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How to Tell a Girl Likes You But is Hiding It

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 18, 2023

One of the most confusing humans ever is a girl who is in love with a guy but has decided to hide it. It can confuse the guy, his friend, the girl’s friends, and sometimes, even the girl herself. But guess who it seldom confuses? Our editors. And soon, after you have read this article, it will confuse you a lot less. This is how to tell a girl likes you but is hiding it.

1. You Think She Likes You

One of the first signs that a girl likes you but is hiding it is a hint in your gut that she likes you.

You see, we guys are great at picking up hints even when we do not do it consciously. 

Our subconscious is able to interpret signals like sexual mannerisms or romantic gestures, no matter how subtle these things may be. 

So, if you feel like a girl likes you, it is mostly because she has given you some cues to drive that thought in. Many times, you wouldn’t even know why you think she likes you. 

It is just one of those things you know without exactly knowing why. 

2. Your Friends Think She Like You

Like you, your friends are often able to tell when a girl likes you, even when she tries too hard to hide it.

In fact, they are more accurate than you at sniffing this. Especially if you like the girl too, liking her may cloud your mind with mixed signals. However, your friends can see exactly what she is up to. 

They can sniff out the changes in her voice tone when she is around you. They can tell when she is “doing too much” to get you to spend more time with her. 

If your friends tell you that a girl likes you, it is time to really explore the possibility that she does. 

Note that sometimes, they will not tell you verbally. They may do so with cues that include jealousy. 

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3. She Reaches Out Quite a Lot

Women seldom reach out to men they do not like. 

So, if a woman reaches out to you a lot, it is best you assume she likes you but is hiding it. 

If out of ten contacts you both make, she establishes up to six or more; then she likes you. I can bet she does. 

4. She Talks with Emotion

Have you ever listened to a child speak about something they are passionate about? 

You will be able to sense the love that child has towards that thing but just the tone of the child’s voice.

Women are a lot like children. They may be great at hiding their emotion behind a phone screen, but when you meet with them and have a face-to-face discussion, you will always be able to tell she likes you. 

This is why I advise guys not to be so dependent on social media and texting. 

Every now and then, have a real-life conversation with the woman whom you think likes you. 

Observe the change in her tone. Women talk with passion when they feel safe. And they only feel safe with men whom they like. 

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5. She Talks About Her Feelings

Women are very protective of their feelings. They know that when love hits them, it hits them hard. So, they try to make sure love does not hit them in the first place. 

They do this by keeping themselves from talking about feelings. 

When a woman talks about her feelings to you, it means one of two things: 

– She likes you already but is still hell-bent on keeping herself from falling in love with you completely.

– She is in the process of liking you. 

Either way, the ball is truly in your court. You had better just keep making her feel safe, so she gets to the point where she cannot hide what she feels for you. 

6. She Gives You Mixed Signals

Women who hide what they feel for guys always have periods of slips. 

Expect it: she is going to slip once in a while. And when she does, she is going to try to make up for that slip by being very mean. 

One minute she is going to show you how much she likes you, and the next, she is going to act really annoying so you don’t get the hang of what is truly going on in her head. 

Your best response to this is to stay cool and let things play out the way they want to. 

7. She Seldom Says No to a Date

A woman who likes you is going to want to spend a lot of time with you. 

So whenever the chance to spend time with you presents itself, she will embrace it. 

She will almost never say no when you ask to go on a date with her. The most she will do is shift the date to a time and space more comfortable for her. She will not say no. When you notice that she always avails herself, know she likes you but is not showing it.

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8. You Will Spot Some Jealousy

Women in love are territorial to a certain degree. 

This means she will try to put some form of commitment to you when she likes you. 

The interesting thing about this is that she does not do it at all on purpose. She is just acting out her natural instinct. 

If she suggests that you do not spend so much time with another woman for reasons she cannot say, then she likes you but does not show it. She does!

9. She Puts the Men in Her Life in Your Face

Women are masters at making men feel jealous because they understand that a jealous man is going to want them sexually. 

One of the best ways to get a man jealous is to put the people seeking you in his face. 

So, if she keeps talking about this guy who likes her, it is best you ignore it. It is a game. Don’t respond, and watch her love and respect for you increase. 

Putting the men in her life in your face is a big sign that she likes you but is hiding it. 

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10. She Jokingly Rats Herself Out

If she says she likes you, even when she might be joking, it is best to conclude that she does. 

Your next move should be to draw in deeper with your already amazing game!


Women may be great at hiding their emotions. But we are better at sniffing it out. 

Decoding a girl’s hidden feelings can be a challenging task. However, you can uncover her hidden affection by observing her body language and subtle cues and paying attention to her actions and words. Remember to be patient, respectful, and open in your approach to foster genuine connections.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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