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How to Toast a Girl and Make Her Fall In Love -14 Tips

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jul 9, 2021

Are you in love with a girl and looking for ways to get her to like you? In this article, you’ll learn how to toast a girl and get her to fall in love with you.

To toast a girl and get a yes, it is important to know not only what you will say but also when might be the right time to say it. You don’t have to worry if your expressions or terms seem a little bit clumsy. What’s important is the sincere feelings behind your words. They may reveal far more than the words themselves.

We’re surrounded on every side by beautiful and attractive women. Ones you wish you could toast and get an instant yes. You can agree that you get to see lots of them whenever you step outside the house, either for work, for walks, or when you step out for workout sessions. 

Let’s imagine that you are out for a drink with a friend one evening in June when you spot a girl that catches your eye. Clothed in workout clothes, she’s seated two tables in front of you. She’s seated alone. You can’t help but steal glances at her. At her smiles; the way her teeth flash when she pulls one. You watch how she drops her glass atop the table and then looks the other way. 

You may ask yourself these questions:

How can I toast her and get her to like me?
Is it possible to get her to say yes?
How can I get her romantically interested in me?

Well, here are a few tips that are sure to help you to toast that girl and get a yes:

1. Make sure you’re focus

Before you think about toasting or approaching any woman, you must be confident in the man you are. And to be confident, you must love the man you are. A man has to have something going for him.

Before he thinks about approaching, getting, and then keeping a woman, he must be actively pursuing his dreams and purpose. One should not approach women when he isn’t in tune with himself.

Dress nice. Smell nice. Eat healthily, and make sure your body is in shape. Work on your communication skills and have an ability to weave witty humorous and sarcastic comments.

These things have a way of boosting your confidence and making your dream girl fall in love. And with confidence, you can get that woman you have ears for.

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2. Approach her

When is the Right Time to Ask Her Out

A woman cannot read your mind. If you find her attractive, you must find a way to tell her. And this only happens after you have initiated contact between you and her. Think about the girl seated at three tables in front of you. If you want her, you’d have to approach her. 

Approaching a woman is not as difficult as anxiety might make you think it is. You might think she’d outrightly snub you. But this almost never happens. C’mon, you’re dressed nicely, you smell good, and you have it going for you. Why would she want to sub a guy like you? 

Before you get off your seat and walk over to hers, try to establish eye contact with her. Don’t be creepy, but try to get both your gazes to lock. And when this happens, smile at her and make a little gesture like waving or hovering your glass in the air. 

If she reciprocates, then it’s time to move.

Walk over to her, confidently, and, smiling, strike conservation. Be sure to be confident and not shaky or anxious. Women don’t like anxious men.

You can begin with: “Hello, can I sit here with you?”

The conversation has to be interesting and short. Talk about her day. It is important that she does most of the talking. You can ask about why she has joggers on!

3. Get her number

Your conversation with this girl that you admire must not be too long so that she doesn’t get bored. Before you leave her table, get her number. Drop the hint of a compliment in your request.

“You seem a lot like fun.” giggle a bit. “Can I, you know, get your number?”

When she gives you the number, smile and leave like a gentleman. 

4. Text and call her

How to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you


It is better you call a girl two to three days after she gives you her number. You really don’t want to call her that evening, do you? No, don’t. Calling her too soon is going to make you come off as desperate to her.

Women do not love desperate men. Desperation is not so much of a masculine trait, and it has the ability to turn her off or creep her out. To have her thinking: “We just met! Why is he so all over me this soon!?”

When you do call her or text her, try to make her laugh. Your first remark should be a funny one or close to being funny. 

“Hi, I am the guy you handed your number to that evening at the bar when you were all sweaty and your muscles shone.”

In her head, she’s probably going to laugh and go, “Oh, I remember you!”

Get to know her over the phone for now. Know where she works or studies, her favorite foods and hobbies, etc. Show an interest in knowing her. One of the only ways to get people interested in you is to be genuinely interested in them. 

Don’t text her too much, though. Remember, you don’t want to come off as desperate.

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5. Set up a date

After you both must have shared common interests over the phone and have gotten to know about each other, it might be time to set up another date. 

