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How To Wear Clothes To Make Your Butt Look Better

by | Ideas

Sep 2, 2023

We talked about the clothes to make your butt look better. Now, we’ll be showing you how to wear these clothes. 

1. Wear heels

Wearing heels is a legendary trick because wearing heels forces your butt to lift. This is because the muscles in your legs have to tighten to give you balance so you do not fall over. 

So the higher the heels you are wearing, the tighter your leg muscles constrains, and the rounder and better your buttocks look.

Also, when you wear heels, your pelvis leans forward, making the natural arch of your body more prominent. 

Heels have the tendency to give a slimmer appearance to your upper body and waist. This gives the illusion that your body may be curvier and more defined than it actually is. 

2. If you must wear leggings, wear them with long tops

It’s better to avoid leggings if you want to make your butt look better. We all know how leggings are and how they stick to the body like a second skin. Leggings can either be made with thick or thin fabrics, but either way, they gum too much to the skin. 

This is the very reason why you should avoid them. Leggings have the tendency to show all of your shape. Including the very features you want to hide. 

They would definitely look better in your room than they would outside. This is because, with more light, they are transparent. Imagine wearing that. This is not to totally cancel leggings out of your wardrobe. 

If you must wear them, do so with long tops that go well below the butt. This top hides the transparency and gives more fabric volume around your buttocks area. If you want your butt to look better, do not wear leggings. 

3. Know your jeans’ color

For a better-looking arse, you must understand the wash and rinse of the jeans you wear. You may not know this, but color can also make your body look bigger or smaller than it actually is. 

If you want your butt to look bigger, it is preferable if you wear lighter jeans or even white ones. This is because they do not cast shadows like the darker colors do. 

For people who want to take attention away from the buttocks, make sure to wear darker-colored denim because it casts shadows on your butt, making it look smaller. 

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4. Select your pockets carefully

This may be unlikely, but yes. The size, shape, and positioning of your butt pockets greatly influence how they look. Big pockets make your butt look bigger than they truly are. 

So if you want to make your butt look bigger, get clothes with bigger and oversized pockets. If you want your butt to look smaller, wear clothes with smaller pockets. They make your arse look smaller. And now, to more exclusive information, pockets that are set higher make the butt look better by giving the impression that they are set higher. 

5. Get a tailor

I advise you to get a tailor for your wardrobe because custom-made clothing is made to fit exactly your body, but the ones you just buy from a boutique may not be exactly for your body. Just close so you take them anyway. 

A tailor understands your body shape more than you will, and so would make clothes that would fit you perfectly. Tailors might be expensive since they go through the fabric/color selection and then sewing, but it’s an investment worth making.

6. Avoid loose-fitting clothes

When you are asked to avoid loose-fitting clothing, we do not mean ditch baggy jeans or cargo pants. Those are fire. Loose-fitting clothes are those clothes that are not really your size but you wear anyway, believing no one will notice. But trust me, people do notice. 

At least baggy clothes have defined waistlines and do not hang awkwardly at bad angles, and you can totally get them in your size without altering the baggy style. Wear clothes that are your size at all times. This would make your butt look better. 

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7. Invest in peplum tops

You may wonder what peplum tops are. I am pretty sure you have seen some before. Peplum tops are those tops that have frills close to the end. The upper part starts fitting, but the lower parts are more flared out. Since peplum tops flare close to your hips, they make them look bigger than they really are. 

8. Get waist trainers or corsets

The wonders of waist trainers and corsets cannot be over-emphasized. 

Waist trainers easily highlight the contours of your waist. Making them slimmer and your butt bigger. 

Overall, waist trainers make your body’s curves more prominent, and the best part is that they work for people of all body sizes and shapes. If your aim is to make your small buttocks look bigger, waist trainers will accentuate your waist bone and hips.

If your aim is to make your very big butt more sturdy, waist trainers would have the same effect on you. It would make your stomach flatter, and as a side effect, you would look slimmer. 

9. Padded panties

I know this might not be your first choice because it might seem uncomfortable to wear at first, but I can assure you that padded panties can be your best friend. 

All you need to do is find a size that compliments your body size. Don’t go wearing the extra large. Padded panties give off a natural-looking butt and shape. Don’t worry about people knowing you’re wearing padded panties. They won’t unless you tell them. Padded panties can make your arse look better. 

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10. Wear body suits

Wearing body suits has so many advantages. Imagine wearing a shirt and wondering every now and then if the seams are going to stick out at the back. 

Most of the time, it might look nice and tight at the front, but at the back, it sure gets puffy. Bodysuits eliminate all of that and, at the same time, makes your waist more snatched, giving you a smaller-looking waistline and a seemingly bigger-looking arse. A win-win situation for you because your arse gets to look better. 

You owe it to yourself to look sexy. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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