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How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Oct 16, 2022

Almost every girl has been faced with this conundrum—of how to tell a guy they like him.

We often get caught in this situation where we are torn between telling a guy how much we really like him and letting things be. Usually, letting things be is the least preferred option because we know we would then be plunged into a world of uncertainties, where we ask ourselves questions like: “What if he did like me too?” Uncomfortable place to be in, really. 

There are several ways you can tell a guy you like him. Here are the top ten.

1. It is Okay to Tell a Guy You Like Him

The first thing keeping you from walking over to that guy and telling him you like him is your not-so-pronounced fear that you would be doing something wrong. 

But would you, really? Well, no. 

There is nothing wrong with being the one who tells someone you like them. You are doing both you and the guy a favor. There is a big chance he likes you, too, and wants to be with you. 

How about you consider this chance and prepare yourself to go ask him out whether or not your friends think it is a bad idea.

2. Become More Attractive

This helps both your own self-esteem and makes the said guy more inclined to say yes when you tell him how much you admire him. 

Remember that guys are visual beings and are more inclined to develop sexual attraction or romance toward people who visually appeal to them.

Become more attractive. Perm your hair just right. Put just the right amount of makeup. Wear the right kind of clothes. Care for yourself. Believe you are enough and attractive; you won’t be turned down, and even if you are, you are still a pretty woman.

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3. Rid Yourself of The Fear of Rejection

One of the reasons most of us fear rejection so much is that we often base our self-worth on acceptance. When someone tells us we will be accepted for a position, we believe it is a mirror of our self-worth. 

Acceptance, therefore, means we are worth more, while rejection means we are worth less. This is far from the truth. 

Many times, a rejection does not indicate our worth. Instead, it indicates the person’s preference. One can reject diamonds because he loves gold more. It doesn’t mean the diamonds are worth less than gold. Rather, it means the person just prefers gold. 

Understand that even though you get rejected, you are worth just the right kind of company. Nothing less than that. 

4. Hang Out Around Your Guy Friends

One way to know for sure how guys think is to hang out around guys more. 

The hangouts don’t have to be romantic. You may have some problems going on romantic dates with anyone else now that you love someone. 

Just hang out long enough to know what goes through these guys’ minds, what they think of women who ask them out, and how they react to knowing a woman has eyes on them. 

That way, you will be able to get into your guy’s head and bring yourself to talk to him. 

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5. Tell a Guy Friend You Like Another Guy

Be sure that this friend does not have the slightest emotional pull on you so you don’t hurt his feelings. In fact, it is best you say this to a guy with a girlfriend. 

Tell him you like someone and don’t know how to talk to this someone. Listen to what he has to say. Chances are, he will tell you exactly how you should proceed. 

6. Hang Out With The Guy You Like More

Usually, when a doctor wants to inject someone, he prepares the area of the skin to receive the injection by rubbing alcohol across there. 

Think of hanging out with the guy you like more as doing the exact thing, only this time, there will be no syringe or pain. You are just preparing him and yourself for when you will spill the secret. 

Trust me; this works—hanging out deepens the closeness and makes the relationship you both share easier to explore. 

7. Listen to Him Talk

You really don’t have to tell him first. Sometimes, it is best you just show him. Remember that men are experts are sniffing out cues. By just watching you and how you act around them, they can usually tell whether or not you like them, maybe even predicting the depth to which your love for them goes.

Show him you love him. Let him see it in the way you look at him, in the way you recall details he long ago told you, in how you are attentive when he speaks, and in your constant willingness to be there for him when you need help. 

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8. Test The Waters

It may not be such a great idea to go right into telling him you like him. I’d advise you to test the waters first to know whether to expect rejection or not. 

To test the waters, you will need a lot of subtlety and humor. 

Jokingly ask him what he thinks of romantic relationships. Listen to what he has to say, then say: “Wow, you and I think just the same way; maybe we should be in a relationship ourselves.” 

Laugh it off. You observe how it goes from here. 

9. Flirt More, and Yes, More Body Contact

This is where you flirt with him in any way you know how to. Just be sure to make him know you are comfortable enough to be yourself around him. 

Establish body contact whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Practice blank staring. 

This is where you look him in the eyes and say nothing for a while. 

After a blank stare, you can compliment him. His looks, attributes, anything at all you like about him. 

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10. Tell Him

Yes, tell him now. Directly. Tell him with just enough expression. Tell him exactly why you like him and think he is good company.

Use your own words and be clear. Say it all confidently, and wait for him to speak when he decides to. 


It is better to tell a guy you like him than let the uncertainty that comes with not doing so eat you up. There really is nothing (or much) to lose.  

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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