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How To Show Love in the Biggest Ways

by | Love

Jul 22, 2023

Sometimes, love ought to be loud. Here is how to show love in the biggest ways ever.

1. Gifting

Remember how your heart used to soar during childhood when you got something new? The heart of an adult is not any different from that. 

There is something I have noticed about people who date seemingly richer people. It is the mindset that “they can afford anything they want, so what can I possibly buy them?”. 

Let’s help you trash that thought. 

First off, with gifts, before anything else, it is the intention that matters. Even if they can afford hundreds of that shirt you got them, it is lovely for them to know there’s someone somewhere who actually sees a piece of clothing on a windowsill and thinks about how good it would look on them. 

Secondly, there are many things they might need, no matter how rich they are. 

They possibly cannot remember to buy that inhaler, chocolate brand, or detergent every time they go shopping. This is when your gift is thoughtful. They might think something like, “It is so thoughtful of her to get my car air freshener. I would never have remembered to buy it.”

This is why giving gifts is such a big way to show love.

2. Random touches

For me and many other people out there, touch is a love language. I want to be touched and held by the one I love. 

When they do this, it brings this feeling of safety. That feeling is homely and beautiful. If you are fond of keeping your hands to yourself and being all “I’m not a touchy person,” become a touchy person. 

Showing love to someone in the biggest ways involves shifting a bit out of your comfort zone to make space for their own comfort. 

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3. Be affirmative

How does someone know you love them if you do not say so? People need to be reminded as often as possible that you still love them and that your feelings for them have not changed. 

Don’t be the “I said I loved you last month, so she must know I love her” person. 

As humans, we all have tendencies to overthink: to read meaning where there is none. Nobody can read anybody’s thoughts, so giving verbal affirmations is a major way to express love in its grandest form. You do not want them to think you have fallen out of love with them. 

4. Check up on them often

There is no wrong time to check up on the people you love. No, you are neither intruding on their privacy nor disturbing them. This is actually a very cute and healthy thing to do because you would have them thinking, “My partner is busy but still makes time out of that busy schedule to know if I’m still alive.” 

Knowing there is someone who cares about your well-being is therapeutic. 

It does not have to be someone you are romantically involved with. It could be your friends and family

5. Randomly prepare them food or thoughtfully order something for them

I have friends who get so busy with work that they forget to eat so they can meet tight deadlines. Randomly, I could pop up in their offices with proper homemade food, or I order something directly and send it to them in their offices, and there has never been a time they were not awash with gratefulness. 

This is a small but, ironically, such a big way to show love.

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6. Invest your time in their lives

We should never be too busy and neglect those we love. The mother of a close friend used to call me and complain that she never got around to seeing or talking to her daughter. 

Every time I got those calls, I would literally hear the heartbreak in her voice. She even said she no longer needed her to send money. What she needed instead was to have her home with her so to have her call her so they could talk for hours like during old times. 

When my friend began doing these, both her mother’s health and their relationship improved significantly. 

7. Listen to them

Imagine there is this person you can call at the end of the day and simply rant. You can take whatever your day throws because somewhere at the back of your mind, you know they would be there for you to report everything that went wrong. 

Be that person to the person you love. Do not let anyone else take that role. You may not have to contribute anything to the conversation. Just staying quiet and listening to them rant is worth so much. 

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8. Be verbal About your Gratitude

Imagine there is someone you did a nice deed for, and the person just moved on without saying thank you, like they were entitled to your kindness. How would you feel? Would you be so eager to do something else for them? I’m sure your answers to both questions were no. 

Always make the person or people you love know you are grateful to have them. Thank them for everything they do for you, even the seemingly little things. It does not make you needy or old-fashioned; it only makes you sensible. 

9. Treat them Kindly

No one wants to be maltreated. Not even you. Have you ever been in a situation where someone treated you unkindly for whatever reason? Maybe a boss or past lover? Did you really look forward to being in their company? Definitely not. Do not be what you hate. 

Treat people you love kindly and tenderly to show and remind them of your love. This does not mean tolerating their excesses until they become spoilt. Correct them with love, speak to them respectfully, and watch your relationship soar. 

10. Understand them

Humans are generally complex beings, and when you feel like you have figured someone out, they might show you a part of them you never knew existed. 

You may not know them in and out like a book, but you can try. Understand their personality. 

This would help you relate with them better. Getting to know their likes and dislikes and putting those into consideration would increase their love for you and improve the state of your relationship. This would make them see you respect and deeply care for them. 


More often than not, the big things are very little, thoughtful things. Show love in the biggest ways by doing them. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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