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How to Really Eat a Girl Out – An Oral Sex Hack

by | Sensual Intimacy

Nov 22, 2022

There are many names for it: cunnilingus, fellatio, head, etc. Whatever you know it to be, eating a girl out is one of the many ways to get her to reach clitoral orgasms. This means you have to be great at it, and we’re here to help. Keep reading these tips on how to really eat a girl out so that she loves it.

Here is how to eat a girl’s pussy like a pro.

1. Get Her to Feel Comfortable

Some women don’t quite feel comfortable with the idea of having someone put their mouth over their privy parts. 

It is, therefore, your duty to make such a woman feel relaxed and more open to the idea that it is not going to feel weird; for both you and her. 

If she feels uncomfortable, there is a huge chance she may not like the head, no matter how great you may try to make it.

2. Get Her to Feel In the Mood

When your partner has gotten comfortable, the next thing is to get her in the mood for some action. This means you have to arouse her. 

There are many ways to arouse a woman, but kissing is fine for most, especially when there is also some touching. 

Play around her nipples and have her feeling things, yearning for things. You know she is in the mood when she begins to moan softly, her arms all around you, sometimes pulling, other times just throbbing. 

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3. Get Into Position

Cunnilingus can be done in a number of positions. From behind. From the missionary position. From a table. Get into the position that works for you. 

If you love to eat her out from the back, then have her crouch on both her knees with her vagina in the air; place your hands over her buttcheeks, and prepare to eat. 

The same thing goes for if you want to eat her out in the missionary position. Have her enter the missionary position; place your legs on her thighs and get ready to eat. 

4. Some Tongue Work First

If you really want to eat a girl out, you have to be really ready to use your tongue and use it well. 

The clitoris is sensitive to the littlest touches, and the soft, papillae-covered tissue of the tongue is a perfect stimulator. 

Snake your tongue, and rub it along the entire length of her clitoris, up and down, and maybe in circular motions as well. 

Be sure to touch every area. You should feel as though you are poking your tongue against a pretty soft yet firm thing. Your woman should feel as though she is in heaven. 

5. Spread Your Reach

Now, she must be approaching a level of sexual satisfaction closer to an orgasm. It is time to leave the clit a bit and focus on other areas. You will return there in time. But for now, spread your reach. 

A woman’s external genitalia is made up of lips. There is the labia majora and the labia minora. Stroking these areas with your tongue will make her feel things she can’t explain. 

These areas are soft, and licking them should feel like licking lips. In fact, many times, eating a girl out feels like kissing a pair of lips

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6. Usher Your Lips In

It’s been the tongue taking all the glory so far. Now it’s time to throw some lips in there. 

Using your lips when eating a girl out feels a lot like kissing. Just imagine her vulva area to be a pair of oral lips. Mold your lips into an “Mhhh” and keep going. 

A technique involves putting her vulva between your lips and applying some pressure. You can try this out. It feels good to both you and her.

7. Experiment

When you are trying to eat a girl out, it helps to be yourself. That is, experiment and try out a couple of stuff you think should feel great. 

Observe your partner. Where do you think she feels the most pleasure? You can usually tell by the intensity and loudness of her moans. 

Often, the deeper the moans, the more pleasure she feels. You may want to try the move that pulled that reaction from her again. If she reacts the same way, then you know you have found the spot you should focus on.

8. The Clit Again

You should return to clit after you have played around enough. Why? Because, with 8,000 nerve endings, the clit is one of the spots where orgasms happen. Many women report having clitoral orgasms with just the right amount of stimulation. 

If you do it right, rolling your tongue just the way you should, chances are, your woman will get a clitoral orgasm as well. 

Be careful, though, not to go so hard that she starts to feel sore or hurt. Having so many nerve endings has its downsides: one of which is some more sensitivity to pain. If bruising occurs as you eat her out, she will start to feel pain. 

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9. Use Your Fingers Too

Some women report having much deeper, more refined sensations when their man uses his hands just right while he eats her out. 

The golden rules when including fingers in the mix are: 

  • Your fingers ought to be clean 
  • Your fingernails have to be cut. You don’t want to wound her. 
  • Don’t play around too rough. Go gently. 

Rubbing the ball of your fingers around her clitoris will make her yelp with delight and can help her attain orgasm faster. 

10. Toys

Sometimes, there is the need to add some toys to the mix. 

Choose sex toys that make you both feel good. The right size. The right toy. Include it when you are trying to get her to reach climax. Using toys will also set off fireworks throughout her body.

Bonus: sometimes, some firm pressure is needed when eating her out. This can come from either your lips or your teeth. Yes, biting the clit is a thing. You only have to be very careful or risk causing her pain. 

If you are able to eat her out right, it will enhance her pleasure, and she will feel things she cannot describe. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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