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How to Stroke the Nipples Right

by | Sensual Intimacy

Apr 22, 2024

Both men and women admit that having their nipples stroked has an effect on what they feel overall in bed. We believe learning to stroke nipples right can have such a good effect on your sex life, and so in this article, we will be showing you how to get it right every single time. 

How to Stroke a Man’s Nipple

The art of stroking a man’s nipple is a little different from the art of stroking a woman’s. This is because a man’s and a woman’s breasts are quite different in terms of architecture and size. 

Here is how to stroke a man’s nipples so that he feels everything really deeply:

1. Begin with your fingers

Don’t just take your mouth to his nipples. Begin with your hands. Your hands are amazing, and they can do the job, making a man want you more. 

Here is how you stroke with your hands:

With the ball of your index finger, encircle his nipple while looking at his face. Be sure that there is only very little contact with the actual nipple. 

Encircling around two or three times, and then pick his nipple up between your thumb and index finger. 

It is important that the first one comes before the picking because encircling his nipple is going to make his nipple rather hard. And a hard nipple can easily be picked up. Do this whilst looking at his face. 

2. Continue exploring

The art of stroking nipples is more or less an exploration. You just have to keep doing what you have to do in order to make him feel what you want him to feel.

Pick his nipple up with your fingers, and then press down on them again so that it almost feels like pressing a mound down. 

Then, continue picking. 

It may feel like you’re neglecting the other nipple. But you aren’t done yet. There’ll be time to stroke the other one. 

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3. Take your lips there

Swipe your tongue across your upper and lower lips to get them wet. Dry and cranky lips may hurt his nipple. 

Now, place your lips on his nipple.   

Hold the nipple between your both lips and pull somewhat, just like you had been doing with your fingers. Push your tongue against the nipple, and then pull again. 

As things get more intense, it may be time to bite at his nipple. This is how to make a man go mad. 

4. Play around with the other nipple

As you lick and suckle at one nipple, be sure to play with the other one.

Play with the other one with your fingers. While your mouth does its work on one nipple, the fingers should do what you have been doing with the other nipple. 

Take advantage of the intensity and stare at his face. Look into his eye, and smile. If you can, you should lean forward and plant a kiss on his lips. This is something most men consider very sensual and beautiful. 

5. Stroke his penis

There is no harm in holding at and fondling a man’s penis when you are stroking his nipple. In fact, it feels rather great. Men love it. Erroneous zones are best stroked together. That is to say, when stroked together, erroneous zones on a person’s body send larger signals to the brain. That way, they can get orgasms faster

Don’t stroke his penis with dry hands. Put your mouth over his penis and offer some lubrication

Be focused on the cap of his penis. This is usually the spot where he feels the most pleasure. 

6. Do it when sex is on

There are times when stroking a man’s nipple should not just happen during foreplay. It can happen during sex, and this is often even better. 

Some positions where you can stroke his nipples are:

The missionary

In the missionary position, just put your hands out and stroke his nipple. Stroke both nipples at the same time to drive him mad with pleasure. This is how you make a man want you. 

The cowgirl

The cowgirl position is one with you on top. You can do more than touch his nipples here. You can lean forward and even go on to suck his nipples. 

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How to Stroke a Woman’s Nipple

Stroking a woman’s nipple is almost the same as stroking a man’s nipple. There are only a few differences because of the shape and size of a woman’s nipple. Hers is how you stroke her so that she feels it deep in her mind and body.

1. Adore her breasts

Women like to be the center of admiration and adoration. You should take advantage of this and do just that. Hold at her breasts, the entirety of it, and just adore it. Adore it so much she starts to smile. 

Hold it in one hand. If it is a large breast, hold it in two hands. But remember that there isn’t a need to put her in pain. 

2. Outline her areolar with your tongue

Outline the areolar with your tongue. If you are confused, her Areolar is the darker area of her breast around her nipples. It is not as sensitive as the nipple itself, but it is such a great place to begin teasing from. 

Outline there with your tongue, and she will be set to feel it deep. 

3. Stroke her nipples with your finger

This is where you begin to do it. You stroke her nipples with your fingers the same way a woman strokes a man’s. You push in the nipple, and then you pull it out. Over and over until she begins to feel what you want her to. 

Since a woman’s nipples are often bigger than a man’s, you can play with it even more, just the way you play with the joystick of your game controller. 

4. Suck

Yes, you should suck. And while you suck, remember to be creative. 

Stroking the nipples has the potential to make sex better. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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