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How to Rizz Up a Girl

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 22, 2024

Rizzing up a girl involves interacting with her in a way that makes her very attracted to you within a short period of hours, days, or a few weeks. Whereas some guys get it easy, it is as hard as rocket science for some guys. In this article, we show you how to rizz up a girl with ease and make the interaction flow smoothly. 

Rizzing Her Up Online

When you want to rizz her up online, make sure you pay attention to these tips:

1. A stunning first interaction

Online, you will most likely interact with her for the first time in a comment section or in her inbox. 

There are two approaches for each of these. 

If you are interacting with her in the comment section for the first time, you should use the elements of wit and uniqueness. 

Let’s say you are commenting on her post or replying to a comment she made on another post; then, you have to be witty. And your comment has to stand out. 

What is a witty comment like? Well, the best way to put it is this: a witty comment is one that comes from a place of simplicity yet has a lot of layers to it. 

Let’s say she posts a picture of herself in a field. 

A witty guy will take the attention from her and focus it on a small detail contained in that picture, which other people seem to not notice. 

Let’s say there is a garland of flowers in that picture or a guy who is playing with his dog. A witty guy will say: 

“That dog behind you looks really beautiful. I don’t know which is more beautiful: you or the dog.”

See how that comment is both unique and witty?

It is also very smart. She is definitely going to read that comment a couple of times and may even text you. 

Remember to keep the comment short. Short comments are best for rizz. 

If you are interacting with her via inbox, then you have got to keep your message short, concise, and funny. 

Talk about anything. The more random it is, the more likely it is for it to make her laugh. 

You can say something like: “Hey, do you know that in a faraway place, it’s possibly raining, and children are dancing in the rain?”

Then, buffer this humor by asking how her day is going. 

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2. A charade of emotions

When you rizz her up online, you stand a bigger and better chance when you can make her feel a lot of emotions. 

The more emotions she feels, the bigger the chance she will feel you so much. 

Make her laugh. Talk about the most random things. 

It helps to go in the direction of her interest. Talk about subjects she loves to talk about. 

This way, you can make her feel a lot of emotions. 

3. Send pictures

When you rizz her up online, take pictures to your advantage. 

Send her pictures that tell a story. 

The more stories a picture tells, the more questions she is going to ask you. 

And as she asks these questions, she comes to feel you more. 

The best pictures to send her are pictures of your past vacations. 

Let’s say you went to Paris. Send her a picture of you in a restaurant. 

She’s going to ask what restaurant that is, and this is where you hit her with the bomb. 

Pictures should carry an air of mystery around them, too. If you’re mysterious as a man, and a woman has to work hard to figure you out, she’s going to like you so much, which means that your rizz is working. 

4. Move to video calls

As you continue to talk to her through texts, switch to using voice notes. 

The progression should be:

Texts >> Pictures >> Voice Notes >> Voice Calls >> Video calls. 

When she has reciprocated enough of the voice notes, you should begin sending her voice calls. 

Call her and talk about the most random stuff as well. 

After that, you have to switch to video calls. 

Many guys don’t know how to make video calls right with the woman they’re trying to get. And if they try, they try a little too hard and get it wrong. 

The proper way to do a video call is:

No anxiety: don’t be anxious about anything. I know there’s going to be that possibility that you may be shy. Don’t be. Just let it be. 

Let her do the talking: she is usually going to check herself out during the video call as long as you’re the one doing the talking. This means she may not really listen to you, especially if this is the first time. 

That is why she has to be the one who does the talking. That way, she has her full attention on what you both are doing. 

Smile: seriously, smile more. A video call is a place to showcase all your amazing facial features. Women like men who have defined and masculine features. Show her you are that guy,, and she willwill be rizzed up for sure. 

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5. Ask for a Meet up

After a couple of days, it may be time to meet up with her. 

The truth is, if you’re rizzing her up right, she is usually the one who asks to meet up first. 

But ask for a meet up, and make sure it is someplace where you both can truly have fun. 

If she agrees to go on a date with you, then you have been successful with rizzing her up. 

What you do from then is up to you, but I trust that you won’t mess things up—as you already came this far. Good luck, man. 

Rizzing Her Up in Real Life

Rizzing a woman up in real life is a little harder, and that is because the anxiety factor is more. 

But here is the thing: she is not impossible to rizz. These tips help you walk up to her and make her feel you more than anything. 

1. Eye contact

Say you spot a girl you like and want to rizz. What’s the next move? Standing up and approaching her? Of course not. 

She is going to be creeped out by this. 

Your first move should be announcing your presence, showing her that you are there and that you may come get her attention in a couple of moments. 

How do you do this? Eye contact of course. 

Look at her repeatedly, and when her eyes meet yours, move your own eyes away. 

I’ll advise that you don’t move your eyes away the first time both your eyes meet, as this is going to give up a vibe of weakness. 

Holding eye contact is a mark of strength. It shows her that there may be only one timid and shy person in that forthcoming interaction, and that person isn’t you. 

She mentally prepares herself to be wooed by you. 

2. Stand up and approach her

Stand up and approach her when the tension from looking at each other has reached a climax. 

Just make sure that:

You smell very nice: your scent should be what announces you the closer you get to her. 

She should be able to sniff the masculinity off your body. She should be slayed by it. 

That’s how you make her rizzed up without even saying a word. 

You look amazing: looks really matter. You can’t rizz a woman up when you don’t look good, especially if we’re talking about a woman who prioritizes good looks. 

Good looks give a man more rizz and steeze. Up your fashion game. 

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3. Be a gentleman: Sit beside her and start a conversation

Your first interaction with her should be a gentle man’s interaction. 

She should be wowed by your politeness and the graciousness of your voice. 

Greet her. “Hey, good morning, miss.”

Make a witty comment by saying: “I’d have called you by your name, but I don’t know it.”

Then, politely ask for her time. Traditional women love polite guys. 

Say something like, “I’ve been admiring you for a while and came around to say Hi. Is it fine if I sit for a small conversation? I’d love to laugh or make you laugh.”

This is going to stun her. She will look at you and wonder what kind of guy you are. 

Guess what? You’re the guy who rizzes. 

4. Storytelling and humor

Women love guys who are great with storytelling and humor. 

Your story should capture her, and your humor should keep her in a good mood. 

Talk about anything at all. But be sure to connect the stories together. 

5. Leave in the moment of heightened vibing

Don’t wait until the vibe is gone before you ask to leave. That’s how you lose your rizz. 

Leave when she is vibing the most. 

Ask for her number. She’d give it to you. 

Rizzing a woman is easy. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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