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How to Trigger a Woman’s Emotions

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 13, 2024

An emotional response is always necessary during the seduction phase of any relationship. It is usually a sign that the relationship is progressing in a rather healthy fashion. The absence of an emotional response means that the interaction will likely be headed toward the friend zone. In this article, we stop that from happening. We show you how to trigger a woman’s emotions whenever you feel like it, such that she is emotionally invested in your relationship with her—and will do anything to keep the emotional balance where it should be. 

1. Have a hold of your own emotions

Controlling emotions will demand a lot of control from your end. If you’re unable to control your emotions, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to control the woman’s emotions as well. 

So be the very stoic guy.  

The guy who is stoic will always win in the emotion game because he’s such a master of his own emotions that he knows how to control the emotions of others.  

Don’t be easily swayed by what she says or what she does, but rather keep a very steady frame. This is what it means for a guy to have frame. The guy who has frame is not easily swayed. He sticks to what he believes, and he sticks to responding in the way he desires to.

2. Be conscious of what you’re doing

Triggering a woman’s emotions is not something you do by mistake. You have to be very conscious about it. 

It is this consciousness that makes it so effective and potentially so dangerous. 

Understand that there are many emotional responses a woman may provide you. 

You are interested in about seven.

You’re interested in happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, feelings of not being good enough, and lust. 

These emotions are very powerful and can propel a woman towards you better than any other thing. 

Men like to think that it’s their money or charisma that brings women towards them. But the truth is, a woman brings herself. 

A woman is pulled towards you by her own emotions, not what you do. 

What you should do is always involve making her own emotions strong enough to bring her your way.  

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3. Triggering happiness

Happiness is a very strong emotion. But the strength of happiness is usually seen when the happiness is taken away as I will be showing you in the next few paragraphs. 

Triggering happiness is quite easy in a woman. All you have to do is make her feel good. You have to make her feel good about herself, about the world, and about you. 

You make her feel good about herself by offering her a lot of compliments. You can compliment her clothes. You can compliment the way she speaks. You can compliment the way she carries herself. 

Women love it when men compliment them, and for good reason: compliments usually tell a woman how much a man desires her. 

Say she shows up on a date looking very beautiful. You should begin the date by offering her a compliment—something that she would cherish. You can compliment her clothes and tell her that they look very good.

You can make her feel good about her environment by making her conditions better. This means keeping her in a constant state of ease, where she’s almost always around the right people and the right places.  

Make her feel good about yourself by speaking highly about yourself and showing her that you have many things that she should be proud of. 

A woman usually takes pride in the things her man takes pride in. If you’re proud of your achievements, she will respond to this by being proud of you. 

She’s going to experience high levels of happiness and ease. 

4. Triggering sadness

Sadness is quite easy to trigger. The only thing you have to do is take away the happiness. 

This tragedy works really well because it forces the woman to enter a position of seeking.    

Because she hates feeling sad and hates being so gloomy, she begins to seek out happiness, and eventually she’s going to realize that all the happiness came from you. 

As a result, she will end up seeking you. 

So do the opposite of what you did to make her happy. 

If speaking nicely was what made her happy, then you should hit pause for a while. 

If speaking to her regularly was what made her happy, then remove yourself and make her less happy. 

It may feel like such a bad game to play, and in many ways, it is. But then, it works— and as long as it works, you should keep at it. 

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5. Triggering jealousy

Triggering jealousy is a little more complex and triggering all the other emotions, and this is because jealousy is not a very understood emotion. 

Even the woman herself doesn’t exactly understand her own jealousy.  

Well, technically, jealousy is just a misplaced desire. Jealousy is a desire directed towards something we consider ourselves unable to get. 

You should be able to trigger her jealousy by making her feel like she’s unable to get your commitment. 

The truth remains that as much as women control sex, men control commitment. A man decides whether or not he is going to become committed to a woman. 

Show her, at least to a very subtle extent, that she has to work to get your commitment. 

Interact with other women; like their posts on Instagram; flirt with them, basically, and she’s going to respond by being jealous. When this happens, you know you’re very close to dating her. 

6. Anger

Trigger anger as well by holding her very accountable for her actions. 

Women don’t like it very much when men are sort of able to hold them very accountable. 

Before it triggers the need to better themselves, it makes them feel angry. 


Do all of these and you’d be a master at triggering a woman’s emotions, pushing women where you want them to be and dating as many women as you want. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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