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How To Make Love To A Man

by | Sensual Intimacy

Nov 15, 2023

In one of our previous articles, I already talked about how men love it when their women take the initiative and make love to them. If he initiated sex the last three times, girl, jump out of that poop and make love to that man. 

As much as they love having you sleep with them, they love it better when you do it right. Many men I’ve encountered like to recount the experiences of women making love to them with dread. 

Tommy said, “I have only ever had one girl make love to me in a way that I enjoyed.” When I went further to ask why, he said, “Many other girls do not ever get it right. They are either humping on the D like it’s some kind of horse or making it painstakingly slow. I tell all of them it’s the best sex I’ve ever had to avoid a crying woman on my hands”. 

Pleasuring a man might seem as easy as getting on him and just humping a few times, but trust me, it isn’t. Don’t freak out just yet. This article is here to teach you all you need to know about making love to a man. 

1. Enjoy The Sex Too

Although this article is about pleasing a man, one sure way to please a man during sex is to enjoy it, too. They love it. Remember, it’s sex, not game time. He knows when you’re making it all about him, and this would definitely make him feel like you’re doing a hard chore, and he would feel bad. The whole idea of pleasuring him would have been lost when it was just beginning.

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2. Maintain a Steady Rhythm

Men enjoy being ridden more when a rhythm is maintained. Imagine this scenario: you work at an organization that is known for notoriously shuffling workers between departments. 

You won’t believe it at first until you start working there. You first get posted to a department you like and are comfortable with, and all of a sudden, you are changed to another. The process of getting acquainted begins again, and they change you three times over the next four weeks. 

It gets tiring, right? It’s the same thing. A man starts to enjoy a certain movement you’re doing on his dick, and you keep changing the rhythm. It’s frustrating. 

3. Find Out If He Likes Being Spanked

Spanking a straight man who doesn’t have that fetish could be the fastest way to make him lose his erection. As cute as spanking him on the behind might seem, you cannot just do it without knowing first if he likes it. While some men do, others do not. Just find out playfully during a conversation. If you don’t know before sleeping with him, don’t do it. 

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4. Don’t Pull Too Hard or Bite on a Dick

Although I have come to know blood fills the dick when it is erect and gives it that hardness, I like to think it’s a bone in there. Why, then, is it called a boner? 

When giving a man a hand job, avoid pulling at his penis or rough handling his balls. They might not look like it, but trust me, those babies are more delicate than they let on. If you like playing, don’t try to bend the dick while it’s erect. 

That is another fast way to make him lose his erection. If it’s a blow job you’re giving, by all means, avoid adding your teeth to the equation. They could scrape the penis and open little sores, which can be very painful. During a blow job, make sure the penis is properly lubricated before doing anything. 

5. Make Eye Contact

Men love eye contact in the bedroom. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and during intense moments like that, men like to think that they can make out an emotional connection by staring into your eyes. That surely makes them feel good. Stare into his eyes, girl, and watch how he begins to enjoy as you make sweet love to him even more.

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6. He Loves it When You Try Out New Positions on His Body

Men are adventurous beings. Adventure equals uncertainty. When you add tons of mystery to the mix, you make him go crazy. Step out of the everyday cowgirl and try something new. You’d stun him, but he would get the hang of it and be pleased very much. 

7. He Wants to See All of Your Body

Usually, some women do not feel so good about their bodies because they might have a FUPA (upper body fat) or a couple of stretch marks, and hence, they feel these things would turn the man off. Trust me, he’s seen all these things you think are imperfections, and he loves them. It’s the very reason he’s sleeping with you anyway. Don’t try to hide your body from him when sleeping with him by switching off all the lights. He wants to see all that. You can have sex in front of a mirror to help his view.

8. Sometimes Be The Dominatrix

Even if men would not admit this, they like being bossed around in bed. Don’t be shy. Tell him what to do. It’s a major turn-on. Give him instructions, and when he doesn’t do what you want him to properly, punish him, but respect boundaries, though. Just tease, don’t get offensive. Trust me, he loves it.

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9. He Wants You To Talk About His Fetishes With Him and Do Them

Sometimes, men do not talk about their fetishes for fear of being judged by their women. Even if they want you to make love to them in a certain way, they wouldn’t say a word. Take the initiative to talk about fetishes with your man today, and if it’s something you are comfortable with, who says you can’t try them out? 

10. Bring Food Into the Mix

I just think adding junk food adds all the kink you need and fills the stomach. You can tease him by putting ice cream or honey on specific areas of his body. Lick it off slowly and watch him squirm.  

Make love to him good when you can!

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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