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How to Ride a Guy in 10 Easy Steps

by | Sensual Intimacy

Feb 28, 2023

Riding a guy isn’t only a fun way to satisfy him sexually but can also make him want you all the more. If you don’t know how to ride a guy, there’s no better time than now. You might feel hesitant to try, especially if it’s your first time, but we promise you won’t regret it.

Imagine looking down at him as you ride, his face twisted by pleasure, his hands reaching to hold your breasts. Feels good, yeah? This is how to ride a guy into that zone.

1. Get Comfortable

It all begins with you and him getting comfortable. And to get comfortable, you have to be sure you are riding him in a comfortable spot. 

For this reason, I recommend women ride their guys on a couch rather than on a bed. 

Riding on a bed requires more skill because your legs would not be able to extend so much. 

On a couch? You most definitely can achieve a range of movements without even working too hard. 

2. Get him Comfortable

When guys are comfortable, they feel it more. So, make sure his being comfortable is a priority to you. 

Ask which he likes best: to have his legs fully stretched out or to have them extended at the knee. Then get him in that position. 

Some guys do better when you spread their legs out. This is because their penises, in this position, will be able to go deeper into you. 

Just ask him, anyway. It is always safer to ask him what works for him than assume. 

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3. Free Your Boobs

I am a guy, and I will let you in on some inside information for free: guys do not like it when you wear a bra while riding them. We love to see the boobs dangle when you ride us. 

Sometimes, we may even be so overwhelmed by the beautiful sight of boobs that we subconsciously reach forward and grab them. 

In fact, you know you are doing a great job if your man reaches to grab your boobs. 

4. Cage the Hair

While boobs may be a great thing to look at when a guy is being ridden, hair is not. In fact, he doesn’t want any hair on his face. 

When hair touches the skin, his skin, the sensation is quite uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to feel that. So, back your hair back. 

Only release your hair when you are in the doggy position. 

Guys have no problem with your hair dangling around in that position because they can always reach forward and drag it depending on how intense the sex is. {Read: 10 Best Places to Have Sex}

5. Start Slow

When it comes to sex, there really is no need to rush, especially when you are trying out stuff for the first time. 

By all means, take your time. Get into the zone and have fun. You can only get into the zone when you start slow. 

Start by making calculated movements over his groin. You really don’t have to go up and down right now. You can go side to side instead. 

This will give you more time to understand how his dick works. Believe it or not, you need to understand how his dick works if you are going to pleasure him. 

6. Be Sure that You are Wet Enough

Now, you are about to go right into the riding itself, into a zone where you make him feel things. 

This means you have to make sure you are wet enough so that you don’t injure both yourself and him. 

 If you aren’t that wet, I’ll tell you a secret to lubricating that area: 

– Give him a blowjob before sitting on him again: if you are not a fan of lube, you should consider giving him a blowjob. Just after, sit on his dick and ride him well. 

– Use Lube: you should use lube if you have problems with getting wet. The choice of lube you use depends on whether or not you are using condoms. Check out this article to see the best oils to use as lube

7. Up and Down

This feels a lot like squatting. It even looks that way to him. It is a perfect way to ride. You can begin slowly and then progressively increase the pace of your strokes. 

Keep your feet flat on the bed or any flat surface to perform this. And then move your groin up and down against his. 

If you do it long enough, you should feel some burning along your thighs. Stop when the burning gets too much and resort to what I am going to show you next: the speller. 

8. Spell

I call this the ‘speller’ because it is a series of groin movements that are sure to make him scream. 

Don’t keep your feet flat on the bed this time. Rather, keep your leg flat on the floor, your knees flexed. 

In that position, lean forward so that your breasts touch his face just a little bit. 

Now, spell his name with your groin. If he has any letter “O” in his name, then spell it twice. You can do this while kissing him. 

Riding definitely feels better when there is a lot of kissing, I am telling you. 

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9. Eye Contact

Like with the missionary, you need a lot of eye contact when you are riding your man. So, as often as you can, look him in the eye while at it. 

Some guys are wild and love to be choked. Ask him if he wants to, and if he agrees, then choke him gently. 

Like most things that happen in bed, choking is an art. You don’t just get into it and squeeze his neck. No. 

You do it carefully. First, you rub his chest and maybe even fondle his nipples. Then you rub the sides of his neck before squeezing very gently. 

10. Get Creative

With sex, I often encourage couples to be creative. You don’t have to do everything just the way it is spelled out in an article. You have to give yourself room to be yourself and enjoy your partner. 

Riding a guy is quite easy. You just have to pay attention. 

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By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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