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How to Take the Best Nudes

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jun 2, 2024

Nudes add spice to texting. They can make any man hard long before texts can. While they’re pretty simple to take, even when one does not have a stand, some women struggle with taking erotic pictures. In this article, we show you how to take the best nudes even when you don’t have a stand. 

1. Don’t just take a picture of your coochie

Many men agree that a close-up picture of a woman’s coochie is usually not as sexy as the woman thinks it is. 

Blair tells us: “I mean, I like coochie. I like how it looks and feels. But when it is just a coochie staring at me from a picture, it is a little weird.”

Your coochie alone will not do the job. 

So, if you’ve been sending your man pictures of your coochie, close-up ones, then it may be time to try other alternatives. 

Sometimes, all you have to do to bring that magic out is take the camera a little further so that your inner thighs show. And boom, you have taken the best nude your man has seen. 

Diamond says: “Some thighs are always great. I haven’t seen a picture of one’s thighs I didn’t like.”

2. Check out nude photography on Instagram

Nude photography is an art form. It means it goes beyond just arousal. It is art, and it should please whoever sees it. 

And like all forms of art, one has to learn to manipulate it. You cannot learn to do that if you haven’t seen what actual nudes should look like. 

When next you find yourself on Instagram, you should look through some nude images. 

They don’t have to be completely nude. They just have to bring out the art of nude photography. 

As you continue to look through, you will know on a subconscious level how nudes should look like and will begin to take a few of your own. They’ll be good-looking too. 

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3. Choose your background properly

You should choose your background properly if you are trying to take nude photos, even when you don’t have equipment. 

Remember that your background should be one that accentuates your features rather than overshadows them. 

What I mean is that your background should not take all the attention. It should instead drive the attention your way. 

This is why plain backgrounds are the best. A white wall or a wall that is light colored is going to throw light at you so that you appear really good in your nude. 

You shouldn’t always take nudes in the bathroom. 

I mean, it is not a bad thing. But it can be when it becomes cliche. 

Daniel tells us, “It got boring. I don’t know why. I loved her body and her image in all the nude arts. But for some reason, it became a cliche, seeing her in the bathroom all the time.”

4. Lighting

The lighting also has such a big impact on how your nude comes out. 

Good lighting will:

  • Make you obvious 
  • Make the picture look sharp. 

Most nudes that look hazy and not probably taken are a result of bad lighting. 

There should be no flickers in your nudes. The light should come from a source that falls directly on you. Something like a spotlight. 

It should fall from an angle. 

I find that nudes look better when the light isn’t directly from above but from an angle. This makes the nude look crispy and beautiful. 

The light’s color also has an impact. The color brown or blue can make nudes look much better. 

Blue light is also very arousing. So, if you can make the blue light hit you beautifully, you will have a near-perfect nude. 

5.  Use your mirror

Your mirror should be your closest friend when you are trying to take a nude picture. 

You really have no excuse when you take a picture with a mirror. 

Because you have the same time to try out as many poses as possible. 

You also get to see in real time what the nude will look like long before your man does. 

Remember to turn the flashlight for your phone off when you take a picture with a mirror. This is going to produce a badglare that takes away all the arousal that could have come from that nude. 

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6. No mirror? Still fine

If you have no mirror, it is also good enough. At least you have one less worry: worry about glares. 

You may have a hard time choosing the perfect pose without a mirror helping you. But this does not mean you will not get it eventually. 

You will, and when you do, you will get some of the best nude pictures ever. 

7. Choose the right posture

Your posture should be one that elicits arousal by accentuating some of your most prominent features. 

Everyone has prominent features. To some it is the boobs or the arse. To others it is just the thighs. 

Whatever it is for you, you should try to choose a pose that makes your most prominent feature visible. 

You can stand. Sit. Lay on the bed. Whatever works. 

8. Use a timer

Your phone should have a timer. You should use a timer to help you. Set the timer to around 10 seconds. 

This is usually enough time to get in the perfect pose. 

Set the phone somewhere where you are sure it won’t trip over and fall. Then, go back and take your posture. 

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9. Take your picture in portrait mode

Taking your nude picture in portrait mode is always a good idea, as the picture is sure going to come out looking sharper. 

It will also make you look more obvious. 

Additionally, portrait mode often enhances lighting and highlights details, making your overall nude picture more flattering.

10. Edit your picture properly

When you have taken your nude pictures, there should be as many as you have the patience to take, and then you should take some time to edit them. 

Pay attention to details to ensure the final result looks natural. 

Now, send them to your man. 


Taking the best nude pictures is art in itself. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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