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How to Tell Him I Like Him Without Making it Obvious

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 17, 2023

Many women would rather go for subtle when telling a guy that they like him. This is because, with subtle, there is not much to lose if the guy does not reciprocate the feelings. Also, by being subtle, there is a greater chance that you will not be rejected, seeing that subtlety breeds a lot of attraction. In this article, we will be teaching you to master the art of subtlety. We will be showing you practical ways to tell him you like him without making it obvious: 

1. Give Mixed Signals

This seems like bad advice. But I promise you, it works. Giving a guy mixed signals is the best way to draw him into exploring the possibility that you may like him without words. 

This is because a mystery is a signal of attraction. All of us understand this on a very subconscious level. Explains why we are very attracted to things we cannot fully understand. 

Be hot with him on some days, and be cold on others. This will keep you on his mind for longer. And if he is the smart kind of guy, he will begin to catch a hint about what you are doing. 

He will begin to see that you are only putting on an act. This may make his attraction for you spike, or it may plunge it completely. Either way, you will be on the winning side because there will be no direct contact with rejection.

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2. Become Hotter

When women are trying to attract or trying to let a guy know that they like him, they should take full advantage of their fashion and style. They should become way hotter than they are used to. This is a tactic used to bait the guy. 

Remember that before you tell him you like him, at least with words, you have to draw him into a zone that is very comfortable for you to be in. In this zone, you are bereft of any fear of rejection because most of the power is in your hands. 

Pull him into this zone by being hot. Be the most seductive you can be. If you have him on your social media, put up some of your attractive pictures. Make sure he sees them somehow. 

This is to see to it that he becomes more into you. 

3. Antagonize Him

He may be the hot guy whose favor everyone in the class or at work wants to win. But guess what? You are an attractive woman, too, and you should act as such. 

While everyone seeks to win his favor, you must stand out. 

You must be the one person who is witty enough to antagonize him. Don’t come off too strong, though, so he doesn’t get the wrong message and start to consider the possibility that you hate him. 

Be subtle with it. But don’t agree with everything he says. 

Let your ripostes to his suggestions be very witty. 

Find ways to laugh about it with him after the arguments are done. 

You can say stuff like: “I promise I wasn’t trying to get your job or something. I am just very happy to be your enemy.” 

Chances are, he is going to laugh about this. The message, though, has been sent: you like him. 

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4. Eye Contact Remains a Boss Move

Eye contact remains one of the best moves you can pull to tell a guy you like him without being too obvious, especially if you have not yet established any form of rapport with the guy you are trying to confess your feelings to. 

It works, too, with guys with whom you have established a rapport already. 

Give him as many stares as you are comfortable with. Let him know that someone out there has been watching him. Let the weight of your glances keep him from raising his face up. Let him blush. 

Your glances have to be very flirtatious. If you don’t know how to pull off flirtatious glances, I suggest you check out a couple of YouTube videos. 

Flirtatious glances work best when you both are not very close to each other. If he is close to you, then you should stick to starting a conversation. 

5. Talk About Your Feelings with Him

Guys know that women are very protective of their feelings. So, when a woman finds it easy to talk to a guy about seemingly personal things, the guys know she likes him. 

When next you sit to talk with the guy, talk about things that resonate with you on a very deep level.

They don’t have to be things that make you cry. They can be anything. Things that make you happy. Things that make you angry. Everything is a good subject as long as it blooms an emotional response from you and from him.

James told us: “When a woman talks to me about her feelings. That is to say, when she uses the phrase ‘I feel’ too often in the discussion, I can tell it is because she likes me. That is what makes her comfortable to talk about her feelings. I see it as a signal.” 

6. Create a Safe Space for Him

When women like someone, it is natural for them to want to nurture this person. I call this the motherly instinct, which makes a woman seek to create a safe space. 

Log into your motherly instinct, which may already be blooming right now, and begin to create a safe space for the guy. 

You know it is working when he, too, begins to tell you personal stuff. This is when body contact, as I will describe soon, comes into play. 

Say these to him: 

– You know you can talk to me about anything, right?

– You know I will always seek your good no matter what. You can trust me on that.

– I feel like you deserve all the love you can get. And I am willing to give it to you because you have been very kind to me. 

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7. Body Contact

The moment you break the touch barrier, you have broken into his mind. He will now get the message clearly. This is because most women do not break the body contact barrier themselves. Instead, they wait for men to do it first.

When next you sit with him to talk, be sure that you establish some form of physical contact. This works best if you have just had a very heart-to-heart conversation. 

You can then place your hands on his thighs and say some of the stuff I listed above.

You can also encourage him to touch you as well, by suggesting that you both share more hugs. A simple thing like: “You should hug me more because your hugs feel very comfortable,” Is going to send a message most guys will never miss. 

8. Set Up Dates

It is not bad to set up dates with a guy you like. If you do it right, dates are the best opportunity to tell the guy that you like him in person without making it obvious. 

Your dates should not take the form of dates for couples. By ‘dates for couples,’ I mean exotic dinners with tall glasses of wine and the perfect clothes. 

At this point, you are better off setting up dates that seem a lot like friendship dates. This is because they give him mixed signals. Ask to meet him in a park. Ask that you both meet in a small alley for an evening stroll.

Try to take the most advantage of these dates. And after them, disappear for a while. This is going to make him seek you out. If a guy seeks you out on more than three instances, asking to know why you haven’t been around, then it is time to let out the bomb. 

He, most times, will not say no. 

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9. Tell Him You Like Him

You can choose to be plain about this or choose to make it a bit humorous. Both can work. But at this point, seeing that you have pulled all the perfect cards and the chances of things going wrong are too thin, I suggest you come out plain. 

Look into his eyes and tell him that you think about him quite a lot. Ask what he thinks of the friendship you both share. And when he provides an answer, you can say: “What if I told you that I like you?”

His response should determine your next move. 

10. Move Into, or Move On? 

A lot of women like to wait and try again if they are told no the first time. I do not advise you to.

If he does not feel the same way as you, the best thing you can do is move on. You will eventually like someone else. And chances are, this new someone is going to like you. 

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Subtle is always best when it comes to telling a guy that you like him. It increases the likelihood that you will get a yes.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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