in a hurry!” In my mind, “I pray nobody around hears that.” I looked around; no one was looking except an old lady frowning at me. I took a deep breath and stylishly walked away so as not to draw more attention. And of course, this happens after pretending I got a call—an excuse to get away quickly.

I’m sure some of you may have experienced this first-hand when trying to start a conversation. This is one-way girls like to say that they are not interested in whatever you’re trying to say.

Some guys, when they hear this phrase, view it as a fate worse than death! In a poll, several people were asked what they fear most. As expected, many said heights, financial problems, serious illness, death, flying—these top the list. But do you know what also ranks high on the list as well? Is starting a conversation or speaking before a gorgeous girl. 

Even the best babes toasters, at some point, do get nervous before speaking to a lady. Nervousness comes and goes. However, you can overcome your fear by following these custom-made suggestions:

I’ll give you a step-by-step process of how to woo a beautiful girl you like and make her like you and say yes.

1. Never put a label on yourself

Why is this important? When you label yourself as being too shy, too old, or too self-conscious, trust me, you’ll not be able to reach your goal of getting her to communicate with you or like you.

A psychologist once said: “If you don’t believe that you can make something happen, you will act that way, and worse, even stay that way.” You don’t want that do you? So you must unlearn shyness and make an effort to remove any hindrance that may stop you from speaking to a lady.

Here’s what I did. I saw this beautiful girl standing close to a bus stop. I first looked at her, then looked at my phone. I looked at her again; this time, she noticed me looking at her, and she returned my gaze. This happens like 2 or 3 times. That’s all the green light I need.

I walked a little bit close to her and said, “hello.” She responded with a “hi.” Further, I said, “Do we know each other somewhere?”. I kept my face like someone thinking very hard.

She said, “I don’t know, maybe.” 

I said, “okay,” and “I have met a lot of people recently, both online and offline, and my friends introduce me to their friends on a daily basis.” So “I was thinking, maybe we may have met recently.” 

She replies, “well, could be.” Then I said,” well, anyway, I’m Martin, but my friends call me Marti, and you’re……” I stopped there.

You may wonder why do I stop midway? It is simply because I want her to complete the phrase. 

She replied, “Charlotte.” Then I said, “Just Charlotte? Is gorgeous not attached to your name like, “Gorgeous Charlotte?”. She giggled. I continued, “nice meeting you, by the way.”

That is how the conversation started, and it kept going well. We talked about where we were working the weather, and finally, we exchanged numbers. I promised to message her on Whatsapp, and she said that she was looking forward to it.

Later that evening, I wrote her. She responded nicely, and we continued our nice little chat from there.

Action plan: How do I reach goals that are quite attainable?

2. Turn your nervousness into positives

A relationship expert was once asked if, after years of experience, he still got nervous before he woos a lady. He answered, “sure, it happens every now and then; I still get butterflies before starting a conversation with a lady.”

Why do I bring this up? Well, the reason is that I want you to control nervousness, not to eliminate it. Not all nervousness is bad. One happens because of lack of practice, while the other is more positive anxiety. The positive one is great because it only nudges you to give your all.

Here’s what I usually do to keep nervousness to a minimum.

I woo a girl as if I’ve known her already. Normally, you talk all the time to people you know well. So just assume this one to be just another normal conversation. As you speak to her, relax and smile. 

The more casual your approach, the more relaxed and confident you will be. 

Remember that the girl is just a human. Think of her as a classmate, colleague, or sibling. Even when nervousness shows, she will be understanding. 

When I talk to a lady, I view her as my friend. Think of her as my guest and me as the host. 

First tip: when you woo a woman, think of yourself as someone organizing a party. One of your aims is to make your guests comfortable. In this case, instead of thinking that she will make you comfortable, be the one to make her feel comfortable. In so doing, you will be able to ease your nervousness.

Second tip: To woo a girl, it is always best to focus on what you’re saying and not how you look, stand, or whether others are watching. For the first time, especially, women want to understand what you’re saying, not how you look, so they can get the message you’re trying to pass across. 

How you look comes afterward—first, your message, later, maybe your appearance.

Why is it important to focus on the message? Because it helps you to be less anxious about yourself.

Action plan: How do I conquer my fears when I woo a woman for the first time? How do I stop holding myself back with needless fear?

2. To woo a woman, preparedness is key—never forget that

Dale Carnegie, an American lecturer, and pioneer in the field of the psychology of the successful personality., says, and I quote: “A speech is a voyage with a purpose, and it must be charted, he adds, “Think over it for seven days; dream over it for seven nights,”

If you want to woo a beautiful woman and get her to say yes, you must be well prepared. 

