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How to Properly Execute the Seduction Phase

by | Love

Nov 8, 2023

The seduction phase is one that cannot be skipped if an emotional connection that is to lead to a sexual encounter is to take place. This is because the seduction phase is a tension-building phase. The greater the tension, the greater the chances that your connection is going to end in bed. In this article, I am going to show you how to properly execute the seduction phase.

1. Keep in Mind That You aren’t Going to Rush

No. Rushing does not happen in the seduction phase. If you want things to happen just as fast as they can, then you’d have to do some other technique I call the “Hey to Bed” technique, which has a much higher fail rate than the seduction technique. 

The seduction phase is one that is going to demand a lot of patience from you. This isn’t to say you will wait too long. You won’t. Sometimes, you may not even have to wait at all. However, it is best to expect the wait when it happens. 

2. Seduce Multiple Partners

The seduction phase works best when there is more than one object of attraction. 

It is quite simple to grasp how this works. 

With multiple people on your plate, a technique known as Plate Spinning, which came to a lot of fame in the manosphere, you feel more in power. 

You seduce with boldness, not uncertainty. 

You don’t say: “I wish he or she accepts me.”


Instead, you say: “It is fine if he or she accepts me. It’s still fine if they don’t. Whatever happens, I am going to be on the winning side.”

That mindset sets you on the path to winning. 

I know this for sure. 

It is a mindset common amongst playboys. It is why playboys tend to get much more women than men who choose to go the traditional route of one person at a time. 

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3. Give Compliments

The seduction phase is a phase that cannot exist without a lot of complimenting. 

If you are trying to seduce someone, you have to show genuine interest in them. 

You don’t have to lie about the compliments. 

You don’t have to act like a total liar and go about saying everything you think they want to hear. 

You don’t seduce by doing what is expected of you. You seduce by doing you. 

Doing what is expected of you is only applicable when you are performing the Hey to Bed technique. 

Find that one thing that you like about the person in question and compliment them a whole lot about it. 

These compliments are going to make them notice you on a subconscious level. They are mentally going to say something along the lines of: “I feel most myself when I am around this person. It is such a beautiful feeling.”

That is going to draw them very close to you, and eventually, they’d be over you. 

4. Have Long and Vulnerable Conversations

These sorts of conversations are a must. You must have them, and you must have a lot of them. 

During the seduction phase, you plan to induce a sense of safety in yourself and in your potential partner. 

This means both emotional and physical safety. 

Men don’t often realize this, but it is impossible to feel very safe emotionally when one is not safe physically. 

Induce feelings of physical safety by not touching her so much too early. Let your hugs be short. Let your gaze be very shallow. Don’t stare deep into her clothes or make her uncomfortable with showing skin. 

Don’t do any of these. 

Make her feel emotionally comfortable by talking about the things that bring people closer. 

Talk about your childhood and hers. Talk about the things that make you laugh most. 

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5. Make Her Laugh

There is no seduction without laughter because laughter is not just laughter. 

Laughter is way more. Laughter makes one feel safe and secure. 

When she laughs, for a moment, the world stops, and all she sees is you. 

If you can make her see just you for long, she is going to be seduced by you, and sooner or later, sexual attraction is going to be established. 

6. Trigger All Emotions

While it is good to make her laugh, remember it is a seduction phase and not a stand-up comedy phase. 

She is not in your life to keep laughing and laughing. Instead, she is there to feel human. Humanity is feeling all forms of emotion—from pain to anger. 

Don’t try to shield her from her humanity by playing the guy who is to make her laugh all the time. 

Instead, make her be human. Make her feel all that is to be felt. Make her enjoy what it is to be just someone. 

7. Make Her Miss You

When she is not missing you, she is getting tired of you. 

This is not something many women like to accept. But it is the truth. 

If a woman has you around for too long. And by that, I mean longer than she is used to; she is going to get tired of you. 

She wants you to be an independent person, only being there for her when there is a need to. 

Go away sometimes if you feel as though she is getting too used to you.

Trust me, you are going to see the signs. They may be subtle, but you will see them. Some of the most common are:

  • Shorter response times. 
  • Shorter responses themselves. 
  • Yawning. Etc. 

Move away from her when you notice any of these, as it means the seduction is starting to fail. 

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8. Break the Touch Barrier

Flirt and break the touch barrier. 

But be sure that you only do this when you have made her feel very safe to be around you. 

Breaking the touch barrier shows her you have some kind of sexual interest. It is nothing to be ashamed of. 

If she is that into you, she is going to feel very accepting of having sex with you. 

The better your seduction phase is, the better the chances you are going to bed her. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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