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How To Make Your Vagina Sweeter

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 5, 2023

No matter what we do, there is no way to make the vagina taste or smell like a pot of honey or a field of roses because it is not meant to smell or taste that way. However, no one says that your vagina cannot taste amazingly sweet. This article is quite detailed on how to make your vagina sweeter for both his lips and his penis. 

1. Tighten it

Over time, as women, whether we like it or not, our vaginas begin to loosen up. Vaginas can be likened to rubber bands in this regard. 

When stretched and released, they are supposed to shrink back to their normal sizes. In the case of the vagina, it loses its elasticity for some time and may take some time to return to how it was initially.

It is totally normal because it is caused by age, childbirth, or menopause. With a loosened vagina, it is quite harder to achieve orgasmic pleasure. And this is the main aim of sex. 

There are several ways to tighten the vagina, but my favorite of them all are like Kegel exercises. 

Like all exercises with aims, Kegel exercises are done to tighten the pelvic muscles. More than you may know, Kegel works quite efficiently and is easy to do! Simply lay on your back, contract your vagina like you are trying to hold pee. 

Do this repeatedly, and viola! You have done a perfect Kegel exercise. This would make your vagina more tighter and sweeter.

There are more details about tightening your vagina in this article: 10 Ways To Make Your Vagina Tighter

2. Drink More Water

Drinking water has many health benefits, such as leaving you wonderfully hydrated, giving strength to your immunity, and clearing your skin. 

Doing beautiful things to your vagina cannot be left out too. Do you know that water washes out bacteria? 

To your vagina, drinking loads of water before having sex would leave it lubricated. You would not have to balance having an orgasm and suffering from painful dryness. What could possibly be sweeter than a very wet vagina? 

3. Avoid food with strong smells

Have you ever heard that eating pineapples improves the taste and smell of your vagina? Well, this may be true because pineapples have certain nutrients, such as bromelain, vitamins A and C, and even beta-carotene. 

In the same vein, strong-smelling foods such as garlic and onions can make your vagina start smelling like them. 

Who wants their vaginas smelling like onions and garlic? This happens because the things we eat can affect the body’s mucus production and even what they smell like. 

I am so sure of this because I can relate on a personal level. I noticed my vagina had been smelling of onions for a while, and I realized that my foods consisted of loads of onions. I stopped, and it got way better than I would have imagined. To have a sweeter vagina, be mindful of what you eat. 

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5. Try Lube

Lubricants can come in exciting flavors and colors. Some have fruity flavors! Who said you could not try the pink Barbie-themed strawberry lubricant to make your down-there taste amazing? 

It is nothing to be afraid of. Besides, that’s what they are made for. Trust me, your man or woman would absolutely appreciate the sweetness lubricants bring. 

6. Eat Rich In Vitamin C

Yes. You read that right. Eat vitamin C-rich food because it would make your vagina thank you. Vitamin C makes your vagina produce more healthy bacteria than unhealthy ones. 

The very thing that is lacking when people have bacterial vaginosis. If you do not want to eat these foods, you can at least take supplements. Some vitamin C-rich foods include berries, oranges, citrus fruits, and avocados. 

7. Ditch Your Panties

Girl, let that vagina breathe! Sometimes, wear your leggings without panties. Sleep naked. It would do your vagina a lot of good. The more your vagina breathes, the less irritated it gets. 

If you must wear panties, do not wear very tight panties. Go for the looser ones with breathable fabric such as Cotton, wool, or silk. 

When you ditch those panties and let your vagina breathe, avoiding all that irritation, inflammations, and pH imbalances, leaving your vagina as sweet as it can possibly be. I noticed only recently that my inner thighs were peeling, and I also discovered they were due to my tight panties. 

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8. Cleaning The Clitorial Hood

The clitoral hood is that part at the top of the vagina, shaped like skin folds that protect your vagina. This part, you must take care of if you want to have a sweet vagina. It basically does what the foreskin does in penises. 

The clitoral hood is really important because it covers the vagina and protects it from over-sensitivity. Imagine that your clit was to be so sensitive that if as much as a fabric touched it, it could generate an orgasm or injure you. 

That sounds horrible. If too much dirt accumulates in the clitoral hood, it will definitely affect the quality of sex and the taste of your vagina. Clean your clitorial hood to make your vagina sweeter. 

9. Apply soft fragrances on your inner thighs

Few things are nicer than a good scent. If you are prepping for oral sex, make sure to use seductive fragrances down there so that it can turn him on. 

This does not mean you should apply them directly to your vagina. Do you know that the smells you perceive during sex can affect your orgasm? If they get a whiff of something bad while down there, they would want to leave. To make your vagina sweet, try out fragrances such as lavender, jasmine and vanilla. 

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10. Get a Nice Shave

Getting a nice shave can sure make your vagina sweeter. I know everyone has their own thing. 

While some women like their vaginas scraped clean of all hairs, others like giving it the afro look.

What works for you? Keep the hair nice and clean. Take care of it like you would your head hair. Once in a while, go to the spa and get yourself a wax a nice trim on your vagina. She would thank you because this would make her get way sweeter than before. 

Your partner deserves a clean vagina.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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