What’s the best way to prepare? 

Do research as you’re doing right now reading this article. Also, take time to go over this article, “how to toast a woman.”

Know what you’re going to say before you take that bold step of wooing a lady. Knowing what you’re going to say and how to react or adapt to the different responses you’ll get will give you added confidence when talking to a girl for the first time.

—Remember, women respond differently

When eating, lying on your bed, thinking, you should contemplate what you’re going to say and think of responses you can use in a different situation. 

How you start a conversation with a girl on an airplane, on the bus, at a party, or on the street may be different, and the responses you get may vary.

When I talk to a girl inside of an airplane, I don’t start with, for example, “how do you find the weather?”, Instead, I may say something like “Is this your first trip to Berlin?” or “Are you going for a vacation?”

On a bus, I may say something like: “I like your hairstyle.” I may either add: “Does your hairstylist style men’s hair too? Or, you could say, “I would like to give your hairstylist a five-star review.”

So you see? Different situations, different ways of getting a girl to respond positively.

Ponder over your message until it overrides your nervousness. When you do all these, you’ll be looking forward to starting a conversation with your crush.

Finally, always look your best when going out. You don’t know when you’re going to get lucky and meet that woman you’ve always wanted to toast.

Action Plan: How can I tailor my conversation to a woman’s specific needs?

How do I stop holding myself back with needless fear?

Bonus Tip on how to woo a woman

The following nerve-calming exercise can prepare you before making the first move of getting a woman to like you.

  • Wriggle your fingers
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Hum softly, switch between a high and a low pitch.
  • Take 2 or 3 slow, deep breaths.

A reminder: Adapt to the situation you find yourself

Also, use your voice as your instrument. If you woo a woman without intonation and don’t change your pitch, you will tire her out.

Take note of your posture. Do not slouch when speaking. It may convey disinterest. Rigidity indicates nervousness

It is very important that you maintain eye contact when wooing a woman. When you play football and shoot to score a goal, you always focus and watch the ball’s direction to see if it goes into the net.

In the same way, Each phrase in your communication with a woman is a separate “shot” to her. When she nods or smiles, it means you “score a goal,” so always maintain eye contact as you woo a woman.

My conversation—continued…

My conversation with the beautiful girl I met recently eventually developed into a relationship. I’m sure she will read this article and smile.

So, after that evening, I message her again after one week. Wondering why I waited for a week? It’s because I want her to anticipate my next message and to make her wonder why it’s taking longer for me to message her again.

Well, the following week, I message her again. At first, she said, “I thought I’m not going to hear from you again,” She added, “I almost wrote you a couple of days ago, but then, I decided not to, anyway, it’s good to hear from you again.”

I do not expect her to message me anyway because many women do not want to be too fast, especially when they just meet a guy. Women tend to take the prospect of rejection really hard.

So, as I was saying, I gave her some excuses about work and all that, but I also added that I was looking forward to chatting her up again, and I’m glad I did now.

Next, we arranged a date. We met in a quiet romantic restaurant. We ordered drinks, gist about almost everything. I tried as much as possible to use humor and a bit of little sarcasm in the conversation with her, which she found very exciting.

We made arrangements for the next date that every day. This time, we both looked forward to it with great anticipation. Before the date, we chatted every day. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

After the second date, I kissed her on her cheek. She smiled but didn’t say a word. Then, I know I have scored a goal. I almost called her back and poured my feelings out to her, but I stopped myself. I said to myself: “not yet, maybe next time.”

That evening, instead of sending her a WhatsApp as we have always done, I sent her a text message directly to her phone number. In the text, I said: “I couldn’t stop thinking of you,” “I almost said I love you today, but I was a little be scared about your reaction.” I added, “Did I just say that? Oops, I miss you.”

She replied by sending a text message to my number, saying, “Oh, how cute of you with a ‘smiling face with hearts emoji.'” When I saw her response, I started dancing wildly in my room. I know I have hit the bull’s eye.

On our next date two days later, I hugged her like I had not seen her for two years. She hugged me back. That was how we started dating—no other words needed to reaffirm it. 

—This is how you woo a girl and get her to say yes.

Now, over to you

The above suggestions should help you master the act of starting a great conversation with a woman. 

Now that you know what you must do in order to woo a girl successfully, it is now time to take your best foot forward and speak before a beautiful woman. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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