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How to Please a Man in Bed

by | Sensual Intimacy

Mar 29, 2023

You may be tempted to think that a man feels pleased in bed every time he cums. This is not true. Men ejaculate even when they have bad sex! In this article, we will be exploring what it feels like when a man is pleased in bed and how to please him.

Learn how to please a man in bed with these tips! From building tension before sex happens to exploring his kinks, discover the keys to a fulfilling sexual experience.

How to Please a Man in Bed

The methods are pretty simple: 

1. Build Up Tension Before the Sex Happens

Sex should never just happen, except on special occasions when you both want to try out something spontaneous. Sex should be carefully thought out and appreciated.

This means you will have to build some tension before going right ahead. One of the most effective ways to build tension in bed is looking your sexiest. 

Let’s say you want to have sex with him now. You don’t just go into bed wearing clothes. Instead, you put on revealing clothes that make him want to reach for and hold you. {Read: 10 Sexiest Fun Games to Play in Bed and Out}

2. Foreplay

Of course, foreplay cannot be missed in your routine. Men may argue that they do not like foreplay and would rather get right into the sex.

This is not true—most of us men like some teasing. We like to reach for our lovers. We like to tell them to stick it in.

Kiss him perfectly. And give him the best blowjob he has ever had. 

We have an article up on how to give the best blowjobs ever. You may want to check it out, as it teaches you, with practical steps, how to please a man with the best head.

3. Explore His Body

Sex is a lot better when there is a lot of exploring. I believe that, in itself, sex is an act of exploring each other’s bodies. When you get in bed with a man, be sure to give him a chance to explore your body. Also, explore his.

Pay attention to the areas of his skin that give him the most feelings. Focus on these areas. 

There are a couple of extragenital points on a man’s body that can drive him insane when touched. We will explore this in another article soon. 

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4. Don’t Let Him do All The Work

Some of the worst sex men have ever had, has been with women who let them do all the work. 

Chris told us: “She just lay there while I overworked myself. I wouldn’t lie; it was the worst sex I have ever had in my life.”

Your man is going to say the same thing about you sooner or later if you don’t find ways to not just lay there in bed. Do something. Move. Maybe even ride him. Help him during the sex. 

5. Maintain a Steady Rhythm

Every guy I recently interviewed to put up this article agrees that they enjoy sex a lot better if there is a steady rhythm. 

Kem said: “It feels a bit awkward when she changes the rhythm of the strokes abruptly. And then it becomes somewhat harder to cum.”

Many guys feel this way too, and I am guessing even your guy does. So, when you are in a position where it is you who has to do most of the work, like the cowgirl or the doggy, be careful not to mess up the rhythm of your strokes. 

6. Explore His Kinks

To please a man in bed is majorly to explore his kinks. Men have a lot of kinks and ideas about what sex should feel like. I will argue that they may even have more kinks than women. 

If you intend to please him in bed, you should explore his kinks with him. Ask him what he loves to do best in bed, and then do it with him. It will not only make your sex better, but it will also help you bond with him. {Read: 10 Tips to Make Men Horny From Just Listening to You}

How to Know a Man is Pleased in Bed

1. He Moans

A lot of women do not know that men moan too. If your man seems quiet although the sex, then there is a big chance he does not enjoy sex with you. 

2. He Says Sensual Things

Sometimes, sexual pleasure is hard to contain. It just has to be let out with words. 

A man who is pleased in bed will say a lot of sensual things to you. For example, he can pull you close and say: “I love you so much.” 

There is an inside joke amongst the men in my circle: “You know you have been pleasured to the brim when you start to tell her that you love her in bed.” 

This is quite true. Your man may sometimes use words like “You’re the best” or “I’ll do anything for you.” 

When a man says sensual things like this or similar, then know you please him in bed.

3. He Wants More

Even after ejaculating, a man who is pleased in bed is going to want more. While he waits to achieve another erection, he is going to lean in to kiss you or something or ask that you fondle his nipples. 

You know a man does not enjoy sex with you when he rushes to end the sex before it is even over—sometimes, it is so bad that men pretend to have ejaculated so that the sex can end already. 

Read: 10 Simple Ways to Make Sex More Interesting

4. His Erection is Sustained

For some men who are quite sensitive, their penises don’t erect for too long if they are not feeling it. 

Of course, there will be an erection—it just would not be sustained.

This does not mean that your boyfriend does not enjoy sex with you each time he cannot achieve an erection. 

There are times when a man has problems erecting because of stress or some other mental antagonist. 

5. He Lets You Do All the Work

This is the biggest pointer that a man has not been pleased in bed.

If he lets you do all the work, that is his way of saying: “You know what? I give up. You can now find your way around getting your own orgasm.” {Read: How to Have The Best Sex Ever}

Final Thoughts

It isn’t so hard to please a man in bed. Just be feminine and into it.

Experimentation and enthusiasm are vital to creating a fulfilling sexual experience for you and your man. Understanding a man’s physical preferences and techniques to please him in bed is essential.

However, it’s equally important to prioritize emotional and psychological factors, such as building intimacy and trust, to enhance the sexual experience. Ultimately, a willingness to explore and adapt to each other’s needs and desires.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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