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How to Please a Woman | Emotionally & Physically

by | Love

Apr 30, 2023

Each one of us enters into a relationship seeking something. For most women, it is emotional and physical satisfaction. She would not feel happy or whole if she is not pleased by your being in her life. We are showing you to be her dream guy with this article. Here is how to please a woman emotionally and physically.

1. Listen to Her

One of the most basic needs of us humans is a feeling that we matter. That our opinions and our struggles matter. 

There’s no better way of showing a woman that she matters to you than listening to her. 

Satisfy your woman emotionally by giving her your attention when she needs it. Even when you feel as though she is just ranting, do listen to her. 

She sure will feel pleased. 

People don’t talk about this enough, but do you know that listening to your woman can improve her self-esteem?

A woman with healthy self-esteem will make a relationship very easy. With her, you wouldn’t have to deal with the burden that is sticking around a partner who does not trust you. 

With her, love is easy. 

2. Post Her on Your Social Media

These little things do matter. Your woman, in some way, even if she’s the kind who would rather be kept away from the public’s eye, doesn’t want to be hidden. That is to say, kept a secret. 

When you keep your woman a secret, you can expect that along the line, she will eventually be consumed with thoughts about whether or not you love her. 

If she is a bit untrusting, she might even start to consider the possibility that you are keeping her a secret because you have another spouse somewhere out there. 

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3. Don’t be Too Agreeable

Agreeable men are too nice. And women don’t like overly nice guys. You see, agreeableness means a life without conflict. 

Although you may think that kind of life to be the ideal, perfect one, in reality, it is not. 

We are all humans. And our emotions are a vital part of us. To be pleased, we have to feel every emotion there is from time to time. 

For example, you wouldn’t find real satisfaction in a new car if you didn’t feel troubled about managing an old one. 

Your woman wants to feel everything. She doesn’t have to be “happy” all the time to be pleased. Allow her to feel angry from time to time, even if it means saying no. Let her feel jealous. 

Let her know that you wouldn’t be there to interfere with her emotional existence as a person. 

This does not mean you should care less. No. It means you shouldn’t care so much. You try to protect her from her own feelings when she needs to feel. 

4. Give Her Gifts

Gifting is a very classical way of showing love. Hundreds of years ago, people gave their lovers. And even now, people give. 

I have often wondered why giving is such an ideal way to please a person emotionally. Some days ago, it dawned on me. 

Giving is not just handing someone a gift. It is letting them know that you have them in mind and that you have made an effort to show it. 

When you gift your woman, you are telling her how amazing she is to you. How do you think this would make her feel? Of course, she’s going to feel loved and pleased. 

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5. Praise Her Body

Women love it when their men praise their bodies. It makes them feel a bit more loved and appreciated. 

You should know that a woman who is appreciated is definitely going to feel pleased about having you in her life. 

Every now and then, tell her how fine she looks. Give her random rubs on her arse. If you walk into the kitchen and find her there, for example, you can playfully spank her ass.  

When she walks over to you and asks if the clothing fits, show her that it does. Be her hub of good feelings.

6. Be her Support System

Life is hard enough. Every woman needs someone who would make life feel less difficult. 

So, if you must please her, you must be her support system. 

When she hits rock bottom, be there to offer her a shoulder to lean on. Don’t get so busy that you don’t have the time to look at her and say: “I will be here, no matter what.”

Be her stability. Let her come to the point where she can feel safe, knowing that you are there. 

7. Have More Sex

Women are humans, and so they crave sex. Sometimes even more than their partners. 

This is a physical need. She will feel sexually satisfied and, therefore, pleased when you have just the right amount of sex with her. 

Don’t push her way when she tries to initiate sex. 

And, of course, initiate sex more. Then sex should not be rushed. There should be a lot of foreplay. 

You owe it to your woman to learn the mechanics of her body. So, of course, learn. Study her body, what your touches do to her. 

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8. Explore her Kinks

Kinks are things that turn us on and make sex more intense. 

Your woman has a lot of these, just as you do. Explore her kinks. Make it a goal that you would someday exhaust all of them. 

You wouldn’t believe how pleased this is going to make her. 

9. She wants to be Cuddled

When it comes to cuddles, guys seem to do such a poor job compared to women. 

Two minutes in, and most guys would want to shift to the other way. Don’t be that guy. Cuddle her for as long as she wants. 

Women seem to be more loving of affectionate touch because it helps them bond.  

Oxytocin, the same hormone that is released when women breastfeed, a hormone that helps them bond with their children, is released when you cuddle her. 

10. Talk to Her

While it is good to be focused on her, it is not a good idea to only be focused on her, such that she doesn’t have the opportunity to be focused on you. 

Of course, she’s a woman. She wants to nurture and love you. This means she wants to be focused on you too. 

So, do not keep to yourself. Talk to her. Give her a chance to help. These little things please her. 

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Your woman wants to be loved by you, and she wants to feel the same love towards you. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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