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How to Make Out: 10 Secrets to Having the Best Make Out Sessions

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jan 10, 2023

By the end of this guide, you can make out and have anyone moaning in your arms. This article will show you how to make out in a few short tips. We wrote this for people who want to have the best make-out sessions from now on.

Here is how to make out and have anyone moaning in your arms.

1. Let It Happen at a Place That Doesn’t Make You Tense

It can be anywhere. A public space. Your room. A bar. Wherever the make-out is going to happen, make sure it is a place that makes both of you feel relaxed.

If your partner is tense up, you should work to help them relax. You can do this by holding at their shoulder and maybe even rubbing them. 

One most preferred ways to calm a tense partner is what I call the compliment and tease. Here, you create humor by complimenting them, only to tease them the very next second. 

You can say stuff like: “You look so beautiful. But I bet you would be much more beautiful if you didn’t look dead and white.” 

2. Create Sexual Tension

Before you get into making out, be sure to create some sexual tension. Sexual tension is that feeling of ‘longing’ for something sexual to happen. 

It is your mind’s way of saying: “I cannot wait for it to happen already.” 

And I tell you what, sexual tension makes the make out feeling pretty good.

You can create sexual tension in a number of ways, but in this article, we encourage you to do so using eye contact. 

Look into the eyes of your partner for a couple of seconds. You can smile. And if they look away (out of shyness), you may want to hold at their chin and pull their face back around gently.

Eye contact works to create sexual tension because it creates some form of anxiety and longing. Notice how you feel a bit anxious when you are looking into someone’s eyes? (Related: How to Really Eat a Girl Out – An Oral Sex Hack)

3. Lean In For a Kiss. Slowly

For real, I mean slowly. Going in for the kiss at once can make all the tension that you had built from the eye contact fade away. 

But when you lean in slowly, this tension stretches and stretches so that the first contact between your lips feels magical. 

Before you go in for the kiss, be sure that your lips are well lubricated. Dry and flaky lips will not feel so smooth and sensual. 

Slide your tongue across your lips. (You can do this when you are trying to build sexual tension. It does work really well to make things more intense.)

4. Press Your Lips Against Theirs and Pull Them In

This is best done when you both are lying down or standing. 

Press your lips against theirs, withdraw for a while, and then press once more, all the while pulling them into a hug. 

Many people suggest you start touching them at this point. I don’t think you should. You are still trying to get a connection—a very deep one. 

So, touching may feel like you are rushing. 

Pull your partner into a hug. (Read: 10 Easy Tips to Make Sex More Interesting)

5. Go for The French Kiss

Just before you go in for the French kiss, pull your face back a bit and smile at your partner. Then go in for a French kiss.

Some touching at this point is needed. If you are kissing a woman, you should place your hand on the side of her neck.

If you are kissing a man, you should place your hand gently on the side of his face. 

Outline his lips with your tongue twice. Remember, you both are still supposed to be hugging each other.

If you are doing it right and the kiss is as sensual as it should be, you will feel the hug growing tighter as you make out. 

6. Use Your Tongue Right

A French kiss is not a French kiss if there is no tongue. Now that the kiss is getting more intense, you may tilt your head to the side. 

Push your tongue into your partner’s mouth, moving it in a circular fashion. 

Move up and then down, and then let your partner have their tongue in your mouth as well. 

At this point, there may need to pull back and have a breath. That is fine and may not make things feel weird. 

7. Touch

Now is the best time to touch your partner while making out. Things are getting really heated up. Remember, you have to kiss them so well they start to moan in your arms. 

If you are kissing a woman, let your hands go down her thighs backward so that you cup her butt. Rub at her butt very gently before squeezing just a bit. 

If you are kissing a man, place a hand on his chest and slide this hand downward. If you want to, you can touch his nipples. 

Men kissing women can also cup the woman’s breasts in their hands. 

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8. Take off Clothes, Or At Least Pretend to

This works to build tension. Seriously, it does. It shows that the kiss is leading somewhere. 

If you are kissing a man, attempt to unbutton his shirt. Maybe the first two buttons. Remember that all the while, you are supposed to still have your tongue in his mouth, playing along. 

If you are kissing a woman, you can slide the arm of her dress or reach behind her as though you are trying to unstrap her bra. 

I can already tell how heated up things will be. 

9. Hickeys

Now, you can take your lips elsewhere. A kiss can be planted on the neck to form a hickey. Kissing the neck feels great when making out, especially for women. Kiss the side of her neck. 

You can try the technique called biting. This technique involves biting your partner’s lips to make the kiss even more sensual. 

If you are not a fan of hickeys, you may want to try biting. 

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10. Create Your Own Fun! 

At this point, I can tell the kiss will lead you where it wants. 

A good kiss is everything when making out with your partner!

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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