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15 Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Dec 4, 2022

You are more likely to get a woman who shows initial interest in you than one who does not. This is why you should try to go after women who, through suggestive and feminine behavior, tell you they want you to make a move on them. 

Such women will cooperate with you; they will make things easier, and you will find that going after them doesn’t wear you out or make you sick. 

Think it’s time to make a move on your crush? Here are ten signs she wants you to make a move.

1. She Winks at You a Lot

Women can be subtle. Very subtle. They seldom ever come out plain—either verbally or physically. If a woman wants to eat a pie, for example, she may likely not say that she wants to eat a pie. Rather, she will tell you a suggestive story. 

She may talk about her childhood, how she used to eat her grandma’s pies and how great they tasted, and might end the conversation with: ‘I saw a pie stand down the road.’

This suggestive behavior is a welcoming one. She is ushering you into her world, pulling you to make a move on her. 

When she winks at you too often, spreading her face in a smile when both your eyes meet, realize that she is most probably flirting with youTake this as a green light, and begin to plot your moves on how you’ll make a move on her. 

2. You Catch Her Staring

A woman who likes you will have her eyes on you. Not in the scary, mean class teacher way, anyway. She will have her eyes on you in the softest way possible. When a woman keeps staring at you, she is telling you to make a move on her.

Let’s say you are in class, or the mall, or just sitting out with other friends. You will find that whenever you turn, her eyes are there, soft on you, full of admiration. 

She will look at you as though, pardon the incoming exaggeration, you fell from the sky on a rainy night and went on to ride the wind. When your eyes lock, she will quickly take hers away, and you may find her blushing and giggling. 

Don’t think she is just doing these things. She isn’t. She likes you. She wants you to make a move. In her mind, something throbs, waiting for you just to come to tell her that you feel the same way she feels about you. 

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3. She Stops By to Say Hello For No Reason

You are at your seat. Then, for no reason at all, she comes to say Hi. The Hi is short, punctuated by silence, and then a giggle, and then she leaves. Two minutes after, she is back at your seat, and it is the very Hi again. She giggles. Over and over. 

This might seem annoying to you at first, especially if you’re a shy person who dislikes awkwardness and does not want to be the center of attention for onlookers. 

But she doesn’t mean harm. She’s only subtly relaying her feelings, letting you know that she wants you to make a move on you, and she wants you to do it as soon as possible. 

4. She Strikes Up a Conversation

“Uhmmmm. Hmmm. It’s a clear sky today.” Do you know those awkward conversations that make people giggle? Expect a lot of those when a girl likes you and wants you to make a move on her. 

Whenever she spots you alone, your friends gone, she will come around and begin to initiate these conversations with you. 

Be welcoming to her. Laugh when things get weird, and tease her. Not too much, but trade her. Watch her blush. Do it for the fun of it. 

5. She Double Texts and Keeps the Texts Long and Concise 

Hey, are you busy? How many times has she sent you that when your replies became slower? Many times? Then have no doubts. She likes you and wants you to start a romantic relationship with her. 

A woman who likes you will always want to be around you, whether physically or in the media. She will always want to talk to you, and whenever she senses you pulling back, she will reach out more until she’s got your vibe back. 

Her texts are going to be long and very concise. Like a storyteller, she will give you details of how her day went—even the littlest detail. 

When she does these things, know that she is only prompting you to make a move on her. 

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6. She Calls Late at Night

One of the many ways a woman can show interest in you is by calling you late at night. When she does this, she is subtly saying that she misses you and wants you to be the last person whose voice she wants to hear. 

Over the phone, she might compliment the texture of your voice. “Hey, your voice sounds so deep.”

Consider this a green flag. When a woman compliments a masculine feature of a man, she is greatly attracted to it. The feminine is attracted to the masculine. 

7. She Suggests Dates

A woman who likes you will most probably suggest a date for both of you. While she might not do so directly, she will suggest one. “Hey, I found this spot down the street. It’s really beautiful, and I know we’ll love it there.”

When she does this, you better smile and consider this an invitation to make a move on her. 

8. She Uses the Word “we” a Lot

At their core, women want to be with a man they consider attractive. So, intuitively, she will pair herself with him even before the actual pairing happens. 

She will use the word ‘We’ a lot in your conversations, pointing you to consider the possibility that you both will become something. 

9. She Talks About Her Past Relationships

Women are usually secretive about their past relationships, especially ones that really hurt them. They only open up to safe people, who they most times want to be with. 

When she talks about her past relationship, saying your friendship with her is nothing like it, suggesting that your friendship is much better, you should consider making a move on her. 

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10. She Compliments You

When a woman compliments you, she is only pointing out the things she loves about you. So, look out for what she compliments. Your personality? Your looks? 

If she compliments these things, you have got to make a move on her. She likes you. 

11. She Teases You About Your Being Single

“It was cold last night. How do single people like you, like us, survive the cold?” When a woman says stuff like this, she is doing two things:

  • She is making it clear to you that she is single.
  • She is suggesting that you consider a relationship with her. 

Have no doubts; she likes you. Make that move on her. 

12. She Comes Through for You

A woman who likes you will try as much as she can to be there for you when you need her. She will try to be there, to be around whenever you need her. 

If she is this way with you, then she most probably wants you to make a move on her. 

13. She Wants You to See Her Wardrobe

If your girl sends you a couple of pictures every morning and asks that you pick the dress you would like for her to put on, you should know that she likes you. 

She most probably wants you to make a move on her, so please do it.  

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14. She Lets You Know Her Deepest complaints

A woman who likes you will have little issues being vulnerable with you. When she feels sad or lonely, she will let you know about it and might be very expressive. 

If she is crying, for example, she will lean in for a hug and might place her face on your chest. She will maintain this position for some time. Make a move on her. 

Definitely not when she’s being vulnerable, anyway. That’ll be taking advantage of her feelings. Wait for the right time, and then make that move. 

15. Her Body Language is Quite Suggestive

A woman who wants you to make a move will be suggestive with her body language. Naturally, people tend to touch the things they love. 

If a woman is beginning to love you, you will also find her touching you a lot. She will move in to stand by you or grip your arm. She will make a habit of this. You should know it is time to make a move on her. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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