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How to Make Yourself Cry | 10 Ways to Let it ALL Out

by | Ideas

Jul 23, 2023

For your TikTok? To make your boyfriend feel broken for hurting you? Just because you feel like it? Whatever your reasons are, this is how you can make yourself cry whenever you want to without ever physically hurting yourself.

1. Get Restless

A lot of us will likely cry when we get restless. This is because restlessness is related to anxiety. The body deals with anxiety in a strange way. 

It makes us do stuff that releases endorphins. This can be having sex, eating your favorite meal, or even crying. 

Have you noticed that you feel a bit relieved after you cry? This was your body’s way of calming you down. 

When you get restless, be sure that your body is going to want to release endorphins to make you feel better. And this is going to make it easier for you to cry. 

2. Procrastinate

One of the easiest ways to get yourself to cry is to put yourself in a spot where you feel overwhelmed by emotion. That emotion can be fear or love, or even urgency. 

What procrastination does, is bring you to a spot where you feel a lot of urgency. 

Have you ever returned home to a tattered desk only for you to break into tears? That happened because you felt overwhelmed. 

You are going to do this once more if you want to cry. Just avoid doing any task you have to. Let these tasks pile up. It may seem like nothing at first, but over time, you will come to feel a bit of urgency. 

When it is too much for you to handle, you will definitely start to cry. I have seen this happen a lot of times, even with people who had bragged that nothing could ever make them cry. 

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3. Go Through Old Family Photos

I cannot think of anything that houses as many memories as the family photo album. 

Mitchel has described her family photo as heaven: “I don’t think anything has made me feel the things looking at my family photo has made me feel.” 

The wave of emotion that hits you as you glance through your family photos does not have to be bad necessarily. They can be anything. As long as these emotions overwhelm you, you are surely going to cry.

In fact, I advise you to only look at pictures that bring you a wave of good feelings. 

4. Do Yoga and Meditate Deeply

The truth is: we are all afraid of ourselves somehow. So, when we come to know who we are on a very deep level, there is a chance that we might break into tears. 

This is what yoga is able to do. Yoga can make a person come face to face with that part of them they will usually avoid. 

If you do yoga long enough, making sure to do it right, I can assure you that over time, you are going to make yourself cry. I have tried this before, and surprisingly, it works. 

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5. Exercise Rigorously

Please do not try this one if you have any heart conditions. Only try it if you are in shape, as rigorous exercise has the capacity to further damage a heart that is beginning to fail. 

You may be asking how rigorous exercise is able to make a person cry. Well, the mechanism is a simple one to understand. 

Rigorous exercise can and is interpreted as pain by the body. To you, it is just exercising. To your body, it is just pain. And pain also makes a person cry. 

Exercise can also increase your heart rate, which is going to be interpreted as anxiety. And as we have already established, anxiety can make a person cry. 

6. See a Sad Movie

This works best for women. There are countless movies out there that are able to make anyone cry. They were, in fact, just made to do that. 

Seeing these movies can make you cry in real-time. I remember watching the Titanic earlier this year and just sobbing like a child. 

Somehow, that felt good. It made me see that crying was more than just crying. It was also a means to find relief. It was a means by which the body found peace for itself.

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7. Listen to Sad Music

A couple of artists can make you cry in barely minutes when you listen to their songs. It does not matter the genre; there are songs out there that can make you cry. 

You should listen to Billie Eilish. She has the vocal mastery that makes for any good singer, and her background vocals bring you to the point where you just have to cry. 

Kendric Lamar and J’Cole, both rappers, can make you cry, too, if you pay attention to their lyrics. 

Omah Lay, a Nigerian Singer, is also great at making sad songs. He is one of those artists you have to listen to if you love Afro Beats. 

8. Read a Sad Book

If you are not a fan of movies and songs, your best bet is going to be reading sad books. 

There are a couple out there, but for a start, you can try Romeo and Juliet. This classic has made one too many people cry and can make you cry, too, if you put your mind to reading it. 

Sad books may, however, take longer to make you cry. 

9. Go Through Pictures of Cute Pets

Pets are cute, and cuteness overwhelms. Pictures of cute pets may be able to make you cry. 

There are a couple of pages on Facebook that post pictures of the cutest of pets. 

Go to these pages and feed your eyes until your eye bags decide to let go. 

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10. Remember Something Overwhelming

Remember, it does not necessarily have to be sad. It can either be sad or pleasurable. The point is that it makes you feel overwhelmed. 

So, seek out a quiet spot and reach into a memory that makes you feel overwhelmed. I bet you are going to cry.


Making yourself cry does not always have to rely on negativity.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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