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How to Satisfy Him in Bed So He Doesn’t Get it Somewhere Else

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 3, 2023

One of the reasons men look elsewhere, even when they have partners, is sexual dissatisfaction. Men are wired for sex. By this, I do not mean that men exist in this world only to have sex. I mean, there is a biological wiring that drives the man who demands sex more. For this reason, you have to satisfy him in bed so he doesn’t get it elsewhere.

He produces several million sperms every day. These have to be deposited before they die, and so his body tells him to seek sex. When sex is unavailable with a partner, or at least not as good as they want it, they may turn to a neighbor, a colleague at work, etc. 

This is how to keep that from happening: how to sexually satisfy him in bed so he doesn’t get it somewhere else.

1. Satisfy Him Outside the Bed

Men have to be satisfied outside the bed for them to be more open to sex, especially within the confines of a romantic relationship. 

I do not understand how this works, but it does work. I have heard many men tell stories about losing interest in their partners sexually because these partners made life hell for them out of bed. 

If you are constantly having fights with him, you may want to take a break to settle things. Show him more love and respect: that way, he opens up to you more in the bedroom, allowing you room to satisfy him.

2. Quit Choosing the Wrong Time

The truth is, there is the perfect time for sex. If you have read our magazine long enough, you will agree that we are big on having sex at the time when you should.

You should not have sex with your man when he is stressed out or dealing with anything deeply aggravating. 

He is not going to be open to having that kind of sex. And even if he is, which happens very rarely, he is going to use sex as a means of escape. At the end of the day, he will go back to being sad until the object of that sadness is taken away. 

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3. Get Him Obsessed with Your Body Again

It is not uncommon for women in relationships to get too comfortable and let their sexiness down. 

On the sexiness scale, you should remain a 10/10. And that does not matter whether or not it is the first month or the tenth year of your relationship. 

You have to look sexy for him, and this includes when you both are indoors and when you are outdoors. 

Getting him obsessed is going to set ablaze some wild sexual desire. He is going to want you more in bed, and this is going to translate into better sex and, as such, greater satisfaction. 

4. Say Nothing About His Performance if He Performs Poorly

The easiest way to get a man, even one who loves you, to never touch you again is to talk tirelessly about his performance. 

Contrary to what people think, that men are stones and do not falter, men are not stones. There are moments when a man feels deeply vulnerable. Those moments exist mostly in the bed. 

When you tell him he has performed poorly, his ego drops, and low sexual performance esteem sweeps in. I do not know one man who has had performance esteem and yet felt satisfied in bed. It is just crippling. It makes sex very hard work. He will almost never feel satisfied, no matter what you do. 

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5. Praise Him in Bed and After Sex

By now, you should have noticed that men function better when they are ego-stroke. A man’s world is a make-believe world. This is why they have the strength of will, at least in comparison to a woman. 

When a man believes he is going to achieve a task, a world forms in his mind, and he keeps building that world. In the same vein, when a man is led to believe that his sexual prowess is amazing, he makes a mental note to do more: to be more for his woman. 

He puts his mind into the sex, and the end result is him being more satisfied than ever. Try it out someday. Tell him how amazing he is and watch the torch in his eyes light up. 

Watch him want to have so much more of you. You may even go on to talk about the sex after the sex is done. You may say: “Hey, I enjoyed all of that so much.” 

6. Moan

Ubong, our relationship expert, likes to joke around by saying: “A woman who does not moan strikes a man as a movie played without sound; no matter how amazing that movie is, the man is not going to enjoy it. Worse, he may even get infuriated by it.”

If you do not moan, your chances of satisfying him are closer to zero than the square root of one. 

Moan more. He wants to hear those little grunts and feeble squeals. That is how he knows he is hitting you just where you would love to be hit. Do this, and you will be able to satisfy him in bed.

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7. Explore his Kinks

Every man in the world has kinks. Kinks are those sexual activities he deeply desires to do or has done to him. 

Subtly find out what his kinks are if he is one to not talk about these things. 

You can ask him over a game of truth or dare or just over any other sex game. Find some sex games for you and your partner in this article.

8. Get into the Mood, Too

Feel it, too; when you want him to be satisfied so he doesn’t look elsewhere, you have to be ready to get in the mood and enjoy it, too. 

Sex works like a mirror. If you enjoy it, and I mean truly enjoy it, then you can be certain that your partner enjoys it, too. 

Satisfy your man however you can, and he will not look elsewhere.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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