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How to Tell Your Woman Is on Her Period

by | Love

May 14, 2024

Are there ways to tell for sure when your girlfriend is on her period? Well, yes, and there are quite a number. We explore 10 ways to tell your woman is on her period. 

1. She’s easily irritable

A woman who is on her period is going to be very irritable. 

Things that did not really annoy her are going to suddenly seem very annoying. 

This isn’t exactly her fault. When a woman is on her period, she’s like a body swarming with hormones. 

These hormones are able to affect her mind and her actions, so that she becomes a little driven to the extremes of mood. 

If you notice that your woman is very irritable and you can’t seem to find the reason why that is happening, then it is best to conclude that she is seeing her period. 

2. She has a heightened sensory perception

The hormonal surges during periods usually make a woman feel a heightened sensory perception. 

One of the most heightened senses will be her sense of smell. 

A woman who is on her period will usually have such a heightened sense of smell.

It is hard to tell exactly why this happens. But then again, it’s very possible that the increased blood flow during a period is able to make the nerves around her nose a little more sensitive. 

So when your girlfriend is on her period, she’s really going to complain that everything smells too strongly or smells too weirdly. 

Suddenly, your perfume is going to be too strong for her, and her perfume is going to be too strong for her as well. All of these heightened sensations are going to add up to her state of irritability.

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3. She was quite horny two weeks before

If you can pinpoint a time when she was truly and weirdly horny, and I mean, in a way that made her want to have sex with you almost all the time during the course of the day, then you may be able to tell when she’s on her period. 

Women are usually very horny around two weeks before their period comes along. 

This is because they ovulate two weeks before the period. 

Ovulation is what happens when a woman’s ovaries release an egg cell. 

Her body knows that the egg released is going to die in a couple of hours to days if it is not fertilized by a sperm cell. 

So, her body drives her to seek a sperm cell. 

It is a biological phenomenon that has such a deep and primitive root. 

And so, during ovulation, she is usually very horny. 

14 days after that period of horniness comes her menstrual flow. You’ll know this if you pay attention. 

3. She avoided sex two weeks before

If she avoided sex with you two weeks before this period that you suspect to be her menstrual flow, then it is likely true that she is experiencing a flow.  

Some women are able to track their cycles. This is made possible by the help of tracker apps and calendars, which make it very easy for a woman to know the phases she’s in at every point in her cycle. 

Women who are ovulating usually know to avoid sex during that period of ovulation. 

So, if she actually avoided sex with you two weeks before this period, then you should really suspect that she had been ovulating at the time when she avoided sex. 

She’s seeing her period. 

4. She refuses physical touch

One of the signs you will see when a woman is on their period and is quite irritable is the avoidance of physical touch.  

Many men who are in long-term relationships, or who have been in a long-term relationship, will agree that this is true. 

The refusal of physical touch is usually due to the fact that she probably doesn’t feel like she is good enough to experience physical attention at that time. 

This is especially true about women who have a rather unhealthy attitude towards their own periods. 

That is to say women who feel embarrassed when they see their periods. 

The avoidance of physical touch should make you immediately assume that she’s on her period. 

You should learn how to deal with her. I’ll be sure in the next article how to help a woman get through a difficult natural period.

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5. She would rather be alone

If she would rather be alone, that is also a sign that she’s most likely seeing her period. 

Women usually want to be alone on their period because they don’t want to upset someone else.

A woman on her period usually knows she’s irritable and not really great to be around. 

She knows speaking with her man or being around her friends may just upset them. And so she’s going to avoid company at that point. 

If your girlfriend avoids you doing a seemingly difficult moment in her week or her month, then she’s most likely seeing her period.

6. She’s cramping or in pain

If your woman is in cramping or pain, then it is very safe to assume that she’s seeing a menstrual flow at that time. 

Whilst some women are very vocal about the fact that they feel pain, a few other women are not. 

So, it becomes the man’s responsibility to look out for signs that his woman may be in pain. 

Some signs that your girlfriend may be in pain that is associated with her period include;

  1. Rolling and rolling across the bed: this is very easy to see if you both are lying on the bed together. Period pains are usually very uncomfortable and force the woman into seeking the most comfortable positions. She will ceaselessly try to find these comfortable positions by rolling and rolling across the bed.
  2. She protects her tummy with her hands or legs: Women who are on their period often experience a lot of pain, which triggers some coping mechanisms like guarding. Guarding is one of the key signs that someone is in pain. When someone is guarding, they are protecting an area on the body pretty much subconsciously.  A woman who is on a period will usually guard with her arms or with her legs. She may wrap her arms around herself, especially when you come around. Or she is going to sit in a way that brings her legs forward. She may even hug her legs. 
  3. She’s crying but won’t tell you why: sometimes, period pains can be so severe that they drive a woman to tears. If you bump into your woman crying and she seems to not be willing to talk about it then she may be experiencing her period. This is to be believed as truth if she has other signs listed here.
  4. She’s taking painkillers: this is usually a big sign that she’s on her period. Some women depend on painkillers to help ease the pain that comes with a menstrual flow. If she asks you to get her painkillers, then it is likely she is seeing her period. 

7. She has mood swings

Mood swings happen because of the effect of her raging hormones, the pain, and the discomfort that is associated with a period. 

While some women experience very mild mood swings others experience very difficult and troubling swings in their mood. 

If your girlfriend has a mood swing, then it is likely that she’s on her period, especially if the mood swings are very persistent.

That is to say, they last for a long period of time during the day and are able to mess with your woman’s mood

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8. She’s horny

Periods can also make a woman very horny. 

And since a woman will usually not want to have sex during her period she expresses this horniness as some kind of irritability.

You’ll be able to tell that she’s horny because she might be a bit more touchy. She might be a bit more flirtatious as well.

Or she might just be more inclined to tilt every conversation towards a sexual side. 

It is sometimes safe to have sex with a woman on her period. Some women admit that having sex during their periods can help reduce the pain and cramping. 

So, you may want to consider having sex with your girlfriend. 

9. You know her cycle

It is always a great idea for men to know a little about their women’s cycle. 

It makes it easier to know when their woman is on her period. 

If you know her cycle or can guess when her period came the previous month, then you can just rely on your best guess and assume that the changes you are seeing in her body and attitude are a result of her period. 

10. Period boobs and breakouts

Period boobs and breakouts are also a great indicator that she’s on her period. 

Her boobs may feel bigger and firmer, and she may have more pimples than previously. 


Understanding your woman’s period can be helpful when dealing with the changes that come during her flow. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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