You’re the man, so it’s your place to set up this date. It must happen in a place she’s comfortable with. If you’ve been texting and calling her correctly, then you should know the spot she likes. Suggest a date there. In your suggestion, hint that you don’t like texts or calls as much as you like physical meetings. There should also be a smear of humor.

“Hi, let’s meet up on Friday after work. Your favorite spot. Please don’t put on your joggers, lol.”

Ask her if she’d like you to pick her up or if she’d like it better if she showed up on her own. 

6. Show up for the date dressed nicely

Set up a date


It’s not our second physical meeting with this girl. First impressions matter, yes, but so do second impressions. Second impressions reinforce first impressions, in fact. 

Dress nicely, and don’t forget a smile is just as essential as nice clothes. Smell nice, too. Now go there and kill it. 

7. Compliment her when she shows up

Compliment her

Giorgio trovato-unsplash

When spot your crush walks in through the door, you must gift her the first compliment of all: a smile. When she pulls the chair in front of you backward and sits on it, you should tell her that her dress is nice. Do this right after the exchange of pleasantries.

“Look who is here. You look so good.” 

By now you must have gotten used to throwing in subtle humor. 

“No joggers on this evening. Sweet!”

She’d most probably giggle, and you can then begin a conversation.

8. Be nice to the waiter

Make no mistakes, a courteous life is very attractive. You must not be mean or a ‘jerk’ for a woman to like you. Any woman who likes you because of that most probably doesn’t like you. 

Values like respecting others draw respect to us. 

When the waiter or waitress walks over to your table to take your order, look up at her and smile. Respond to her greetings politely and ask how she is doing if you want to.

This is going to make your crush respect you.

“Ohh,” she might say to herself. “He respects the waitress. He’s going to respect me.”

People feel safe around other people who respect them. 

A woman’s respect is proportional to her attraction towards you. A woman who respects you will most of the time find you attractive and fall in love with you fast!

9. Communicate

Over drinks and snacks, talk to your crush. 

Get to know her more. Face-to-face communications will always beat talks over text or over the phone.

Talk about work, about school. Talk about goals and long-term projects. Slip in a few flirtatious questions. But don’t be too overbearing with the questions. 

You can pause a little, then go: “Hi, what do you think love is?”

Humor, remember? Infuse it. “I think it’s a god, cupid, aiming an arrow into an imaginary heart.”

She’d most probably laugh if you do it right. 

Talk about a lot of your philosophies and about hers too.

In between conversations, steal flirtatious glances at her.

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10. The Goodbyes

When it’s time to leave, don’t wait until your crush has to suggest it. You should be able to read the expressions on her face. 

Then you should suggest it. Not pronounce. Suggest. “Phew. We have had such a hard time this evening. You aren’t tired, are you?”

She might smile and jerk her head. 

Before leaving, be sure to get a hug. 

Body contact is important in the attraction phase. So, yeah, get your hug!

11. Text some more

Text the girl you like

Photo by Francisco Venâncio on Unsplash

The night after your text, you most probably will bet the thank you text. It’d sound something like: “Hey, thank you for this evening. I sure had a nice time.”

Don’t respond to it just yet. Wait a couple of hours or even until the next night. Then respond with. “It is nothing. Now I can’t wait to see you with your joggers.”

Get to know each other more over the phone. Talk more at night. Talking at night to the same person has a way of increasing attraction and can also make them fall in love with you.

12. Set up more dates

Toasting a woman

Meet your crush more. Spend some more time together. As a way to spice up things, you can even follow her to the gym. 

In there, drop a comment like: “Oh, so this is where you wear your joggers to.”

Don’t be too nice. Be firm but loving, and don’t forget to flirt subtly. 

13. It’s time

Spending time with a woman has her way to increasing her attraction for you. If you’ve been doing it right, then your crush is starting to get attracted to you.  

Listen to her. Watch her body language when she is around you. Is she comfortable now?  Does she lean into your arms and chest? Does she always find a way to make body contact with you?

If yes, then she most probably likes you.

When toasting her, do so in a relaxed and appropriate setting. Drop a hint about you liking her. You can do this by telling your crush you like her and all the time you both have spent together. Tell her you’d want to spend more time with her.

If she responds positively, then it might be time to ask her out. 

14. Be Plain

Say it. 

“Hey, I like you. Can we get into a relationship with each other?”

It most probably will be a yes!


Featured Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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