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How to Seduce Your Boyfriend

by | Love

May 29, 2023

Seducing your boyfriend is one of the ways to make him deeply attracted to you. A man who is deeply attracted to you is going to be focused on you. So, if your boyfriend seems distracted by you, it may mean there is some work to do seducing him. Here is how to seduce your boyfriend.

1. Become Less Confrontational

Seduction is like a very tender plant. It has to grow in the warmest soil. Before seduction works, resentment has to be taken out. Confrontation hardens the soil, thereby making the person you are trying to seduce very resistant to you. 

If you have been confrontational with your boyfriend, then it is time to stop. You now have to embrace your femininity. We have an article up about how to be feminine. You may want to check it out. 

2. Become More Touchy

Touch is one of the most important ingredients in the cocktail of seduction. It does not have to be sexual touch. Even regular touches are fine. 

Of course, they also have a way of putting it in your partner’s head that you want them sexually. 

Every now and then, be sure to touch your boyfriend. It could be the most innocent of touches, like holding his hand when you both walk down the street. 

These small things are big signals. They mean so much to your boyfriend. 

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3. Play with His Hair

Guys seem to really love it when women play with their hair. 

Lamuel said: “I think the most seductive thing ever is my woman playing with my hair. It has a way of getting into my head and making me feel as though I am a charging circuit of sexual energy.” 

You will be surprised by the number of guys that share Lamuel’s thoughts. I have heard up to ten similar ideas. 

4. Walk Around the House Naked

If you are one who is chill with walking around the house naked, then you should do it a lot more. Guys, when attracted to their women, are deeply seduced when they see these women naked. 

Let’s say he is at the table playing a video game. Seduce him by stripping naked and walking over to stand before him. 

If you have been around social media for a while, you must be familiar with the trend that was up around 2019. 

Women walked over to their boyfriends and dropped all their clothes. I saw up to a hundred of those videos. And not one showed a guy who didn’t respond by suspending his game and following his wife into the bedroom. 

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5. Insist on Taking Baths Together

The bathroom, like the bedroom, is a place where a lot of bonding is supposed to happen. You can definitely bond with your boyfriend here when you take baths together, even if he does not want to. Find ways to seduce him into taking a bath with you every now and then. 

Insist on bathing each other too. 

Couples who don’t bathe each other don’t know what they are missing out on. And, of course, they sure are missing out on a lot. 

6. Give him a Massage

Every day at home should be a spa day. Massages do more than seduce him. They can also make him feel very relaxed. And relaxed men are happy men. 

When next he returns home looking all tired and worn out, be sure to have him lay down on your thighs and massage him. 

Massage the muscles of his neck and shoulders. These are the usual culprits of shoulder and tension neck syndrome. A lot of people, especially ones who sit behind a computer for a really long time through the course of their day, seem to have it. 

7. Dress Him Up

A seemingly innocent thing (well, it isn’t so innocent anyway) like dressing your boyfriend is more seductive than you realize. It is also a chance to bond. 

As you dress him up, be sure to compliment him. You can touch his chest and tell him how big it looks. Look up at him, and smile. 

You can also undress him. Undressing him works as well as dressing him up. 

It offers you both a chance to bond. 

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8. Ask that He Helps You Dress

Whilst it is a good thing to dress up your boyfriend, it is an even more seductive thing for him to dress you up.

Let’s say you both are getting dressed in a room. Guess what you are supposed to do to seduce him? 

Of course, you are supposed to invite him over. You could say: “Hey, can you help with putting this lotion over my body?” 

I will tell you what: he is going to be more willing to help. When he comes around, put your body on him. Make him know you are touching him. 

9. Play Sensual Games

Partners must find means to play together every now and then. You don’t have to be too busy to play with each other. One of the most important games to play is sensual games. They give you a chance to bond and may even make your sex life better. 

We have an article listing some of the best sensual games you can play with your partner. Look it up, and play these games. 

To seduce your boyfriend, play these games together. It makes it a lot more intense. And if a prize is at stake, then you know your boyfriend will never want to lose. 

10. Initiate Sex

Sometimes, you just have to go the direct way when you are trying to seduce your boyfriend. That is to say: initiate sex. Do it sporadically, at times when he could never have guessed that you did want to have sex. 

That way, he is going to be on his toes sexually. A man who is sexually on his toes is one of the most seduced creatures. 


When you are constantly seducing your boyfriend, he is going to be focused on you.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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