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How to tell he is making love to you

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 8, 2024

Sometimes, sex is just sex; other times, sex is a very deep and passionate experience that can only be described by calling it lovemaking. In this article, I’ll be showing you when it isn’t just sex anymore but lovemaking. Here are seven signs that he’s making love to you.

1. He doesn’t rush things before bed

You can tell what a guy feels about you by how fast or how slow he goes. Lust is an emotion that is very fast. In and outside the bedroom, lust goes very fast. Lust wants everything that happened right now in the moment. This is because lust is afraid. It is afraid of commitment. It is afraid that the opportunity may go past it. 

But true love is not afraid. It takes its time. It is a very bold and confident fact that it will stay. It seeks to enjoy the present. It seeks to draw you into enjoyment as well. 

When a man is making love to you, you’ll be able to tell even before you get into a bedroom with him. He’s going to take things very slow. He’s going to take his time. Making sure that you’re very comfortable. 

He’s not going to the touch barrier too fast. He’s not going to make sex all in your face. He’s going to respect you for being a normal person just like him. He’s going to love you for your person. 

2. He doesn’t rush things in the bedroom

A man who is making love to you is not going to rush things in the bedroom. 

The first time you get into a bedroom with him, you’re going to feel a sense of ease and calm. He is going to make you truly comfortable. And deep down, you may feel pleased to give him sex rather than withhold it from him.

We asked a couple of women how they knew the man was really in love with them and wasn’t only having sex with them for their bodies.  

All of them provided answers that pointed to the fact that this man made them very comfortable the first time they were in an enclosed space with him. 

Daniela said: “He made me feel very comfortable and I could swear I wanted him so bad because I felt so feminine and I felt so at peace.”

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3. He pays attention to the mood

Have you ever heard the saying that love is in the air? Where is true, where love is in the air, you can fill it. You can literally breathe it. It feels so thrilling. It feels like being pulled into an atmosphere where you can just relax and be yourself. 

A who seeks to make love to you will make sure that he does all in his power to show you that love is in the air. 

The room will be neat and very comfortable to be in. There’s going to be perfect lighting. There’s going to be music in the background. The kind of music that makes you feel in love. And it’s going to be a man staring at you with the brightest smile ever. 

You’ll be able to tell that this one is definitely into you. 

4. He begins sensually

As mentioned earlier, the guys who are lusting after you will seem to rush everything.  They’re going to want you to take off your clothes as soon as possible. They’re going to want you to get on the bed as soon as possible, but this is not true about the guy who makes love to you. 

He’s going to begin very sensually, one touch and then the next. They’re going to be very calculated and precise touches that make you feel at ease. 

Usually, the rule of the thumb is; if you feel at peace then likely you’re dealing with the man who loves you. 

5. He pays attention to foreplay

Foreplay is amazing. 

The man who is making love to you knows this. He will pay a lot of attention to foreplay, especially foreplay that does not involve touching each other’s genitalia.

I’m talking about kissing. A man in love with you is going to give you a lot of sensual and deep kisses. 

He’s going to be such a great kisser. And if he’s not a great kisser, he’s going to be a sensual one at least. 

He will make you feel at home and at peace with his lips. And most of all, he will try to connect with his emotions. You may find that he closes his eyes when he kisses you. 

This is such a great sign that the man is seeking some emotional connection. 

Magdalena told us that she knew her man was so much in love with her when she noticed he had been closing his eyes during kisses. 

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6. Slow sex: With a lot of eye contact

The eyes don’t lie. And even in bed if you look closely at the eyes, you’ll be able to tell what a man feels about you. 

Men who have sex while in love with you will usually be more concerned about the emotional side of the sex. They’re going to want to make sure the sex is slow and also make sure that they have a lot of contact with you. 

While this may be uncomfortable for you, especially if you’re shy, it’s just the man we are telling you how much he is making love to you. 

7. He adores your body

When a man has sex with a woman he loves, it is usually more of an adoration than just sexual activity. 

A man who has sex with you with love in his eyes is going to truly adore your body. 

You are going to notice this in the way he touches you, in the way he looks at you, and even when he goes rough, you also see the love in the way he spanks or smacks you. 

You can always tell when he is making love to you. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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